“The more you look into this business of the transfer of advanced, sophisticated technology to the Chinese military, which seems to be clearly for campaign contributions, the harder it is to stay away from words like ‘treason,'” said House Majority Leader Dick Armey last year.

Because Republicans have been so timid about using words like ‘treason’ to describe the activities of the Clinton administration, they have been complicit in legitimizing policies that threaten the lives of millions of Americans.

The discovery that the Clinton administration covered up the theft by China of advanced nuclear weapons technology from U.S. labs a decade ago now raises the stakes for the Republicans. Their worst fears have been that their party would share in the blame for turning China into a serious nuclear threat to the United States. Now, as Clinton administration spokesmen begin to blame the espionage activity on their Republican predecessors, the worst GOP fears have become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Let’s get real. The facts are simple. Yes, the Reagan and Bush administrations were, at best, stupid, at worst criminally negligent in permitting the Chinese to get access to America’s nuclear secrets. But the Chinese had to steal those secret during the Reagan and Bush years. The Clinton administration, on the other hand, has:

covered up the espionage trail that leads to Beijing; permitted those responsible in the U.S. to remain on the job; continued to permit — even encouraged — the kind of “cultural exchange” programs that opened up our labs to foreign enemies;stonewalled any efforts, even by its own people, to uncover espionage activity; and, most significantly, given its stamp of approval to the Chinese to buy the very high-tech equipment, advanced computers and launch facilities to complete their nuclear program designed to target American cities and population centers for destruction.

Now what do you call that? I can think of no other words for it than “high treason.”

In another “less-enlightened” era, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for a crime which actually left our civilian population far less vulnerable than the high treason of the Clinton administration has left us in 1999.

Not only did the Clinton administration permit the Chinese to buy whatever they needed to improve the range and accuracy and explosive power of their nuclear weapons, they even permitted U.S. rocket-launch corporations — at least those which had paid them off with huge campaign contributions — to go into business with the Chinese military. Bernard Schwartz, the largest individual donor to the Clinton-Gore campaign in 1996, remains involved in a formal business partnership with the Chinese army.

But it gets even worse, as WorldNetDaily columnist Charles Smith illustrated this week.

Even while serving as secretary of Defense, William Perry was deeply involved in business relationships that presented the most obvious conflicts of interest in our China policies.

In 1994, Smith reveals, William Hambrecht, a major donor to the Clinton campaign and principal in the San Francisco investment firm of Hambrecht & Quist, profited directly from advanced military technology sales to the Chinese army. At the very same time, Hambrecht employed then-Defense Secretary Perry as an executive vice president and founder of H&Q Technology Partners. Interestingly, this double-agent Perry is, as we speak, in Taiwan trying to smooth things over as Beijing once again threatens to nuke or otherwise attack the island at some future date.

The China connections to this administration are many, strong and run deep. It’s time for a serious re-examination of the way dollars flowed from Asia in 1992 and 1996 into Democratic campaign coffers. That’s right, I said 1992, not just 1996. An overlooked angle on who really owns Clinton dates back much further than most people think. Do you know who was the largest contributor to Clinton’s first presidential race in 1992? Can you guess who provided more campaign cash than the National Education Association, all other labor unions, any political action committees and all other individuals and families? Mochtar and James Riady. And do you know who the Riadys are? Besides being Indonesian billionaires, they are strongly suspected by Clinton’s own FBI of being intelligence agents for Beijing. What’s more, their history with Clinton goes all the way back to his earliest political days in Little Rock when he first sought to become Arkansas’ attorney general. Why were these billionaires, so cozy with the Chinese Communists, interested in this relatively obscure politician as far back as the 1970s?

It’s becoming more obvious all the time that what all those millions of dollars bought was American security.

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