The Sex Information and Education Council of the United States
(SIECUS) is the self-appointed sex research foundation for America’s
teachers. In 1999 it is up yet again for handouts from the federal
government to implement Kinsey’s discredited “Grand Scheme.” But before
the people’s representatives dole out more money to SIECUS and its
frontline soldiers in Planned Parenthood, they would do well to consider
the following and then ask some sobering questions about governmental
support of SIECUS and its disciples.

The January 1979 corporate Annual Report for Playboy magazine boasted
that “Playboy Foundation provide(d) the first of several major
grants to The Sex Information and Education Council of the United States
to support its nationwide educational programs.” Hugh Hefner’s
daughter, Christie, who now rides atop the Playboy “Entertainment for
Men” Empire, writes more specifically that Playboy provided original
outreach money for SIECUS:


    Through the Playboy Foundation, Hefner put his money where
    his mouth was. It made the initial grant to establish an Office of
    Research Services of the Sex Information and Education Council of the
    U.S. (SIECUS) in the late 60s. (1)


Since SIECUS targeted primary and secondary grade children, not
college students, was Hefner that interested in children’s issues, or
did the sex tycoon give SIECUS its “initial grant to establish an Office
of Research Services” knowing it was good business? Did he somehow know
the “educational” influence of SIECUS in the schoolrooms of America
would serve his long-range sales projections? Considering its “initial
grant” should it surprise that SIECUS promotes educational value in
“sexually explicit material?” Since 1991 the SIECUS Position Statement
has marketed “sexually explicit materials” to children, inclusive of
elementary and secondary school children:


    When sensitively used in a manner appropriate to the viewer’s age
    and developmental level, sexually explicit visual, printed, or
    on-line materials
    can be valuable educational or personal aids
    helping to reduce ignorance and confusion and contributing to a
    wholesome concept of sexuality (emphasis added). (2)


Playboy is in the business of producing broadcast and print
sexual imagery. Right on cue, in a 1992 SIECUS pamphlet, “Talk about
Sex,” children were counseled to view sexual material, including
“magazines” as a “help” to “express … sexual interest.”


    When talking to a friend or a possible sex partner, speak
    clearly. … Movies, music and TV … often have a message about
    sexuality and can help possible sex partners express their
    affection and sexual interest. … Use entertainment to help
    talk about sexuality, TV, music videos … magazines are a good way
    to begin to talk about sexuality
    (emphasis added).


It still is illegal to distribute “sexually explicit materials”
to children under age 18, but SIECUS has boldly promoted explicit sexual
imagery as educational aids for children by posturing as an independent
high-minded scholastic group that trains the teachers who teach our
children. Have SIECUS and its porno patrons desensitized millions of
vulnerable school children for the pornography trade?

On the evidence, SIECUS and its grass-roots activists at Planned
Parenthood have willfully and skillfully carried the discredited
Kinseyan legacy of “anything goes” sexuality into the classroom. And
it is from Kinsey that Hefner says he derived his Playboy philosophy.
Since at least 1991 SIECUS has avidly promoted “sexually explicit
materials” to Becky and Tom Sawyer, delivered credibly wrapped in
federal and state grants.

From the outset there has been philosophical alignment and financial
support between Playboy and SIECUS. SIECUS director Mary Calderone and
other SIECUS associates have been recipients of the lucrative commerce
in obscenity or its first cousin — pornography — including appearing as
sexpert interviewees in Playboy and other sex trade entertainment.

In the early 1980s Time magazine dared to twice expose SIECUS
matriarch Calderone and other key sex educators, who were implementing
the Kinseyan “anything goes,” sexuality for and with little children.
April 14, 1980, Time cited the SIECUS paper on incest, “Attacking The
Last Taboo” which claimed, “We are roughly in the same position today
regarding incest as we were a hundred years ago with respect to our
fears of masturbation.” Time then concluded that SIECUS was part of an
academic “pro-incest lobby … conducting a campaign to undermine” the
“taboo against incest” and all other sexual inhibitions.

Moreover, Playboy had long eroticized children by displaying them in
cartoons and photographs in sexual settings, fully documented in my
peer-approved U.S. Department of Juvenile Justice report, obtainable via
the U.S. Department of Justice

Given the evidence, is it not time to assess the damage unleashed by
the SIECUS/Playboy partnership? Has SIECUS violated the 1992 Federal
False Claims Act, which provides damages and civil penalties for
individuals or persons who knowingly submit a false or fraudulent claim
to the United States government for payment or approval? More heinous
than marketing cigarettes to vulnerable children, the marketing of
“sexually explicit material” to defenseless schoolchildren via
government grants could be criminal.

Beyond fraud and child endangerment, do such violations rise to the
standard of a criminal conspiracy, as in the Racketeer Influence Corrupt
Organizations (RICO) statute? Or, at minimum, does the evidence
indicate something amiss between the recently estimated $11.5 billion
“entertainment for men” industry and SIECUS? (4) Before more money is
given to these organizations, the hard-working parents of America’s
school children deserve answers to these questions from the floor of


  • Did Hefner come to a meeting of the minds with SIECUS
    administrators? In exchange for its “initial grant to establish an
    Office of Research Services” was SIECUS Playboy’s conduit to American


  • Do SIECUS and Planned Parenthood “contribute to the delinquency of
    minors” by exposing children to material illegal for them to purchase
    until age 18?


  • Has SIECUS disclosed its corporate porn connections in its grant


  • Finally and most importantly, because SIECUS (and Planned Parenthood)
    provide inaccurate, fraudulent Kinseyan information about human
    sexuality to teachers and children, causing traumatic often toxic
    results for children and society, how can public funding continue to be



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  4. See the author’s archive for compilation from the 1986 Federal
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Dr. Reisman is the President of the Institute for Media Education in
Crestwood, Ky. Her latest book is Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences (1998),
available at this site. Eunice Van Winkle Ray is founder of RSVP America.

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