It is 7:00 p.m. and a group of people has gathered at a well-appointed
Spanish style house located just off Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. Fried
chicken, salad and soft drinks are being served. A tall, somehow ageless
man, his fashionably shaved head shining under the beamed ceiling
lights, stands in the middle of the room signing autographs. This is
Cyril Press, author of a best-selling book on alien abduction. Press’
11-year old daughter, Patti — who’s sporting an “Aliens Are Your
Friends” t-shirt — talks excitedly with a group of people about how she
traveled through her bedroom wall and was taken aboard a space craft, as
casually as other girls her age would talk about a new Barbie doll.

The group gathered here on this evening are composed of individuals who
all purportedly share the common bond of having been “abducted” by
aliens. The crowd has gathered here tonight to talk about their
experiences, as well as to hear what Press — who they have come to
regard as a “guru” of sorts — has to say on the subject matter.

After a potluck dinner, Press calls the meeting to order. He launches
into a rambling dialogue in which he relates his most recent experiences
since the release of his book which involve, among other things,
levitation, walking through walls, psychic experiences, the greenhouse
effect, and how his head appeared in a friends bedroom during an astral
journey. The talk is peppered with references to the coming apocalypse,
and other “end-time” scenarios.

“It’s up to us,” Press says to the entranced crowd, “to do something
about this. We have been chosen,” he says, eyes ablaze, “to help the
rest of the human race … whether or not you realize it. This
my friends, is the common bond we all share.”

Much head nodding from the assembled throng.

After he’s done speaking, Press invites people to “share” their
experiences. It doesn’t take long before the discussion has taken on the
air of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.”

“I was on drugs for 10 years until I had my abduction experience!” a
wide-eyed abductee, who wears the familiar big-eyed alien face on a
medallion around his neck, testifies. “Now I’m drug free!”

The audience bursts into applause.

A man named Jawaharlal — who has an oddly alien look about him — talks
excitedly of his recent abduction and says that he cannot wait for the
his next “trip.” He inquires whether any of the others gathered here
share his feeling that “we’ve all known one another before?”

The head nodding increases in pace. “Yes,” Jawaharlal says, eyes aglow,
“Yes…. yes

Jawharlal has also written a book about his abduction experience, though
he has yet to find a publisher. In fact, it appears that three-quarters
of the people here — obviously impressed by the much-publicized million
dollar advance for Press’ book — are in the process of writing either
books or scripts about their abduction experiences.

The testimonials carry on. A woman wearing pentagram earrings talks
about how she died and came back to life with the help of her alien
“friends.” An elderly man with a bad stutter goes on for nearly a
half-hour about his operation (which took place aboard a spacecraft).
Much to the dismay of the room’s inhabitants, the man goes into very
specific detail — including a highly graphic description of a rectal
probe by the aliens.

The rest of the man’s story, which is almost impossible to follow —
revolves around huge mile-long saucers, mysterious Men In Black,
government cover-ups, and the like.

When the man is finally finished, he is followed by a frizzy haired,
mustachioed fellow with his shirt open to mid-chest, revealing a massive
gold chain with an ankh dangling from its end. The man babbles excitedly
about a book called “The Keys Of Enoch,” that “nobody can buy … but
that is only given to special people.”

The crowed murmurs excitedly. The head nodding speeds up.

Serendipitously, many people in the room have mysteriously “received”
copies of this very book (which happens to be on sale at the Bodhi Tree
— the local New Age book store).

Through it all, Press, now sitting in a chair, his sleepy-eyed daughter
in his lap, listens intently. When the “sharing” session is over, Press
takes the floor again. He’s holding a manila envelope in his hand. From
it, he withdraws a series of sheets which turn out to be brain scans,
which, Press claims, reveal five “mysterious marks” that he says are
“implants” put into his brain by the aliens.

The brain scans are passed around the room. Indeed, there appear to be
“marks” (shiny spots) in the scan. (Just how “mysterious” they are
would, one thinks, have to be ascertained by a doctor.) But the crowd
gathered here tonight regards Press’ every word unquestioningly.

Part of this is due to Press’ celebrity. The rest is due to his
presence. Though he isn’t a particularly physically, “commanding,”
individual, Press definitely has an aura of power about him.

As he brings his speech to a close, Press encourages the room’s
occupants to get together in person, “though if you could possibly get
together non-physically it would be better,” he admonishes (huh?). Press
suggests that the audience would do well to “form relationships” with
the aliens. Then, as the crowd listens intently, Press describes a
method by which to “call” the aliens to visit one’s bedside. (Much of
the technique he describes appears to have been culled from various
teachings on ceremonial magic and witchcraft).

Press advises the enthralled audience that though this may be “a bit
scary” that they should nonetheless persist. “When you first meet them,
sometimes they may appear very frightening,” Press says of the aliens.
But the truth is that they are our friends. They are here to teach us
how to get along in the New World that is coming. Without their wisdom,
the human race will perish,” Press says, almost casually. “There’s
little time left,” he warns. “This is a sink or swim proposition.”

The murmuring has stopped. The room is dead quiet. A master at timing,
Press turns and — without saying a word — exits into the adjacent
dining room.

Afterwards, people gather together to talk of government cover-ups,
holes in the ozone, right wing plots, the millennium, and of course,
UFO’s and aliens. They compare notes about their assorted astral
journeys and share their latest mystical experiences.

Finally, tired of it all, one of the room’s inhabitants (seemingly the
only one who hasn’t undergone an abduction experience) makes an
unobtrusive exit while the conversation pulses around him. As he exits,
he clicks off the mini-tape recorder attached to a tiny pin-hole
microphone. Once outside the house, he takes a much-needed gulp of the
fresh night air. Looking back through the bay window into the well lit
house, the observer notes that Press — who’s got a huge crowd
congregating around him — is still signing autographs.

The prevailing mythology at the alien abductee meeting (which is by
“invitation only”) and the one repeated by most of the “contactees”
(this is what people who’ve had the experience call themselves) is that
the aliens are benevolent beings who’ve come to help humanity (or at
least a selected portion of humanity) in its final hour of need.

However, even the most cursory study of the “abduction phenomenon”
reveals the fact that this “benevolent” image is far from the truth.

According to UFO researcher Jerome Clark, UFO’s and their bug-eyed
occupants have been responsible for burnings, radiation sickness,
venereal diseases, infertility, car crashes, assaults, murders,
paralysis, psychological breakdowns and suicides.

Often, following the abduction experience, the person falls apart
psychologically. They become nervous, distraught, suicidal. There are
frequent cases of insanity (in particular, paranoid schizophrenia) among
contactees. Many UFO victims come down with symptoms of venereal disease
called “cosmic clap.” Women are forcibly raped (or so they say) by the
aliens. Other abductees have suffered the loss of their jobs, their
spouses, and their will to continue living in the all too mundane
everyday world. Some perform bizarre acts. (In one incident, a woman
starved herself to death after a 66-day fast instituted by her “master”
from Venus). Still other abductees have committed murder under orders
from their alien benefactors.

Moreover, rather than being purveyors of truth, the aliens appear to be
pathological liars. According to UFO researcher John Weldon, some of the
bizarre statements attributed to aliens include the erroneous facts that
Saturn’s civilization exists in subtropical paradises; Venus has
forests, streams and suburban areas; the sun is not really hot; and that
the moon is an illusion. In his book, Press, who often refers to the
aliens as “soul destroyers” and “demons” states flatly that, “The beings
that I met were definitely not the wise and good hearted creatures that
films like “Close Encounters” have portrayed. Rather, they were cruel,
calculating, and “one might even say, evil.”

So why is Press telling his audience that the aliens are our friends …
our only hope?

More to the point, if one buys that these things are actually happening
— and even for a dyed-in-the-wool skeptic it’s hard to imagine that
this many people (over 20% of the worlds population now claim to have
undergone the abduction experience) are lying — we must ask ourselves:
why are these beings doing this? To what purpose? Are these acts random,
or do they have some purpose, some system behind them?

John Keel — who was trained in psychological warfare in the army —
maintains that there is, in fact, a method to the alien abduction

“There’s psychological warfare involved in this,” Keel says flatly.
“Diversionary tactics are used by the aliens. For example (after the
abduction experience), whatever you believe in will start happening.
Another oddity: in the ’60s I found that almost all of my contactees
were born on Sept. 6. Now, that means that there’s a control system, and
that means that you can never get to the bottom of this because it’s
always one step ahead of you.”

“What we have here is not an alien invasion, says John Keel. “It is a
spiritual system that acts upon and uses humans. Whoever these
beings are, they have been leading us around by our collective noses for
eons. The fact is, we are biochemical robots helplessly controlled by
forces that can scramble our brains, destroy our memories and use us in
any way they see fit. They have been doing it to us forever.”

“When you view all the (UFO abduction) tales in toto, “Keel sums up, “it
sounds as if someone has been periodically collecting human beings and
inspecting them as we might inspect cattle.”

Jacques Vallee, another well-known UFO researcher, agrees. “I believe
there is a machinery of mass manipulation behind the UFO abduction
phenomenon. The contactees are a part of that machinery. Human beings
are under the control of a strange force that is bending them in absurd
ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deception.
Millions of people in every generation throughout history have had their
minds reprogrammed by this supernatural system. There is a pattern
behind this structure, and that pattern is not contact, but rather

Perhaps the most disquieting statement is that made by writer Charles
Fort, who stated in his Book Of The Damned, “Somebody owns this
earth. And we are their property.”

To be continued next week: “Aliens: Angels or Demons?”

They’re Here: The Confidential Report: The above article is
culled from a report generated during a period of over a year, in which
the author spent posing as an “alien abductee” in order to gather
information. For those interested in obtaining the full report, please
click here.

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