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Mad Madeleine and WWIII

Time magazine is the CFR’s mouthpiece when it comes to getting its
readers to see the world through NATO-colored glasses. By reading
Time’s back issues, you begin to see a pattern of persuasion as its
experts give us their New World Order slant on things. Sometimes it’s
subtle, sometimes not, as when Strobe Talbott wrote in July 1992 that
“perhaps national sovereignty was not such a great idea after all” and
that “the case for world government” was clinched. It should be noted
that Strobe is a Rhodes Scholar and was Clinton’s roommate at Oxford.
He is now shuttling between Washington, Brussels and Moscow to see if he
can get the Russians to put pressure on Milosevic to surrender to NATO

When Madeleine Albright, our Secretary of State, was asked recently
on a radio interview whether the Russians were helping us “negotiate”
with Milosevic, she replied that there were no negotiations going on.
If Milosevic wanted the bombing to stop, he simply had to accept and
implement all of NATO’s demands unconditionally. We haven’t heard such
uncompromising talk since World War II, when the Allies demanded
unconditional surrender on the part of the Germans and Japanese.

That is why on May 17, Time headlined its puff cover story on the
Madame Secretary as “Madeleine’s War.” Time explained, “In a literal
sense of course, that’s not true these days. Now that it’s become an
armed conflict, she plays a supporting role to the President, National
Security Adviser Sandy Berger, Defense Secretary Bill Cohen and the
military brass.” Those are the intellectual cretins who believe it is
moral to bomb the Serbs into the Stone Age simply to prove that NATO
must be obeyed, or else.

Stupid leaders can lead us into untold destruction without even
trying. Consider our own morally outstanding leaders: the president, a
politically corrupt pathological liar and adulterer; Sandy Berger, with
the brain and aplomb of a used-car salesman; our moronic war secretary,
William Cohen, who mouths drivel every time he speaks. And we all know
the famous statement by Madame Halfbright: “What’s the point of having
this superb military that you’re always talking about if we can’t use
it?” It doesn’t occur to her that the purpose of our military is to
defend our country, not to wage aggressive wars against others who have
not harmed us. Hers is the talk of an ignoramus who hasn’t learned a
single lesson in American history. Yet Time is trying to persuade us
that she is a wise and compassionate human being who provides the moral
backbone for this war.

Compassionate? Madeleine and her family once lived in Belgrade when
her father was Czech ambassador to Yugoslavia. So she knows the city
and the Serbs. Who knows what kind of hatred she’s been harboring in
her guts all these years and is now getting great pleasure watching the
Serbs suffer. Now that NATO has destroyed Belgrade’s electrical system,
incubators can’t work, hospitals must perform their services under
candlelight if they don’t have their own generators. Children are
traumatized by the continued bombing, and 1,200 civilians have been

But forgetting the suffering of the Serbs and the Kosovars whose
plight simply gets worse as the bombing increases, Madeleine’s war is
inexorably setting the stage for World War III. When NATO shows the
world that it is now the 900-pound gorilla on the block, very few
nations will be tempted to resist NATO’s demands. This has always been
the goal of the New World Order folks. The ruling world authority has
to be ruthless enough, powerful enough, and determined enough to make
its rule supreme. You can’t achieve that kind of authority by being
weak or compromising. The very fact that NATO has become this kind of
monster is an indication that the New World Order has arrived.

As Arthur Schlesinger Jr. explained in Foreign Affairs in July/August
1995, “We are not going to achieve a new world order without paying for
it in blood as well as in words and money.” Whose blood will it be?
The blood of today’s American high school students. And whose money
will it be? The money of the American taxpayer, which the Congress is
already spending to pay for the bombing of Yugoslavia. The fiscal
budget for the year 2000 is already at $1.74 trillion!

Actually, Yugoslavia and Milosevic are small potatoes when it comes
to establishing world hegemony for the CFR crowd. That’s why NATO must
win this one hands down. They can’t afford to lose to Milosevic.
Otherwise, what chance will NATO have where the stakes are bigger?

At the moment, their bigger sights are on Israel and Russia. China
will be a much more difficult nut to crack. But a world conflagration
may make it possible for the New World Order to impose its will on
Russia while the latter is as weak as it will ever be. An article on
the Russian problem in Time (July 6, 1992) asked, “Is Russia now part of
the West, or still something clearly, if inexplicably different? … The
basis for doubts about Russia’s long-term commitment to “Westerness”
lies not in Yeltsin or his democratic supporters but in the ambivalence
about the West that still seems endemic to many Russians.”

Incidentally, we read the guest list for the upcoming Bilderberger
meeting in Portugal and were surprised by the number of Israelis who
were invited. Obviously, pressure will be put on Israel to accept NATO
terms. What will they be? Recognition of a Palestinian state with East
Jerusalem as its capital? Surrender of the Golan Heights to Syria?

The war against Yugoslavia has already jeopardized the long-delayed
Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or START II, with Russia, which aims to
slash both countries’ long-range nuclear weapons. NATO’s strategic
partnerships with the countries surrounding Russia is seen as an
unfriendly move by an aggressive military alliance. Also, the bombing
of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade is seen in Beijing as deliberate.
The Chinese simply cannot believe that we would be using outdated maps
to plan surgical strikes on a city like Belgrade. We’re too smart to be
that incompetent. Or are we?

Samuel L. Blumenfeld is the author of eight books on education,
including “Homeschooling: A Parents Guide to Teaching Children.” His
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