BANGKOK, Thailand — In late November, U.S. State Department
spokesman James Rubin held a press conference regarding the recent
forced repatriation of the anti-communist Hmong hill tribes of Indochina
back to Stalinist Laos.

The Hmong had served in the CIA’s special forces during the CIA’s
secret war in Laos during the Vietnam War.

“We have no — found no evidence to confirm that the Lao government
engages in the systematic violation of the Hmong minority’s human rights
as part of a nationwide policy,” said Rubin.

Rubin was, in part, responding to a three-part investigative series
I wrote on the Hmong published by WorldNetDaily,

and the efforts of Reps. Mark Green, R-Wis., and George Radanovich,
R-Calif. Both have large Hmong constituencies within their respective
districts. Many of these Hmong Americans fought with the CIA special
forces and experienced a genocidal terror campaign launched against them
by the Stalinist Pathet Lao and its Russian masters.

The House of Representatives recently passed a resolution condemning
the Pathet Lao in regard to its human rights record, and is threatening
economic sanctions against the Stalinist government — although the
European Union is currently pumping in $7 billion in aid to the regime.

Rubin would do well to recall the words of Geoffrey Chaucer, the 14th
century English poet and diplomat, who said, “Truth is the highest thing
that man may keep.”

To begin, consider the recently published book on the Hmong’s
genocidal persecution, “Tragedy in Paradise,” by medical doctor Charles
Weldon, who served with the Hmong for 11 years between 1963 and 1974
under USAID, a CIA front. Weldon witnessed many genocidal events waged
against the Hmong, and describes one of them on page 128:

    As a Hmong column of men, women and children attempted to flee
    from the town of Phou Nong and escape the Pathet Lao forces in the
    southern enclave of Muang Moc.

    The enemy began firing at random into the mass of terrified people
    with automatic weapons and mortars. The Pathet Lao soldiers physically
    blocked the trail to prevent the people from escaping. They clubbed
    some with rifle butts, some were stabbed with bayonets; women and
    children were thrown off the cliffs and their bodies broken on the rocks
    below; infants were grabbed by the legs and their brains bashed out as
    they were slammed against the tree trunks. The slaughter went on for an

How does that sit in your stomach, Mr. Rubin?

Understandably, the Hmong are suspicious of the State Department and
the CIA, which they claim have worked against them under the Clinton
regime. Backing this claim is the fact that two FBI agents who have
recently traveled to Laos to investigate the disappearance and possible
murder of two Hmong Americans claim they have been blocked in their
investigation by the Pathet Lao.

Furthermore, the Pathet Lao have blocked Amnesty International from
coming to Laos and investigating the forced repatriation of the Hmong
from their refugee camps in Thailand.

Why doesn’t the Pathet Lao want anyone to see the final destination
and status of the repatriated Hmong?

Speaking of the 254 Hmong refugees returned to Laos by the U.N.,
Rubin stated that international observers, including U.S. embassy staff,
who attended the first returns were “satisfied that they were conducted
professionally and upheld the dignity and safety of camp residents.”

Rubin’s statements in this regard border on derangement. While the
mass media were blocked from covering this event, this reporter alone
managed to sneak into the camp. Inside the camp, I witnessed a
full-scale riot, during which 20 Hmong men escaped the camp and fled to
freedom. Those left behind screamed and cried in horror.

“They’ll kill us all,” many of them cried. These people remembered
the genocidal acts like those described in Weldon’s book all too well.

“We share the view of the United Nations and the Royal Thai
government that it is safe for those determined not to be refugees to
return to Laos,” added Rubin.

Considering that Thailand is in the midst of a moral and economic
free fall, that a huge portion of its people are addicted to the drug
YaBa, that some of its cabinet ministers are known drug dealers, and
that Thailand is a haven to Western pedophiles and drug addicts,
aligning one’s opinion to the Thai government is a risky proposition at

Secondly, the anti-Christian and pro-Communist record of the United
Nations would take several sets of encyclopedias to document. For
example, the United Nations gave a seat in exile to Pol Pot and his
genocidal Khmer Rouge regime — the only such seat ever given.
Furthermore, U.N. Security Council members Red China and Russia have
killed tens of millions of their own citizens in various genocidal

Are they fit to judge the genocide enacted against the Hmong?

Rubin’s remarks and worldview, if confined to the Hmong, could merely
have been written off as an aberration — an unfortunate lack of
information about a betrayed people in an unpopular war in a far-off
corner of the world.

Yet, an honest evaluation of U.S. foreign policy, under the hand of
the Clinton administration, demonstrates a troublingly broad pattern of
treason and betrayal of pro-Western, anti-Communists around the world.

The Afrikaners, former Rhodesians, black South Sudanese Christians
(who have lost 1.5 million of their people to Islamic jihad since 1983),
South Angolan UNITA movement, Kurds and Haitians all have seen their
countries sold out by the West to Marxist genocidal regimes in recent

Clinton’s foreign policy, from South Africa to Haiti to North Korea
to Russia and Red China has been disastrous to American national
security. This “policy,” it would seem, has only two goals: 1) weaken
and disarm the West; 2) strengthen Marxist regimes to the four corners
of the earth.

As for Rubin’s comments about “no systematic discrimination” against
the Hmong — hundreds of thousands of them are either dead or living in
exile, not to mention the persecution the Hmong currently face in
Communist Vietnam.

It’s hard to speak from beyond the grave — yet that’s what our
conscience is supposed to do for us. It’s called morals.

Adding to this insanity is the fact that thousands of Hmong children
fought for the U.S. Special Forces at the exact same time President
Clinton was in Russia in December 1969 for three weeks as a guest of the
KGB — the very same KGB that gave the biochemical weapon “Yellow Rain”
to the Pathet Lao to use against the Hmong and their children.

So while Bill Clinton evaded the draft, ran demonstrations against
the U.S. in England while carrying the North Vietnamese flag, Hmong
children died in his place. Worse yet, the State Department ignored the
biochemical genocide, refusing to publish the reports of botanists and
genetic experts who traveled to Laos and documented the use of Yellow

And while the U.S. State Department today rightly seeks compensation
for the Jewish Holocaust survivors, the Hmong war veterans living in the
U.S. today receive zero combat benefits — even though many of them
fought for over 10 years, while many U.S. servicemen fought in Vietnam
for only six months to one or two years.

Quite strange is the fact that while the U.S. Department of Justice
assigned 800 agents to find one single anti-abortion zealot in the woods
of North Carolina — they failed, the FBI can’t muster more than two
agents to investigate the mass murder and biological genocide enacted
against the Hmong — one of the fiercest and best allies America has
ever had.

Unless these two agents are Fox Mulder and Dana Scully of “X Files”
fame, there is little hope for the Hmong to find the justice they so
richly deserve.

Finally, Rubin and his disinformation machine should know that there
is a God who exalts the humble and resists the proud. This God, revered
by Jews, Christians and Muslims, mocks the plans of nations when they
conspire against His will.

As such, the plans of the Western transnational elite for a global
Tower of Babel run by New Age, quasi-Marxist, occultic abortion fanatics
who hate Judeo-Christianity will not succeed.

Mr. Rubin, you and your ilk may well believe that you are de facto
“gods” in the truest sense of the word. Yet you would do well to
remember that the anger of the aforementioned betrayed groups continues
to fester and multiply.

Those lamentable and sad Hmong, Afrikaners, Rhodesians, Kurds and
South Sudanese who seek justice — in both this world and the next —
are even now joining forces and focusing like a laser beam on you, Mr.
Rubin, your boss Bill Clinton and his many cronies.

When this righteous wrath reaches critical mass — and surely it will
— Mr. Rubin, you and your ilk will know once and for all that you are
not God. And that is only fair, for neither are they gods whom the State
Department has betrayed. Betrayed to rape, religious persecution,
jihad, famine, crucifixion, slavery, torture, biochemical genocide, the
murder of their wives, children and babies and even worse things.

You will know they are not God for one simple reason.

God would show mercy. They won’t.

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