If ever there were a shimmering case of Justice for the Establishment
Elite vs. justice for ordinary Americans, the continued existence of the
Democratic National Committee is its crowning jewel.

The fund-raising abuses of the DNC transcend broken campaign laws:
they constitute fraud and money-laundering. Whether the laws were broken
by Vice President Al Gore, fingering big donors by telephone from his
White House office and putting the squeeze on Buddhist nuns in
California, or by President Clinton accepting money from the Chinese
gun-running mob is of little importance.

As Chinese weapons trader Wang Jun had coffee with President Clinton
at the White House, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was in
the final stages of a sting operation that seized $4 million in weapons
supplied by his company, and made illegal under the President’s Assault
Weapons Ban. The Chinese-made AK-47s were destined for Southern
California gangs. Mr. Jun is also a director of the China International
Trade and Investment Corporation (CITIC), a $21 billion conglomerate
that oversees foreign business in China. His visa application was
accompanied by letters from CITIC, Charles Yah Lin Trie, a Democratic
fundraiser, and Ernest G. Green, a managing director in the Washington
office of Lehman Brothers, Inc. Mr. Green denies writing the letter.

In today’s legal world — where property and people are equally
guilty of committing crimes — the homes, cars, boats, and bank accounts
of ordinary Americans caught between the cops and robbers are routinely
seized. The loot goes into the coffers of police agencies. Such “guilty”
property is rarely returned, and then only after a lengthy court battle.
And yes, the Supreme Court has ruled that such actions by police
agencies are legal.

Here are a small sampling of the laws you and the DNC live equally

In Georgia, FBI agents seized three Mercedes-Benzes from a
businesswoman after alleging that her husband placed illegal bets on
sporting events from the car phones;

In Texas and Florida, property forfeiture now applies to any
criminal activity;

In New Jersey, it applies to any alleged criminal activity;

In Massachusetts, the state can seize the assets of corporations
that violate environmental laws;

The Immigration & Naturalization Service has seized over 30,000
cars and trucks since 1990 from people helping illegal immigrants enter
the US;

In New Jersey, officials confiscated home office equipment from a
man charged with practicing psychiatry without a license;

In Washington, DC, police routinely stop pedestrians and confiscate
small amounts of cash and jewelry, even when no drugs are found and no
charges filed.

The real estate, offices, bank accounts, computers, telephones and
pagers of the DNC are clearly “guilty” of money-laundering and illegal
campaign funding. Under such laws, a trial is unnecessary to establish
the “guilt” of such property.

So why hasn’t this “guilty” property been seized? Why is the DNC
still in business?

In fact, the injustice is even worse. The criminals laundering their
campaign bribes through the DNC have had their illegal funds returned on
a silver platter! The DNC has admitted its guilt by returning millions
of dollars — much of it laundered through overseas contributors. Why
has this blushing return been permitted, when innocent Americans must
fight lengthy court battles for the return of their “guilty” property?

In fact, ordinary Americans need not do more than go to work to run
afoul of such seizure laws: if you work in the health-care industry,
everything you have is liable for seizure for an honest mistake.

Automatic Property Seizure is one of the features of the
Kassebaum-Kennedy so-called health plan voted for by 100 Senators. Any
property paid for with gross proceeds of any “federal health-care
offense” (and all offenses related to any health insurance plan, public
or private, will be federal offenses) will be automatically seized by
the government. The bill calls for fines of $10,000 each for incorrect
insurance coding — even honest mistakes (and there are thousands of
codes in use). It provides fines and prison for those who “transfer
items or services for free or for other than fair market value.”
Translation? Provide charity — go to jail. Patients are also cared for:
five years in prison for forgetting to mention a pre-existing condition;
ten years for intentionally misapplying payments to a medically
unnecessary service.

Damn the DNC and the crooks that operate it. Take it all.

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