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Reno to expunge campaign crimes?

Here we go again. More cover-ups under way in high places.

Attorney General Janet Reno is about to facilitate a major cover-up of wrong-doing — again.

Former International Brotherhood of Teamsters political director William Hamilton is about to be given a “Get Out of Jail Free” card by Janet Reno, according to well-informed sources.

Hamilton has been indicted on six counts of conspiracy, embezzlement, fraud and perjury. The charges are the result of Hamilton’s handiwork as he tried to line his own pockets while facilitating illegal campaign fund raising for the Clinton-Gore campaign in 1996.

Hamilton is alleged to have made a deal with Laura Hartigan, the Clinton-Gore Campaign finance director, along with Democratic National Committee finance director Richard Sullivan and Clinton-Gore finance chairman Terry McAuliffe and a host of others.

It was a nice deal for all involved. It included funneling $1 million or more of improper contributions through the Teamsters union bank account, then from there to the Democratic National Committee and to the Clinton-Gore campaign. As the money passed through, $100,000 conveniently found its way into the war chest of Ron Carey, who was running for president of the Teamsters.

Looks like a 10 percent commission to me.

Such a transaction is called money laundering. It’s illegal.

Interestingly, McAuliffe and AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer Richard Trumka have given an early AFL-CIO endorsement to Al Gore for president. There are lingering questions over the involvement of Trumka in the Ron Carey campaign financing issue. Questions which will most likely never be answered.

The trial was supposed to begin Tuesday in the Federal District Court of New York, but it has now been postponed for a week, through the efforts of U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White — reportedly with orders from above. Time was needed to work out a plea bargain that would keep all the other parties from having to testify under oath.

Only Hamilton was indicted, and only Hamilton will be on trial. But it would be impossible for Hamilton to defend himself without bringing in all his co-conspirators, which could easily lead to a full exposure of the entire campaign fundraising scandal.

So in comes Attorney General Janet Reno to the rescue. Sources claim a deal is being worked out to provide a plea bargain for Hamilton which will let him off easily, avoid a trial, and leave everyone else without a care in the world.

“The facts must come out about William Hamilton and his unindicted DNC co-Conspirators,” said Jim Nicholson, Republican National Committee chairman.

“If Janet Reno’s ‘Obstruction of Justice Department’ cuts a plea bargain with Hamilton, there’s only one reason behind it — to keep secret the involvement of the Democratic National Committee, the Clinton-Gore ’96 campaign, and AFL-CIO, and the White House itself,” said Nicholson.

The American people have been cheated again. Not only cheated by evil men and women who abused the system for their own gain, but cheated by a campaign that won an election through fraud. Now the people are cheated by a justice system that does not seek justice.

Let a jury decide if Hamilton is guilty or not. Let the jury and the American people hear the truth about the involvement of top Clinton associates in such dealings.

But why should Hamilton and his co-conspirators get anything less than what was given to other corrupt Clinton associates like Charlie Trie, John Huang, Johnny Chung, and others? Nicholson is right. Why expect justice from Reno’s “Obstruction of Justice Department”?

If convicted, which will never happen, Hamilton would face 30 years in federal prison and about $1.5 million in fines. Hamilton will go free, his co-conspirators will never be charged, and the people of this country will be cheated again.

Hamilton and all the others will continue to do what they do best, because even when they get caught they don’t pay the price. In fact, now they can justify a bigger commission the next time around to help them cover their legal costs.