Before you read this column, I’d like you to participate in a little
card trick.

You have to give me your word that you will take part in this trick
now — before you read the column. OK? Are we all clear? It’s fun.
You’ll like it. And there’s a point to it. Really. It’s so good that you
also have to promise to return right away, using your back button.

All right. Click here for the most amazing feat of “magic” on the

Well, are you amazed? Are you impressed? Are you checking your
computer for hidden microphones?

Some pretty smart people sent me links to the site you just visited
wondering how it works — what the trick is. And there’s a lesson in
that for all of us — especially with regard to the disinformation, the
diversionary tactics, the camouflage currently being employed by
shameless political hacks of the White House.

Let me give you just one striking illustration. The following is a
verbatim transcript of a CBS set-up piece on the Senate impeachment
trial last Thursday called “A Look at the Prosecutors.” See if you can
detect what this “news story” has in common with the card trick you just

“In some ways an impeachment trial looks like a normal criminal
justice trial. There are defense lawyers and there are managers, or
prosecutors. In President Clinton’s trial, there will be 13 managers
from the House of Representatives, reports CBS News correspondent Phil

Jones: “All are Republicans and members of the House Judiciary
Committee who approved articles of impeachment against President

“There are other similarities between the House managers:

“All 13 are white.

“All 13 are males.

“All 13 are Christians

“All 13 are lawyers and eight have been prosecutors.

“The average age is 52.

“With striking similarities, it’s not surprising that many Democrats
believe that these are conservative zealots out to get the president.
What is surprising is that some Republicans agree with that. …”

If you don’t believe I’m quoting the piece 100 percent accurately —
if you think I’m making this up out of whole cloth — I invite you to
see it for yourself on CBS News’ own Website.

OK. Have you figured out these two tricks? Each involves setting the
rules of the game. If you make the rules, you control the outcome.

Now, before we explain the card trick, let’s analyze the propaganda
spewing from CBS and Phil Jones:

Apparently the network news organization that Edward R. Murrow and
William S. Paley built has overlooked one more similarity between the
impeachment trial of President Clinton and a normal criminal trial. That
is: Crimes have been committed. Rather than examine the overwhelming
evidence piling up that the “leader of the free world” is a crook, a
charlatan, an abusive, lying, virtueless scumbag who couldn’t be trusted
alone with your 15-year-old daughter for five minutes, let alone the
world’s most powerful nuclear arsenal for the next two years, CBS News
changes the subject.

Now it’s about the prosecutors. Have we seen this card — or is it
canard? — played before?

I mean, since when has the race, gender, age and religious persuasion
of prosecutors — not juries, mind you, but prosecutors — been an issue
in a trial? This is not only pure, unadulterated bigotry at its worst,
it’s totally irrelevant and ludicrous.

It’s even crazier when you consider how much that team has in common
with the very man it is prosecuting. Clinton actually has the rare
privilege of being prosecuted by a perfectly matched team of his peers.
Last time I checked, Clinton, too, was white, male, a lawyer, claimed to
be a Christian. And, yes, he’s even 52.

If such a demographic formula translates, as CBS suggests, to
“conservative zealot,” what does that make Bill Clinton. Because he’s a
member of the other major political party, does it make him a liberal

Ahhh, but by employing such reasoning you wouldn’t be following the
rules — you weren’t acting like a mind-numbed, programmed robot, which
is exactly what so-called news organizations such as CBS seek to
produce. For all their pretenses at objectivity, fairness and balance,
they are little more than shameless partisan attack machines — tools of
the status quo and enemies of the Constitution, limited government,
individual rights and freedom.

Now, about that card trick: Have you figured it out yet? That’s
right. Get participants to concentrate on the card of their choice and
then change ALL of the cards. Most people, more than willing to follow
instructions to the letter, never notice that the deck has been stacked
against them.

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