CNN’s Peter Arnett, who staved off being fired for his role in the network’s
“Tailwind” scandal by claiming he merely read the script, was photographed
interviewing at least one of the special’s key sources.

The accompanying photo shows Arnett interviewing Art Bishop, a pilot
of one of the Skyraider aircraft in the Tailwind operation in the living room
of his Los Angeles-area home.

CNN accepted Arnett’s claims he had nothing to do with the reporting and
production of the special, which claimed the U.S. military murdered defectors
and used deadly nerve gas during missions in Laos during the Vietnam War.

The story was exposed first in WorldNetDaily. Later CNN and Time Magazine,
which published a print version of the story, retracted the report.

While the co-producers of the special, Jack Smith and April Oliver, were
fired, Arnett was merely given a reprimand for his role.

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