Vince Foster, Hillary lovers?

By WND Staff

Perhaps it was a harmonic convergence of events in Larry Douglas (L.D.)
Brown’s life that led him to decide that now was the time to speak out about his former boss, Bill Clinton.

Brown said he was partially motivated to speak out because of a pending
legal complaint against Clinton lawyer David Kendall, in which Brown accuses Kendall of slandering him. Brown filed the complaint Sept. 30 with the D.C. Bar.

The former Arkansas state trooper and Clinton bodyguard from the president’s days as governor decided that the March for Justice rally was
the right time to unburden himself. Seemingly more of a relief for Brown

than a revelation to the American public, Brown still confirmed a few other
accounts of Clinton misdeeds.

Arkansas troopers who guarded Clinton became famous as the result of an
American Spectator article in January 1994, which described how the officers facilitated sexual liaisons between then-Gov. Clinton and various women. Brown was not mentioned by name in that article, but was the subject of another similar story in the April 1994 issue.

Since that story was published, Brown has spoken sparingly in public, if at
all. Brown has admitted to the procurement of women for President Clinton.

Brown began his speech mocking Clinton, with his thumb pointing over his
index finger at the crowd, saying “This one’s for you, Bill.”

He called his appearance at the rally his “coming out party — a coming out
party for America, I hope.”

Ready to talk in general terms, Brown explained the reason for his long
silence about his years with the Clintons.

“The reason you haven’t heard a lot from me is because of the grief my
family and I have suffered at the intimidation of the Clintons.”

Having stopped working for the Clintons years before, Brown said that the
intimidation began during the campaign for the presidency in 1992. He said
the Clintons sent someone to see him when he was working for the Arkansas
State Police, who asked him, “L.D., what is it you want, a job? What kind
of job do you want?”

Not having accepted work with the Clintons in Washington, Brown says he
still gets anonymous phone calls saying, “Don’t talk.”

Citing “the abuses of power” that he had “witnessed for years,” Brown said
that he and his family have become very discouraged in Little Rock. Having
finished his college education in England recently, he said that he and his
family were considering relocating “over there.”

His reason for speaking out publicly now about the Clintons he says, is his

“I have kids from college to little kids, and they’re starting to ask, and
I know they’re going to ask in earnest in the years to come, ‘Daddy, if you
knew so much, why didn’t you say something?'”

“That is the most awful question that has been posed to me over the six
years of hell (the Clintons) have put this country through.”

Despite what he says he has gone through already, Brown says he now expects things to get much worse when he goes home to Arkansas.

“When I go back to Little Rock, it will be worse for my family than it has
been, believe it or not. You don’t understand; the Clintons still control
Arkansas with an iron fist. The business and legal community is just permeated with Clintonites.”

Brown further explained his relationship with the Clintons.

“You don’t get into these situations with the Clintons unless you are their
friends. I was one of the enablers of the Clintons. I was one of the people
like there are in the White House today; it’s the ‘deer in the headlights’
philosophy that Clinton followers get. They can’t see the truth.

“You have to have a major intervention in your life to split with these

Knowing all that he had witnessed of the Clintons, Brown said that he and
his wife “watched on election night in 1992 and we just laughed. We knew

they had been able to pull off the fraud in Arkansas with the media, and to
get the national media to at least help them get in office in ’92. But, we knew they couldn’t pull it off up here. We knew they had perpetrated the
biggest fraud in American history, by being elected to office.”

Brown also spoke about his friendship with Clinton, and how he had a similar childhood as the president. He told of how they both womanized their ways around the pain they couldn’t talk about.

“I was an eyewitness to the far darker path that Bill took; that I think
he’s still going down today. lt’s almost impossible for the average American to comprehend the journey that this man has been on; the bodies

that he’s crawled over, literally and figuratively, to get to where (the

Clintons) are. I think the full horror of Bill’s assault on truth just staggers the imagination of the average American.”

Brown spoke of his concern for America as the reason for speaking now.
Describing the president as an “emotionally corrupt man-boy,” Brown added,
“This is the man with his finger on the button.”

“The more desperate they get, the more desperate things they will do to
maintain their power.”

Brown explained that he couldn’t speak about more on the record because of
ongoing investigations.

One detail Brown did confirm was his first-hand knowledge of an affair
between Hillary Clinton and Vincent Foster. “It’s a fact,” he said to the
audience. In an interview after his speech, Brown said he used to speak to
Mrs. Clinton about it, saying she admitted the affair to him. He added that
every personal action he saw between Mrs. Clinton and Foster supported that, including kissing, groping, and overt sexual behavior.

Brown also said that both Mr. and Mrs. Clinton knew about each other’s

In Brown’s opinion, Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr cannot come to a
legitimate conclusion about Foster’s death until Mrs. Clinton is questioned
about the affair.

The driving force behind the Clintons, according to Brown, is their lust
for power. “I witnessed the man sell his soul.”

“They are vacuous, vacuous people.”