On August 6-9, 1998, a “World Pornography Conference” was held at
Universal City, Calif., at the Sheraton Universal Hotel. In these
terribly liberated times, especially in the state of California, what is
the problem with that you might ask? Well, on July 6, 1999, the
California Joint Legislative Audit Committee decided something was
perhaps terribly wrong with what some state senators referred to as “a
pornography tradeshow.” The bipartisan committee unanimously authorized
an audit of the use of public taxpayer funds for this porno-fest not
because it was sponsored by Playboy or Hustler; it wasn’t. Rather, it
was conducted under the auspices of the Center for Sex Research at the
very publicly funded California State University at Northridge.

Senator Raymond N. Haynes, R-Riverside, requested the audit, and
Judith Reisman, Ph.D., Susan Carpenter McMillan and James Lambert
testified to the Audit Committee about the effects of pornography on
adults and children.

To give taxpayers a sampling of the offerings at the CSUN-sponsored
conference, it included such workshops as “Visual and Carnal Pleasures
in Hard-Core Pornography,” “Daddy, Make Me a Star” (a film), “What Sex
Offenders Think About Pornography,” “Rape Hysteria and Censorship,”
“Apes, Our Species, and Pornography,” “Get Up, Get In, Get Off, Get Out?
On Cue.”

If that is not enough, also presented were workshops entitled “Child
Pornography: Forbidden Thoughts and Images in an Erotic Landscape” (a
three hour session), “The Forbidden Image: Child Pornography” and
finally “Sexual Abuse, Anti-Sexuality and the Pornography of Power,”
given by Ralph Underwager, who also doubles as a courtroom expert in
child custody cases. Isn’t that a comforting thought?

Susan Carpenter McMillan, counselor to Paula Jones, first described
to the committee the effects of “adult” pornography upon one small
victim she is currently aiding, who was brutally abused by her
grandmother and father using pornography. McMillan said, the
pornography was a “how-to manual” for the abusers. James Lambert, a man
once bedeviled by porno use, announced that he contacted all of the
“anti-pornography groups” and found only one person had been asked to
participate in the conference of roughly 200 participants. So much for
academic freedom! Northridge’s view of societal impact of porno is all
positive, it would seem. No users previously burned by pornography were
invited to speak of ills or harms associated with the pornographers’

Perhaps the most disturbing charges heard by the committee were
provided by Dr. Reisman, who documented that the “founder” of the
“Center for Sex Research,” Dr. Vern Bullough, was a self-admitted
pedophile as an editor of the very academic Journal of Pedophilia. Dr.
Reisman, whose research spans 30 years, was also able to point out to
the California legislators a score of other pedophiles and pedophile
advocates on the porno conference “faculty.” Their pedophilia is
something these otherwise respectable gentlemen do not boast of in
public. In fact, Dr. Reisman presented an original copy of the Journal
of Pedophilia in which Ungerwager, speaking on the California State
University-sponsored child pornography panel, declared:

    Pedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they choose.
    They can say that what they want is to find the best way to love … an
    acceptable expression of God’s will for love and unity among human
    beings. It may take people being arrested. Revolutionaries have always
    risked arrest.

Reisman described the pernicious spread of pornography, the “how
to” manuals of the Kinseyan sexual revolution, in the United States
since the early 1950s. Until then it was unlawful to send obscenity
through the U.S. Post, certain death for periodicals — like the
ground-breaking Playboy — dependent upon monthly subscribers in order
to garner the magazine’s life blood, that is, advertising revenues. Dr.
Alfred Kinsey’s fraudulent human sexuality research was used by
revolutionary lawyers to dismantle the Comstock laws and thereby open
the U.S. Post to them as a smut delivery system. Dr. Reisman’s mission
after 30 years of research into Kinsey’s fraudulent science is to help
parents and public officials see Kinsey’s connection to the consequences
today through the “RSVP America” campaign.

Kinsey promised America would be better off if we would follow his
sexual revolution to sexual liberation. The extent of pornography’s
cancerous growth on the American corpus is evident at California State
University. Coming from a non-position of no legal production or
distribution of obscenity and pornography in America from its founding
until Kinsey, now — 50 years later — publicly funded colleges and
universities are sponsoring conferences, programs and courses for
college credits. But at Northridge, the very geographic center of the
world porno industry, CSUN, like a band of carnies, promoted a trade
show promoting the pornography industry, using state facilities,
personnel and prestige.

The legislators on the committee were stunned by this sordid reality
of what happened at Northridge and the predominant part pedophiles
played in its production. Senator Steve Peace, D-El Cajon, pointed out
to the Audit Committee that he was more than a little concerned with the
reply from the Northridge Chancellor to the inquiries made by the
legislators: “As long as no state money was used, what was the
problem?” Senator Peace responded that promoting any private industry
within the university was more than problematic — much less the porno

Senator Charles Poochigian, R-Fresno, went further declaring that,
besides the problem of taxpayer funds being used for such a reason, it
was most important to question if this is an activity that diminishes
the university. He then asked if the Center for Sex Research is
consistent with the mission and standards of the university and wondered
out loud if our institutions are for purchase. Assembly member Hannah
Beth Jackson, D-35th District, weighed in saying that pornography is
degrading to women and human beings; the subject is disgusting. Jackson
wanted to go further than the auditing issues, to look deeper into the
impact of pornography. She clarified that a genuine scientific study is
quite different from a trade show and promotion of something that is
outrageous to most Americans.

Possibly the most poignant statements were made by Senator Richard
Alarcon, D-San Fernando Valley. He commended Senator Haynes for bringing
this matter to the attention of the largely Democratic Committee, and
asked for an investigation into the individual who wrote the press
release and the others who were paid by state funds. Alarcon said that
he had just given a commencement speech at that university and was, for
the first time in 18 years, embarrassed to be a graduate from Cal State
Northridge. Alarcon said “this very, very liberal” committeeman was
sending a message to the Cal State Chancellor, that he was appalled at
this information.

Alarcon stated that he too thought it was a stain on the university
system to get in bed with the porn industry. It diminishes the fabric
of the institution. His admonishment to the porn industry, “Don’t use
the university system to promote your agenda.” In conclusion, all six
senators and six assembly members voted to audit for the use of state
funds for “World Pornography Conference.” Beyond this, if state funds
were used, some would argue, refunds are due and owing.

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