America was founded for the most part by Godly men, who risked everything they owned — even their lives — in order to give us a country where all men would be treated equally, where men were free to speak freely, to own property, to direct their families, to bear arms and to worship without restrictions or dictates from the state. In order to assure that this government would survive, they set up three co-equal branches. The branch most directly connected to the people is the legislative branch. That legislative branch should be a reflection of the views of the majority of people in this country at any point in time, but it isn’t.

Today, our legislative branch, which is our Congress, is out of touch and out of control, largely because the majority of God’s people are not actively involved in the affairs of government. We have a republic form of government where the two major political parties vie to fill the seats in the House and the Senate which make up our Congress. Invariably, two weeks before every general election, many of God’s people wake up, wipe the sleep from their eyes, look at the nominees of each party, and declare themselves too righteous to vote for either of them. Instead of making an intelligent choice and voting in each race for the candidate who comes closest to sharing their belief system, they sit out the election or simply throw away their votes by writing in a name or voting for a party that is not yet viable. Then they hit the snooze button and go back to sleep for another two years.

Atheists don’t seem to have this problem. They consistently vote for and elect the candidates who come closest to supporting their value system. They are content to take the ground that can be taken when the opportunity presents itself and wait another two years and capture a little more. As a result, our Congress is now dictating to our schools and local governments, robbing property owners of the right to use their land and supporting those who would seduce our children into immoral behavior with their condoms and abortions. The Congress we have today is a reflection of years of Christian political apathy and voter self-righteousness.

Christians in America function under a secular government, as Christians did during the time of Jesus. These early believers were encouraged to be good citizens of both their earthly and heavenly kingdoms. Romans 13: 1-7 calls the rulers and authorities of that day God’s “servants.” No, they were not men of God, but they were used as instruments to keep order, restrain evil and to punish evildoers. Secular lawmakers may not act from religious motivation, but they can be used to restrain evil out of political self-interest. Paul was a Roman citizen as were many early Christians. While there is no mention of their voting in elections that were held during that time for members of the Roman assembly, we can assume by what was written about the value of civil government that they actively participated, choosing the best candidates available.

Don’t waste your vote. Use it to restrain evil, wherever you can.

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