Between 1974 and 1985 the FALN (Puerto Rican Armed Forces of National
Liberation) organized 120 terrorist bombings in the United States. Many
Americans were killed in those bombings, and many more were crippled. In
1983, another Puerto Rican terrorist group known as the Macheteros,
attacked and robbed a Wells Fargo armored car in Connecticut. The
Macheteros intended to use the money to finance a terrorist campaign
against the United States. Working under the cover of Puerto Rican
nationalism and claiming to act on behalf of the “oppressed people of
Puerto Rico,” the FALN and the Macheteros are nothing but Communist
revolutionaries. Both groups were organized by Fidel Castro’s secret
police. The ultimate goal of the FALN and the Macheteros is the creation
of an independent Marxist-Leninist dictatorship on the island of Puerto

While Timothy McVeigh awaits execution and has no chance of receiving
a pardon for his role in the Oklahoma City bombing, President Clinton
has seen fit to pardon 11 FALN terrorists and five Macheteros who have
been serving prison sentences in the United States. Some people are
wondering why Clinton did this. It was not a popular move. What pressing
political reason did
Clinton have for releasing 16 Communist terrorists and revolutionaries
from jail?

If we look back to the Vietnam War, we find that Clinton gave active
support to the Viet Cong — who were also terrorists. Clinton also gave
his support to the Marxist-Leninist dictatorship of Ho Chi Minh. Writing
to ROTC Director Eugene Holmes in December 1969, Clinton admitted to
working for a Communist front organization, the Vietnam Moratorium.
Clinton acknowledged,
“One of the national organizers of the Vietnam Moratorium is a close
friend of mine. After I left Arkansas last summer, I went to Washington
to work in the national headquarters of the Moratorium, then to England
to organize Americans for the demonstrations of Oct. 15 and Nov. 16.”

Clinton is a smart man, and he certainly was perceptive enough to
realize who he was working for.

The Vietnam Moratorium was first conceived at a meeting in Stockholm
in May 1969. The meeting was sponsored by the Soviet-controlled World
Peace Council through the auspices of the National Committee to End the
War in Vietnam, also known as the Student Mobilization Committee — or
MOBE. According to a secret FBI memo issued in October 1969, “Communists
are playing dominant roles in … the Student Mobilization Committee.”
Present at the Stockholm meeting was the Viet Cong leader Nguyen Thi
Binh. Also present was a North Vietnamese Communist official, Nguyen
Minh Vy. As it happens, the work of MOBE was praised by Leonid Brezhnev
and Aleksei Kosygin.

In July 1969 MOBE was reorganized by veteran Communist Party member
Sidney Peck and a group of activists from the Institute for Policy
Studies (IPS), a Marxist think tank from which President Clinton has
made several key appointments. IPS was founded by Richard Barnet and
Marcus Raskin in 1963. Most of the money they used came from the Samuel
Rubin Foundation. According to Dr. Rael Jean Isaac, Rubin was a
Comintern member and a Communist agent.

The founders of IPS, Barnet and Raskin, dedicated themselves to
helping Communist revolutionaries. Both men hated the United States and
openly supported the Communist cause during the Vietnam War. In the mid
1980s Barnet visited Communist Nicaragua, staying at the home of Thomas
Borge, chief of Nicaragua’s secret police.

Now declassified, FBI File 100-447935-119 makes special mention of
the Institute for Policy Studies, stating that “this group played an
insidious and influential role in developing strategy and tactics for
all phases of subversion, seditious activity, racial conflict and
revolutionary political agitation and violence. …”

Should we be shocked to discover that President Clinton has appointed
outright Marxist subversives from the IPS to key government jobs? An IPS
leader and an outspoken Marxist, Derek Shearer, was appointed as one of
Clinton’s top economic advisors, and was later appointed U.S. Ambassador
Finland. IPS leader Morton Halperin, a supporter of the notorious KGB
agent and CIA turncoat Philip Agee, is now a leading official in the
State Department. Anthony Lake, Clinton’s one-time National Security
Advisor, was once an IPS instructor.

Given these appointments, President Clinton’s clemency for Puerto
Rican Communist revolutionaries shouldn’t surprise anyone. According to
a recent article by J. Michael Waller in Insight magazine, the White
House has been secretly pushing to get a U.S. entry visa for Castro’s
terrorism chief, Fernando Garcia Bielsa. Waller explains that Bielsa, a
high ranking Cuban official, is charged with overseeing the terrorist
activities of the FALN and the Macheteros.

According to provisions of the 1996 Anti-Terrorism Act, entry into
the United States is to be denied to any person who is a representative
or member of a designated terrorist organization. Cuba has long been
classified by the U.S. State Department as a sponsor of international
terrorism. Intelligence sources also indicate that Mr. Bielsa personally
oversaw funding and support for the Macheteros. Logically, he cannot be
allowed into the United States. Nevertheless, the White House wants
Fernando Garcia Bielsa to come to Washington. Once established at the
Cuban mission in Washington, Bielsa would be in an excellent position to
direct the terrorist groups he is charged by Castro with supervising.
Given the release by Clinton of 16 members of his terrorist following
from U.S. prison, Bielsa’s striking power has increased. Ominously, the
stage may soon be set for a new Communist-sponsored terrorist campaign.

It should be noted that Communist Cuba was given a very special role
by the Soviet General Staff in the event of World War III. That mission
involved Cuba’s biological and chemical warfare capability. According to
intelligence sources, Cuba has two main biological and chemical
facilities —
which are ideal for supplying terrorists. One is at Jardin de Orquilles,
close to the town of Soroa; and the other is located at Kimonor, in the
province of Matanzas. Kimonor is also home to a special army school
staffed by Russian instructors. According to the Russians, if toxic
weapons were used at strategic locations along the Mississippi River, a
third of the United States could be contaminated.

Some observers have suggested that Clinton’s clemency of the Puerto
Rican terrorists was timed to help Hillary Clinton win Puerto Rican
votes in New York. But that is unlikely, because Puerto Ricans are not
pro-Communist or pro-terrorist by nature. As a matter of fact, the
“oppressed people of Puerto Rico” love their commonwealth status within
the U.S. As it happens, Puerto Rican residents do not pay federal taxes.
They enjoy all the rights of American citizenship except that of voting
in national elections. The local government of Puerto Rico is, in fact,
democratically elected. In elections the Puerto Rican Independence Party
rarely draws more than four percent of the vote. The New Progressive
Party, which wants to make Puerto Rico the 51st U.S. state, draws about
48 percent and the Commonwealth Popular Democratic Party — which favors
continued Commonwealth status — also draws about 48 percent.

While the U.S. media was happy to describe the released terrorists as
Puerto Rican nationalists, the truth is very different. Rather than
serving the cause of the Puerto Rican people, these terrorists are
agents of a hostile foreign power. True to form, the Clinton White House
continues to give aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States.

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