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  • Future U.S. President paid homage to Lenin’s Mummy during Christmas. …
  • Youthful Associations account for present predilections. …
  • Better start arming yourselves and hiding your weapons. …

It was it was five days before Christmas in Moscow (Julian
calender). A time of year when Americans are busy converging on family, celebrating Chanukah, offering prayers of thanksgiving, out caroling, trimming trees, or, as Christians, preparing to rejoice in the birth of their Savior. But while most Americans were sharing gifts and worshipping before God, the future President of the United States was standing in silent tribute and awe before the mummy of Vladimir Lenin. How did this happen? In late December, 1969 Bill Cclinton crossed the Finnish border into the USSR and boarded a train for Moscow, the center of world atheism and the capital of the Soviet-Marxist state.

William Jefferson Clinton’s pilgrimage to the Soviet Union was the climax of a busy fall semester as a “Rhodes Scholar” at Oxford. It should perhaps be mentioned to those impressed by such presumed status that Rhodes Scholarships are granted to individuals passing ideological muster whose sentiments during the interview process are reflective of acceptable left-wing views to the selection committees, and not because of good grades.

Once in England, Clinton lived up the expectations of his promoters and joined the British Peace Council, which was established by the British Communist Party. Quickly, Clinton helped the council organize other expatriate Americans and draft-dodgers for anti-war demonstrations on October 15, 1969 and again on November 16, 1969 in front of the U.S. Embassy in London.
The British press, at that time, reported that the protesters chanted, “Ho, Ho, Ho,” and “Ho-Chi Minh, Viet Cong is gonna win.”

Shortly after that, Clinton joined with other pro-communist and anti-American protesters on a trip to Norway to demonstrate in opposition to that Nation’s desire to join NATO.

Activities such as Clinton’s were not at all out of character for Oxford students during that period and it has been estimated that even today, upwards of 60 percent of all British professors hold moderate to extreme Socialist views. For such, the Universities had long been the home recruiting ground of the international communist movement. Its successes were exemplified by their recruitment of the traitors Kim Philby and Donald McClean.

While Bill Clinton has never explained who paid for his trip to Moscow, he was accompanied by a friend and fellow Oxford student, Czech Jan Kopold. They were to attend a meeting of the War Moratorium Committee to be held January 2, 1970. Upon arrival, Clinton did not check into a youth hostel, but rather stayed at the Hotel National, the most exclusive and expensive one in Moscow of that time — a ritzy place usually reserved for foreign ambassadors and high-level Communist Party apparatchiks.

In today’s terms, that trip would probably cost several thousand dollars. Clinton only had his tiny $275 Rhodes stipend to live on and never held a job. Thus, it is easy to believe that this tab and the arrangements could only have handled by the KGB, which during that epoch limited no expenses in its attempts to recruit promising American students in Europe.

Clinton has also never accounted for the 11 days spent in Moscow before the actual meeting of the War Moratorium and has never revealed who paid his expenses or what he did or whom he met with during that time. However, for a tourist visiting Red Square in Moscow, a trip to Lenin’s Tomb is usually on the itinerary. For a visiting leftist, such a visit is as requisite as a Moslem’s visit to the Kabah while in Mecca. Standing before the mummy of the High Priest of Communism and Atheism on Christmas Day, for a communist, had long represented a symbolic, ritual act of contempt and abnegation of all the religious, spiritual, and ethical values which most Americans cherish.

Even more telling was Clinton’s January 4 return trip from Moscow on another Aeroflot jet. The flight terminated in Prague, then the capital of the Czechoslovakian Soviet Socialist Republic (CSSR). There, Clinton was a guest of Jan Kopold’s father, Bedrich Kopold and Jan’s maternal grandmother Maria Svermova, who was the original founder of the Czech Communist Party in the 1930s. During his visit, she took a liking to young Bill; they walked and talked. Svermova’s deceased husband was the original editor of Rude Pravo, the Czech Communist Party paper before the War.

After the Soviet-backed Communist coup of Czechoslovakia in February 1948 had disposed of Democratic President Jan Masaryk by tossing him out a window of the Foreign Ministry, Rudolf Saltzman, a.k.a. Slansky, became the new president. Karel Svab, Maria’s brother, was appointed Commissar of Secret Police and was responsible for the subsequent murders, tortures, and
deportations to Russian gulags of several hundred thousand Christians, democracy advocates, anti-Communists, and even religious Jews who had survived the Holocaust. Under the Saltzman/Slansky regime (1949-1952), Maria Svermova was Secretary of the Communist Party and the Central Committee, the supreme ruling body. While the majority of Jews in pre-war Czechoslavakia were anti-Communist, the Party itself was dominated by a clique of apostate
Jews who had long since abandoned the principles of their religion to embrace the False God of Marxism.

The entire Kopold clan was a significant part of the ruling Communist party elite and was responsible for those murders and deportations either by the act or as formulators of policy. In fact, 11 out of 12 Politburo leaders of the Czech Communist Party were apostate Jews who had taken refuge in Moscow just prior to the German occupation of the Czech rump state in 1939.
It was easy for the Communists to seize control in 1948 without popular resistance because the Germans had confiscated all private weapons during the War.

In 1948, Saltzman/Slansky smuggled guns and explosives to Palestine to arm the Zionist organizations, the Haganah, the Stern Gang, and the Irgun to enable them to keep killing British officials until Britain became fed up and pulled out. In 1949 these gangs organized the ethnic cleansing of over one million Palestinian Arabs from their lands which were then confiscated and
made an integral part of the nascent State of Israel. President Saltzman/Slansky in turn paid with his life for assisting the Zionists. Accused of harboring Jewish nationalist sentiments, which were in opposition to Marxist internationalism, Stalin sent him to the gallows in 1952.

Years later, when Clinton was President, he again flew to Moscow, this time on Air Force One, to meet Boris Yeltsin. Then, on his return flight he had the plane stop in Prague, where, besides playing the saxophone — important stuff — he went to visit the parents of his Oxford friend Jan
Kopold. By then, Maria Svermova had died of old age. As for Jan Kopold, he had been killed earlier in an “accidental fall” in Turkey in 1970, becoming perhaps the first of a long string of former Clinton friends and associates to meet an untimely end. Interestingly, Clinton told the news media people accompanying him on the Prague pitstop that the Kopolds were “old friends
he had long admired.” Nothing appeared in the press, however, about Clinton’s admiration for and association with this family once such an intimate part of the ruling echelon of the murderous criminal Soviet puppet government that had enslaved Czechoslovakia.

After Clinton’s short-lived tenure at Oxford — he never finished his second semester there — he remained a member of The Mobilization Committee, a Communist-front organization dedicated to undermining the strength of the United States and opposing American initiatives against the communist world movement, for another three years.

Clinton’s youthful affiliations explain many of his recent actions. Why, for example, the International Socialists were able to hold their annual conclave in February 1995, as guests of Papa-Marx Aristide at Haiti’s National Palace in Port-au-Prince after Clinton restored the volatile voodoo priest to power. This explains why I stood in dismay observing a huge banner in front of the Palace proclaiming that event, while non-comprehending U.S. soldiers stood guard outside protecting it and the delegates inside, those very persons sworn to destroy everything most Americans revere.

This explains why Communist Chinese agents could obtain sensitive positions within the Federal Goverment without having to obtain requisite security background checks. This explains how they could steal all our nuclear secrets — and God knows what else — and walk away with impunity, without a peep or protestation from the White House.

This explains why we are backing the Kosovo Liberation Army — a terrorist gang of drug-financed Marxist thugs — and why we are attempting to bomb into submission the socialistic but nationalistic nation which opposes them.

Yes, this explains a lot of things about Bill Clinton. Clinton has been a left-wing sympathizer all his life and has appointed openly pro-Communists to his administration, has promoted one Socialist measure after another in the U.S. Congress, has implemented policies calculated to subvert and weaken both the moral and physical defenses of the United States while doing everything possible to wreck the predominant cultural heritage of this nation.

More recently, Clinton is attempting to exploit the shooting tragedy in Colorado to further his party’s goal and insidious agenda of incrementally disarming all Americans and so potentially leaving them vulnerable to a maximalist New World Order government of a more insidious type than that which terrorized, murdered, and enslaved Czechoslovakia.

Rather than be cowed into submission with guilt by Clinton’s recent anti-gun initiative — cynical and insincere as it is — playing upon the raw emotions of the events out West, I suggest Americans react en masse by doing the contrary! Buy weapons, stockpile ammunition — secure them against small children of course — enroll in a gun safety course, practice at the range, and learn how to handle weapons responsibly. Above all, be prepared!

When the U.S. Congress can no longer protect us from the likes of Bill Clinton, his cohorts, and the type of people he so much admired in Prague. When the U.S. military is finally dissolved or becomes a tool of domestic oppression — there will only remain WE THE PEOPLE to fall back upon ourselves to preserve the rights and freedoms won through blood and sacrifice by the Founding Fathers.

Will we have the courage to do so when the time comes? That’s the question which remains. Enough is enough! In a free society, free citizens have always owned arms, while a disarmed citizenry consists of subjects and slaves! Perhaps, in a pre-emptive move, it’s time for millions and millions of angry Americans to converge upon Washington and raise our voices in
unison to Bill Clinton and shout: “NO, NO, NO, NOT HO, HO, HO.”

Joel Ruth is a historian who has lived, traveled, or worked in 50 countries and frequently writes about national and international affairs. He was in Czechoslovakia in August 1968 during the Soviet Invasion. He participated in anti-Soviet student demonstrations, was fired upon, and
assisted in the theft, sabotage, and destruction of Soviet military equipment. Tagged “an enemy of the State,” he was ordered by Soviet security personnel to leave the country or face immediate arrest. Reach him by email at [email protected].

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