Here’s a question for all America to ponder: If you had a daughter between the ages of 18 and 21, would you trust her to Bill Clinton’s supervision?

I doubt there is an American parent alive who would not have, at least, grave reservations about allowing his or her impressionable, perhaps vulnerable young daughter to work for the sociopath occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Yet, despite this, there is still a debate about impeachment in this country. In spite of this, many Americans are willing to let this man, as he would say, “run the country.”

Reading yesterday’s London Times profile of Monica, one gets a much different impression of who this young lady is than we got from the U.S. press.

Lewinsky was a very insecure person. Her parents’ divorce when she was 14 left her estranged from her father and in search of a father figure in her life. Into her life walked Bill Clinton.

An intern colleague of Lewinsky, Nicole Maffeo, speculates that Clinton, a veteran womanizer, may have honed in on Lewinsky’s obvious vulnerability.

“Maybe that is what attracted the president to her, the fact that she was still naive and immature rather than hardened or a little more serious,” said Maffeo. “And she was the type of person who would always speak to anyone. I’m sure if the president ever did say hello to her, she would say hello right back and speak to him, rather than just say hello and scurry away like the rest of us who were scared of him.”

But, as Michelle Glasov, another intern, told the Times, Monica was no seductress. Her affair with Clinton owed far more to chance and to the insatiable sexual appetite of a 52-year-old man than to the now widely perceived image (skillfully spun by the White House) of a 22-year-old man-eater.

That’s right. And that is why just hours after Clinton met Lewinsky for the first time, he was taking advantage of her sexually.

This wasn’t a “consensual affair,” as Clinton’s defenders have maintained. It was sexual and psychological abuse. It was the worst form of “sexual harassment, in which a man uses his powerful position to seduce an employee — in this case a lowly, young, starstruck intern.

Notice, too, the selfish nature of Clinton’s sexual relationship with her. He used her. He made little or no attempt to gratify her.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why every women’s rights activist in the country isn’t screaming from the rooftops about this classic case of chauvinistic abuse. Instead, they choose to look at “the big picture” — meaning they are willing to overlook Clinton’s personal behavior toward individual women because he is committed to their fanatical stand in favor of abortion on demand.

No wonder Clinton has become so adamantly pro-abortion. Abortion gives men like Clinton a free ride. For them it’s an E-ticket at Disneyland. No consequences. No regrets. No child support. Just “free love.”

There’s something terribly degrading about this chapter in American history. The only way it will be wiped clean is to evict Clinton from White House. I don’t mean censure him. I mean impeachment. I mean dragging him out of the Oval Office in leg irons, if necessary.

This man is dangerous — seriously dangerous. I don’t mean just with young women. That’s only one symptom of his psychosis. How else will it be manifested? How has it been manifest already?

This is a man without a conscience — without a moral core. The Lewinsky episode illustrates that in spades. We, as a nation, are in danger of looking past the dirty little details of Clinton’s use and abuse of this woman and focusing all of our attention on the cover-up — the obvious perjury and obstruction of justice.

This is not just a story about sex. It’s a story about sexual harassment — real sexual harassment, not the phony Anita Hill kind. Study the details of Clinton’s abuse of Monica Lewinsky and it will dispel any doubts you might have about Paula Jones’ story or Kathleen Willey’s or Juanita Broaddrick’s or Kathy Ferguson’s or Elizabeth Ward Gracen’s and on and on we go.

It also should open the eyes of every American to the potential for evil that Clinton possesses for larger crimes — crimes of passion, crimes of violence, crimes of retribution.

Now do you understand why Monica Lewinsky’s story, which still has not been fully told, is important and requires a full airing?

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