There are those who say that Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s
propaganda minister, was the preeminent master of deception in the 20th

I say President Bill Clinton, along with Attorney General Janet Reno
and most of Clinton’s cabinet, rank right up there with this “master of
deception.” If you doubt that, ask yourself these questions: How else
could millions of Americans be fooled into believing the kinds of things
Clinton and Co. have told us about racism over the years? How else could
millions of Americans allow the president and Congress to pass so-called
“hate crime” laws based on non-existent threats or bogus “evidence”?

Regarding the plethora of “hate crimes legislation,” this is a
coup de grace. It is perhaps the most stellar example of how
easily Americans can be fooled into allowing their leaders to punish
them based on the flimsiest of reasons. In essence, that is the crux of
racist propaganda — to provide lawmakers with a further impetus to
institute more control over we the people, despite the lack of a good
reason. That’s because all hate crime legislation is little more than
“thought control,” where a criminal president and bumbling lawmakers are
presupposing what is in somebody’s mind when they commit a crime.

Oh-so very often these people are just dead wrong. Yet, none of
these laws is ever repealed, much less modified to reflect the truth of
the matter.

A great example of the administration’s skilled use of racist
propaganda was the creation of a false epidemic of “racially motivated”
church arson. Beginning in 1995, following what was said to be a
“rash” of such burnings and bombings,

the president proclaimed the existence of this major crisis, blamed it
on whites, apologized on behalf of the entire white population, then
created the National Church Arson Task Force to “deal” with the

For good measure, Clinton threw in a story about his “personal
experience with this kind of hatred,” when, as a boy, he witnessed many
such burnings in his own home state of Arkansas. Within days that story
was disproved, exposed as a cheap propaganda stunt by a shallow man.

Even the vice president chimed in, and Reno — at Clinton’s urging —
vowed to get these white “racists” for the hatred they were spreading.

Well, well. After much of the smoke has cleared, can you say,

After four-plus years of investigative work and after examining the
origins of 834 church fires, Clinton’s precious task force has
discovered that relatively few of them were “racially motivated.” In
fact, in the most recent “breakthrough” in these cases, investigators
have arrested two people who burned dozens of churches because they were
avowed satanists. Yes, they’re white, but they’re not racists mind you.
They’re admitted, avowed satanists — people who hate God and
churches attended by people of all races and denominations.

There are some things Americans need to know, now that this “crisis”
has also been exposed as just another propagandistic racist fraud on the
American people.

First, when are all the laws that have been passed based upon the
lies of the Clinton propaganda machine going to be repealed? Secondly,
when are lawmakers going to admit that burning churches for any
reason is just as bad as burning them for racist reasons? Third,
how many millions will never hear the truth, that all of these
church burnings were not racially motivated? Fourth, how many
will never hear that in reality, churches attended by blacks, whites,
Hispanics, Asians, and other minorities were also burned — in unequally
high numbers?

I can tell you that it is extremely likely that the race-baiting,
propaganda-spewing Clinton administration will never make as big
a deal out of disseminating these facts about these cases as they made
about asserting — before one case was even examined — that all
of them just “had to be” racially motivated. I’d love for the
president to prove me wrong.

“Church fires have victimized congregations and assaulted
communities,” said James E. Johnson, the Treasury Department’s
undersecretary for enforcement, when he announced the most recent
arrests in these cases. He’s right, of course. But when the propaganda
ministers and deception artists skew the facts about these burnings —
in a selfish effort to win some political points — the numbers of
“assaulted and victimized” people goes far beyond the congregations of
these churches. It spreads to every man, woman and child in this
country. Everyone suffers because of these lies.

In the Bible, Jesus and His disciples repeatedly warn about such
deception. In our earthly lives, we do things like teach our kids never
to trust strangers, we admonish each other to “question authority,” and
we are often cynical about anyone who asks us to “trust” them before
they’ve earned that trust.

But too few Americans will hold their leaders to the same standards
and demand they abide by the same principles the rest of us employ in
our own lives.

When somebody like Clinton — who has a long history of using
propaganda and deception for personal gain — makes blanket
proclamations such as those about “racially motivated” church burnings,
we ought to be suspicious until he’s proven correct. It would help if
Congress would get out of its protective shell and actually research
issues like these by talking and listening to more people than just
those few lobbyists and special interest spokesmen who either have an
axe to grind or an agenda all their own before passing these kinds of
laws. Clinton has personally screwed Congress dozens of times, yet it
blindly follows his lead on issue after issue without being shown one
scrap of evidence that he is right.

The president, as creator of this false racial church burning
“crisis” now owes it to all Americans to stand up and admit his earlier
assertions were just plain wrong. Next, he should ask Congress to
repeal so-called “hate crimes” laws already on the books and discourage
them from passing new pending hate crime legislation. There is no basis
in truth or reality for them.

Americans don’t need a Goebbels-like propaganda minister in the White
House, nor do they need legislators who rule by propaganda. This is not
the 1930s, we don’t live in Nazi Germany, and there is no room for such
behavior in a constitutional republic.

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