Dick Morris told Matt Drudge on his Fox News TV show last weekend that Senate impeachment investigators he met with recently fear retailiation against by the Clinton administration — specifically in the form of audits by the Internal Revenue Service.

Morris also said three veteran investigators with FBI, IRS and other law-enforcement experience expressed fear for their lives.

The investigators asked Morris if he was afraid of testifying against Clinton. They asked if he knew about the “list of 25 people who have died in mysterious circumstances in connection with this investigation.”

“And one of them said I guarantee you that each of us will have an IRS audit when this is over,” said Morris. “He said, ‘I’m saving my receipts. I know that I am going to have an audit.’ And I said, ‘How does that work?’ And he said, “Well, the head of the IRS and Hillary are very good friends.'”

Morris added: “We are not talking about some right-wing nuts, or some people who are really paranoid. We are talking about guys who have spent 20 or 30 years as top-level investigators for the IRS and the FBI who have retired and are now on leave and brought back by the Judiciary Committee and they specifically asked me not to mention their names on the air.”

Now, what’s wrong with this picture?

Why is it that investigators all seem to know there is much more at stake in this impeachment debate than the issues surrounding Monica Lewinsky, yet none of this ever seems to get on the table as a matter of record?

There is overwhelming evidence that Clinton has used the IRS to pursue his political enemies, yet the media and Congress have pretended they know nothing about it. I have personally testified before a congressional inquiry into the political abuse of the IRS against my own news organization. I have made it my business to make key members of the House and Senate aware of the pattern of audits of Clinton enemies and adversaries. Yet, this issue has never been taken seriously — even though it is the kind of offense that could not be dismissed out of hand by political partisans.

Fortunately, no matter how the Senate mishandles the impeachment debate, this issue will not go away. I won’t let it. And neither will Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch. We are pressing a $10 million civil rights lawsuit against representatives of the IRS and Clinton administration for their overtly political audit of the Western Journalism Center, parent company of WorldNetDaily.

For people who don’t read WorldNetDaily (and, granted, these poor souls represent a smaller universe everyday), this historic lawsuit is a non-starter — a news event that has never been reported. If I got half the media coverage for this aggressive and well-documented case against the government that I got when a U.S. park policeman filed a nuisance suit against us for raising questions about the death of Vincent Foster, I wouldn’t complain. But I am convinced the officer in that case was put up to his suit by the administration and its allies — and, of course, no one ever bothered to report its dismissal on summary judgment.

I sometimes wonder if the establishment press will even bother to cover our IRS case when we win our judgment. It reminds me of the old philosophical question: If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make any noise?

Do you see the problem here?

There is an amazing double-standard at work. You can see it in the way NBC refuses to air its own reporter’s exclusive interview with Juanita Broaddrick, who has claimed Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her 20 years ago. You can see it in the way the U.S. press selectively reported the massive $655 million Canadian class-action lawsuit last week on the tainted blood trail that leads right back to Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton. You can see it in dozens of ways — from slanted reporting to outright self-censorship.

Everyday I hear from people wondering what they can do about all this? Well, I’ll tell you. You can support those few of us out there on point who continue to battle for truth, justice and the American way. Support WorldNetDaily. Support Judicial Watch. Support the freedom fighters.

Pretty soon, I fear, we may be the only game in town.

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