One Texas police chief has complained of attempts to bribe him into letting the Army Delta Force into his town for training exercises. Other Texas towns have seen recent exercises as part of Operation Last Dance, and complaints from citizens are numerous.

“End runs were done around various community leaders,” San Antonio Chief of Police Al Philipus told Austin radio talk show host Alex Jones, on assignment from WorldNetDaily. He was asked to host the exercises last May, but refused.

“Once I said no, they went to various individuals in the community to bring pressure to bear to get me to change my mind,” explained Philipus. “For example, there was a
community leader who I have a great deal of respect for, and we have a very good relationship. I get a call from him and he says, ‘Chief, there’s some people in here. They’re in town and it’s part of their role here, they need to meet with the mayor and the police chief.’

“Of course, this gentleman, who I’ve worked very closely with on a number of projects, I told him to have them give me a call. Now I’d already said no. Well now I find out they’re the same group. So they identified somebody that I know that’s very high in the community to make an approach to me and get me to change my mind. Then when we said no, some elected officials were contacted to bring pressure to bear,” said Philipus.

“Then offers were made to give money, cash money to elected officials’ charities if they could get us to change our minds. As one of my deputy chiefs said, in some circles, that’s called bribery.”

Operation Last Dance began Feb. 8 with an explosive exercise in Kingsville, Texas, near Corpus Christi. Community leaders have come under heavy criticism from residents who were badly frightened when Night Stalkers fired live rounds and set off explosions very close to innocent civilians.

Army spokesmen have confirmed plans to continue with additional exercises in the Corpus Christi area until Feb. 20.
Several reports of military activity throughout the area have been received by WorldNetDaily.

The town of San Augustine had an unconfirmed military exercise within the past few days. Residents report they were frightened by black helicopters at night. Further details were unavailable, and local officials could not be reached last night.

A confirmed exercise took place on Friday in the little town of Port Aransas. The mayor there claims he knew nothing of the exercise until it happened. Port Aransas Mayor Glenn Martin said he did not know what to say to the many angry residents who were calling to complain. Port Aransas is just outside Corpus Christi, and has a population of just over 2,000.

The soldiers involved come from Ft. Bragg Army Special Operations. Military sources told WorldNetDaily the specific group is called the Night Stalkers, an elite group from the Delta Force. They are a secret group trained to get into an area quickly, kill, and get out.

“It happened right at the ferry landing,” explained Tomas Sanchez, the emergency management coordinator working for the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Kingsville. He said the ferry is a very busy area that operates 24 hours a day.

The local constable was upset that he had not been notified in advance of the exercise at the Port Aransas ferry. He had been on duty and observed the very brief exercise.

Black helicopters flew in low over the city and hovered over some large fuel tanks in the beach area. The tanks are enclosed in a fenced area. Soldiers dressed in black rappelled down ropes to the tanks, and within a few minutes took off again, and it was all over.

No one seems to know what it was all about.

“I just wonder how the mayor’s going to handle this thing. They really caught him with his pants down. The police department was not really involved in this. None of the law enforcement was,” explained Sanchez.

Sanchez lives in Knightsville, where the first and most dramatic exercise took place. As a highly decorated Navy veteran, wounded in Vietnam, Sanchez has many concerns about what is going on. He was personally involved in many special operations and top secret missions.

Sanchez is now a lieutenant colonel in the Texas State Guard military police. He is extremely concerned about Operation Last Dance because live rounds have been fired and explosives used in civilian areas.

“They pulled the same stunt in a little county south of us in a little town called Sarita, population 500,” Sanchez disclosed. Black helicopters were reported hovering over a private residence with search lights. That incident happened prior to the start of Last Dance.

Another suburb of Corpus Christi was “attacked” by Army Special Forces. Residents in Calallen were badly frightened when Last Dance came to their back yard. This attack took place at an abandoned water plant on the Nueces River along route I-37. Houses and an apartment complex are located within a few hundred yards, according to residents.

More details are needed, but initial reports from witnesses claim the military used the water plant for practice bombing runs. Police had surrounded the area to keep bystanders away, and printed notices were placed on resident’s doors about 30 minutes before it began. The notices did not disclose the nature of the exercise.

Residents who called 911 and asked for help were told they could not be serviced because they lived outside the response area.

Last Dance is not over, according to Carol Darby from Fort Bragg public affairs. She says to expect more activity in the same area until Feb. 20. She would not give details, and said the operation is secret. She also denied a request for a WorldNetDaily reporter to observe, saying it was not safe.

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