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This NOW gang supports Broaddrick 100%

A Virginia chapter of the National Organization for Women is
congratulating for her courage Juanita Broaddrick, the 56-year-old
business woman who accused President Clinton of raping her and is
demanding that Clinton resign.

Marie-Jose Ragab, the president of Virginia’s Dulles Area chapter of
NOW, said that her chapter believes Broaddrick’s story and gives her its
full support. It is Ragab’s hope that Broaddrick’s courage will give
other women who may have been victimized by Clinton a voice in the
nation’s public forum.

“We hope that her strength and resolve will inspire other women
possibly victimized by Mr. Clinton to come forward and speak up as
well,” she said.

The chapter first called for Clinton’s resignation last August when
Clinton admitted that he had been lying to the American people for a
period of about seven months during which “the rule of law was mocked,
sexual harassment was ridiculed and some women were terrorized for
exercising their constitutional rights.”

Dismayed by the silence of NOW’s national leadership on matters of
sexual harassment law in regards to Clinton’s affairs and alleged rape,
the Dulles Chapter voted last Friday to call for the immediate
resignation of NOW’s national officers and board. The chapter also voted
to disassociate itself from NOW’s national office until these changes
have taken place.

“The original intent of NOW was to stand for the rights of all women
in all facets of society in a non-partisan manner, a creed we adhere
to,” said Ragab. “We believe that the national officers and the national
board members have damaged the credibility of NOW to the degree that it
may not be able to recover from it. We cannot, in conscience, be party
to this.”

Ragab went on to say that NOW’s mission has always been to protect
the civil rights of all women, even if it meant going after political
parties, Congress, or the president. She believes her chapter is still
abiding by this mission; it’s the rest of the organization that has
broken the rules.

Because NOW, according to Ragab, has broken the rules, her chapter no
longer promotes the organization nor does it collect dues. She’s also
refusing membership and telling others within the chapter to avoid
harassment from the organization by not renewing their memberships. And
Ragab has taken the right to criticize the organization as she sees fit.

Ragab believes that the actions of her dissident chapter are foiling
White House strategies of having the press present a united and
supportive NOW.

“There is no question that the defenders of the White House have gone
to great lengths to present a unified picture of women and feminists in
the Democratic Party,” Ragab said.

Ragab told WorldNetDaily that as she approached major news stations
about her chapter’s stance on Clinton’s affairs with women, the
producers at the news stations told her that their station was called by
the White House telling them not to report on the Dulles chapter.
Although this statement, if true, could be used to incriminate White
House members, Ragab admitted that there was no way to support these
statements or to know whether or not the stations were simply trying to
make her feel good or if they were just excusing themselves.

Regardless of what news producers may have said, however, Ragab
believes that many of the women in her chapter are terrified of the
repression of women taking place by Clinton’s defense team. She said
that some women in her chapter, who work for the government, feel that
there is an “atmosphere of fear” within the workplace because of the

Ragab is appalled that some women are once again feeling afraid in
the workplace. She said she’s also unimpressed with those Democrats who
rebuke the president for his lack of moral decency and then turn around
and whole-heartedly support him.

“Although we believe Mr. Clinton is guilty of perjury and obstruction
of justice as charged, we accept the judgments rendered by the Senate,”
Ragab said. “We are, however, unmoved by the display of moral outrage
Democrats profess to feel toward a man they otherwise passionately
support, someone we concluded uses and abuses women and then seeks to
destroy those who attempt to expose the harm they suffered.”