Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth
    without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and
    their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it.

    –Isaiah 5:14

    But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, who
    after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say
    to you, Fear him.
    –Jesus Christ (Luke 12:5)

    Christ believed in hell. I do not myself feel that any person
    who is really profoundly humane can believe in everlasting
    –Bertrand Russell

    Maybe this world is another planet’s Hell.
    –Aldous Huxley

There were many tempting topics to write about as I surveyed the
week’s headlines. Russia’s $15 billion fraud against taxpayers, its
destruction of nearly a million dollars worth of medical supplies
donated by Oklahoma doctors, NATO’s failure in Kosovo,
and WorldNetDaily’s revelations that the Federal Aviation Administration
and U.S. Air Force trained Chinese Air Force generals under the
direction of the Clinton administration and the noses of Republicans.

In fact, although men have endlessly disputed the fairness and
existence of an eternal hell, it takes little more than a dose of the
day’s headlines to wonder if Aldous Huxley may well have got it right.
We could have added to the earlier list environmental
degradation, nuclear waste, ozone hole fears, smoldering rain forests,
chemical and biological terrorism, and man’s generally poor regard for
his fellow creatures.

During the five years that I edited Conservative Consensus, I came to
understand that the governing elites had a plan to deal with all these
problems. I called it supranational government — a fancy term for
government that governs governments. Run, of course, by
the elites (more about that in a bit).

During the Bush and Clinton administrations, we’ve seen these elites
trot their agenda out of the stall, groom it, slip a syringe in under
the skin, inject some painkillers near the joints and move to the
starting line. King George the first even had a name for it — the “new
world order.” He mentioned it a lot, although he never actually
explained it. But it fit within the sound bites, so the media ran with

In fact, when you look at the world’s problems, it seems difficult to
argue with their reasoning. Lots of independent, sovereign countries,
kings, queens, parliaments, presidents and other dignitaries — all with
their own little agendas. And oftentimes,
these sovereign, independent leaders don’t seem to care how their
agendas affect the people they are supposed to be governing — much less
the rest of the world.

“Peacekeeping” is a difficult and dangerous occupation in such a
world. Many cops will tell you that the calls they most fear are
domestic disputes. Often, the voice of reason becomes the focus for
violence from both parties. The parties couldn’t agree on anything
before, but now that you’re here, they can sure agree that it’s none of
your business! Or, as a former pastor told me, “when you go to break up
a dogfight, you’re going to get bit by one or the other.”

Everybody suffers when the unjust and unrighteous struggle to impose
their agendas on others. It doesn’t matter if it’s rogue nations,
terrorists and drug lords, presidential politics, the local city council
or school board race, churches, or families with dysfunctional,
controlling husbands and wives. There is no peace. One is constantly
trying to assert his or her agenda over the other — from international
politics to interpersonal relations. The desire to control leads to
endless struggle.

God frequently ends up with the blame for this situation. After all,
if He’s perfect, and we’re made in His image, why are things so screwed
up? And why doesn’t He fix it?

Theologians, of course, have developed an answer for this question.
That’s their job. Their simple answer is sin: When God comes back and
sees the mess we’ve made of things, He will straighten it out, reprimand
the guilty, and we will all live happily ever after.

The real answer is man’s free will, the exercise of which in
opposition to God is sin. God gave man the ability to accept His (God’s)
agenda, or to pursue his (man’s) own. Right now, the world is filled
with two kinds of people. Some have chosen to adopt God’s agenda. The
others have chosen their own.

Jan Hettinga, author of Follow Me (NavPress, 1996, book review
asks an intriguing
question. What are we to make of an all-powerful God so gentle that He
refuses to impose His agenda on anyone else? Hettinga writes:

    Hell is a provision of love. To force people in rebellion
    against God to submit to His kingdom against their will would
    be cruel to those people and to those who are willingly in
    submission to God. The Creator has no interest in disharmony
    and conflict in His heavenly kingdom.

    So for those who refuse the offer of God’s loving rule, there
    is a place where they can be free from it forever. The place
    where personal sovereignty is normal is called hell. It is a
    place of eternal conflict. Billions of willful, stubborn,
    prideful, selfish humans and fallen angels will compete for
    control. The result? The “fire” that has been mocked and
    scorned by skeptics aptly describes the unending torment of
    the inward-focused ego.

Right now the world’s elites are struggling to implement what
will become the preview of hell on earth. It’s called one world
government. It will be run by people who have rejected the loving rule
of a humble, Creator-God. Like Israel of old, the world — and the
apostate church — will plead for a one world kingdom. God will give
them what they seek — a worldwide kingdom ruled by a multitude of
selfish, controlling egos, greedy and corrupt politicians and
bureaucrats, perpetually at war with one another, fighting over the
world’s plunder and destroying one another and anyone in their way. It
will be hell for all involved — but it will still be on earth.

The elites aren’t quite there yet. Nationhood, economic systems, and
ethnic diversity are still strong — as Yugoslavia so painfully
demonstrates. Before the final unity, the world is going to come apart
at the seams one more time. Then, in desperation, those who are left
will adopt Satan’s counterfeit heaven — the new world order. Yet it
will be but the sandbox of eternity for those who survive its earthly

The rest of us have only one prayer. Even so, come quickly Lord
Jesus. Amen.

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