There is no federal agency more feared by the American people than the IRS.

And with good reason. The power to tax is the power to destroy. More than any other administration in history, the Clinton regime has harnessed all the terror of that agency and directed it against its political enemies.

In a very real way, the IRS has been Clinton’s secret police agency — the go-to guys when no other punishment will do.

Billy Dale, the long-time White House Travel Office director, knows that terror. After being summarily fired by Hillary Clinton in favor of friends and relations from Arkansas, Dale was investigated by the FBI and subjected to an audit by the IRS. Both came up empty.

Paula Jones knows it. Just days after she rejected a settlement offer of her sexual harassment case from Clinton’s attorneys, Jones was targeted for an IRS audit.

Elizabeth Ward Gracen, the actress who had a fatal attraction to Bill Clinton before he became president, got an audit notice after she went public with the story of her affair and following threats warning her not to talk.

Former presidential aide Dick Morris, after meeting with House Judiciary Committee staff, revealed on television that impeachment investigators fully expected to be audited because of their work on the case.

A veritable who’s who of Clinton administration adversaries have been targeted for audit during his six years in power. They include: the Heritage Foundation, the National Rifle Association, Concerned Women of America, Citizens Against Government Waste, National Review, American Spectator and, of course, my own organization, the Western Journalism Center, the parent company of WorldNetDaily.

Will all this just amount to another footnote in the scandalous untold history of the Clinton presidency? Or is there a chance for justice?

On Monday, March 29, Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch and I will be in a federal courthouse in Sacramento, Calif., making the case that this pattern of audits and other compelling evidence developed during our IRS examinations warrant a jury trial in a $10 million civil suit we are pressing against current and former IRS and White House officials.

As is the habit of the Clinton administration, the Justice Department attorneys defending the government have stalled this case for more than a year — even requesting that a previous judge, the Hon. Milton Schwartz, a Democrat and Carter appointee, recuse himself for his personal prejudices against the IRS.

Will all that wasting of time pay off for an administration desperately trying to play out the clock? Maybe. Maybe not. Ask yourself if the average American is more or less likely to believe the worst about Bill Clinton today as opposed to two years ago. I say more likely. So the big stall may not pay off as a tactic after all.

Let’s face it. When we filed this lawsuit, America did not necessarily believe its president was a perjurer, a rapist, an obstructer of justice and a traitor who would sell out his country’s national security for campaign contributions. Today, you could sell all those ideas and people would be willing to believe worse.

So, is it so hard to believe that the Clinton administration actually used the IRS to intimidate the Western Journalism Center, which was investigating corruption and cover-up in the White House?

When the facts are in, I am certain a jury will accept our charges — that the audit of my non-profit group was part of a campaign of systematic harassment of the center by various federal government agencies.

Our exposes on the IRS’ political audits have already paid off — with resignations by IRS Commissioner Margaret Milner Richardson and Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary, who had personally threatened one of our top donors, as well as several sets of hearings in the House and Senate on abusive practices by the tax agency.

Yet, most Americans still don’t know the ugly truth about the way the White House uses the IRS as a political billy club against its enemies. Congress dropped the ball in its investigations, as it has so often. Now, our last chance to extract justice is in the courthouse. It’s me and Larry Klayman facing off with Janet Reno’s top legal hatchet-men and damage-control artists.

Wish us Godspeed.

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