May 12 the Family Research Council held a press conference in
Washington, D.C., uniting a coalition of members of Congress, child
protection advocates, child abuse victims and public policy groups.
Among the speakers were House Majority Whip Tom DeLay, R-Texas, Rep.
Dave Weldon, R-Fla., Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Ariz., Dr. Laura Schlessinger
and myself. The conference was largely ignored by mainstream media.

We met to demand that the American Psychological Association
repudiate its APA Bulletin report, “A Meta-Analytic Examination
of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples.”
Speakers charged the APA to renounce the study whose authors, Bruce
Rind, et al., claimed child sexual abuse could be harmless and

After the American Psychiatric Association removed pedophilia as
sexual perversion in its 1994 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV, it
was only a matter of time until The American Psychological Association
would ease us further toward legalizing child sexual abuse. Illinois
State Representative Bob Biggins introduced House Resolution 325 damning
the APA Rind study that found “sexual relationships between adults and
willing children” might be “positive.”

As usual, the Rind and Co. APA paper cites Alfred Kinsey’s 1948 tome,
Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, as a guide for their child
abuse study. Why, “as usual?” Because the first “scientific” claim for
pedophile normality was brewed at Indiana University by Kinsey and his
comely boy-toys, Clyde Martin and APA psychologist, Wardell Pomeroy.
Kinsey’s junk sex science mutated into a human sexuality junk yardstick
for both the American Psychiatric and American Psychological Association
(now, for brevity, jointly dubbed the American Pedophile Associations).
Psychologists and psychiatrists like Rind were trained by Kinseyans —
in Kinsey’s lies. Fabricating 18,000 interviews, the Kinsey corps
alleged children needed sex — with each other and adults.

Rind’s child sex data might be as reliable as his mentor Kinsey, who
labeled his cadre of child rapists “scientists.” These pedophile
“scientists” claimed 317 to 2,045 “weeping,” “screaming,” “fainting” and
“convulsing” children, even 2-months-old, “derived definite pleasure”
from oral, manual, and worse, tests for “orgasm.”

So, Rind follows a 51-year-old pedophile junk science track record,
during which both APAs were trained to believe up is down and black is
white. Statistical proof that Rind and other educated elites accept and
widely rely upon this pedophile research appears in Kinsey’s record
5,796 Social Science Citation Index, and Science Citation
citations (1982-1997) with fully 648 law journal index cites
in Westlaw during that time. Not Masters and Johnson, not even
Freud compare. And although a 1998 British TV documentary “Kinsey’s
Paedophiles” proved that Rind’s mentor paid men to sexually assault
children for his “science,” in 1998 the Kinsey Institute re-released the
fraudulent data.

Just like Kinsey, Rind says a 9-year-old can consent to sex and that
“The current war on boy-lovers has no basis in science.” What “science?”
One Kinsey “scientist,” Rex King, raped 800 children for Kinsey’s
“data.” The German press reported children had to choose between the
chimney and an ex-Nazi commandant in Hitler’s Germany — Dr. Fritz von
Balluseck, Kinsey’s aide, who defiled hundreds of children, for
“science.” Are the Rind trio — like the Kinsey team — sexual
psychopaths: secret pedophile, pansexual and homosexual felons?

Rind and Co., also cite John Money, Vern Bullough and Larry
Constantine as key child sex authorities.

But, Money, Johns Hopkins professor emeritus, psychiatrist and
Penthouse Forum employee and Bullough, self-confessed pedophile
editor of The Journal of Paedophilia, reassure their Journal
of Paedophilia
pedophiles that incest and adult-child sex are
harmless. And, psychologist Constantine, also a Penthouse
hireling, would legalize child pornography and incest to provide better
paying jobs for children.

Like other failures in the Rind and Co. paper, dressing up pedophile
activists as child molestation experts and saying a 9-year-old can
“consent” to sex implies their “science” is the work of sexual
psychopaths. Rind — like Kinsey — uses phony data to reduce
attitudinal and legal protections for boys and girls in order to
eliminate the age of consent.

Such “scientists” would debase American youth to that of some Third
World children currently sold to pleasure wealthy western pedophiles and

Sex research has a track record of fraud, crime and psychopathology
among its leading lights. Unlike the British medical journal The
Lancet, Science
and other reputable scholarly journals still hide
the Kinsey crimes from their constituency. They can be expected to give
the bad Rind study credibility and honor.

As The Kinsey Institute dominates the “sexuality” field, expect more
and more “Rind” studies. Only repeated disclosure of the long history of
the academic pedophile movement can alert the nation to 51 years of lies
and pedophile pedagogy.

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