Throughout the country stories seep through the liberal media
blockade, describing social workers and judges granting child custody to
abusive caretakers while both the executive and legislative branches
ignore or condone this burgeoning appearance of widespread social
service corruption.

Listen to this harrowing tale of an Indiana couple, Lawrence and
Beverly Newman, whose adoption of a brutally abused child was aborted
due to what some would call a classic case of social service child

Laura Gail Rachael Clem has been a Worcester County, Maryland,
Department of Social Services (DSS) child-ward since 1991. Laura’s
mother was a murder victim and her criminal father had lost parental
rights. While Laura was in the pre-adoptive custody of the Newmans in
1992, this skilled professional couple repeatedly reported classic signs
of neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse when Laura had been in DSS
foster care. The Worcester County DSS retaliated by halting the Newman’s
adoption and returning Laura to the abusive, dilapidated, and filthy
foster home licensed by the DSS.

On February 24, 1999, and one week later, on March 3, the Newmans
addressed the Maryland General Assembly about their aborted adoption of

Their testimony before the Maryland State legislature reinforced the
image of a child-protection service serving predators. Following the
notoriety of the Laura Clem case in 1994, the Worcester County DSS has
been scrutinized for the brutal murder of Sharmir Hudson by his adoptive
mother. After the judiciary committees in both houses of the General
Assembly sat incredulously listening to the details of Laura’s ongoing
struggle for survival, Shamir’s school teachers described the Worcester
County DSS maltreatment of this young boy.

From 1995 until 1998, at least 26 child abuse and neglect reports
were filed by various professionals, including Buckingham Elementary
teachers, concerning Shamir Hudson and his two younger siblings who came
to school after having been beaten, battered and even burned. When
officers investigated Shamir’s murder, March 24, 1998, they found signs
of unnatural wounds and injuries 3 years old. Worcester County DSS had
hand-picked Shamir’s murderous adoptive mother. They similarly returned
Laura to a living hell in another hand-picked foster “home.”

Since 1992, when Laura was two years old, the Newmans have worked to
adopt this Jewish child into their Jewish home. All legal remedies have
been exhausted. In another effort to abolish Laura’s “life sentence” of
foster “care,” the battling couple brought “Laura’s Law” to the Maryland
General Assembly. It simply states: “The State of Maryland hereby grants
the adoption of Laura Gail Rachael Clem, minor ward of the State of
Maryland, to Lawrence Newman and Beverly Newman, residents of
Indianapolis, Indiana. The provisions of the Annotated Code of Maryland,
Family Law, shall not apply to this adoption.”

The Newmans see Laura’s Law as a kind of political asylum,
humanitarian rescue of a young child from an agency of “Social Service”
which defends its notorious record of abuse, neglect and maltreatment.
Of eight Worcester County DSS child wards, say the Newmans, within the
past two years at least three were institutionalized and one is dead.
Since Worcester County DSS controls these records, how many more DSS
child-wards are institutionalized due to agency maltreatment is unknown.

Laura’s Law has been proposed as an amendment to HB 958 and SB 464 in
the Maryland House and Senate judiciary committees. This has precedent
at the federal level. In both 1989 and 1996, Congress passed special
legislation specifically tailored to aid a Washington D.C. mother, a
plastic surgeon, whose prominent child custody case turned into a
national scandal. Congress believed that it was its humanitarian duty to
intervene in this case of egregious injustice and immense human misery.
The Newmans argue that legislative intervention via Laura’s Law is fully
justified to save a totally innocent child.

The Maryland General Assembly closes at the end of March. The Newmans
implore you to help save an innocent child by phoning, faxing, or

Senator Walter Baker, Chr., 410-841-3639; 410-841-3850 fax

Senator Leo Green, V Chr., 410-841-3631; 410-841-3174 fax;
[email protected]

Delegate Joseph Vallario, Chr., 410-841-3488; 410-841-3850 fax

Delegate Ann Marie Doory, V Chr., 410-841-3476; 410-841-3850 fax

For additional information to Contact the Maryland General Assembly,
go to
its website.

And, say the Newmans, please pray for Laura.

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