Editor’s note: With the State Department’s weekend warning that
U.S. citizens are being specifically targeted for terrorism in the next
few weeks at the hands of Osama bin Laden, WorldNetDaily provides an
insider look at the Saudi terrorist’s newly-intended base of operations.
The U.S. government warned Saturday that it has “credible information
that terrorists are planning attacks specifically targeting American
citizens during the period of time leading up to and through the
beginning of the New Year and Ramadan events and celebrations.” The
announcement cited bin Laden as the source of the intended attacks.

WorldNetDaily’s roving international reporter Anthony C. LoBaido, who
has traveled throughout Thailand, Cambodia and Laos for the last year,
files this exclusive report from Southeast Asia on bin Laden’s campaign
to establish new terrorist training camps in the region.

AT THE THAI-LAOS-CAMBODIA TRIANGLE — The ghosts walking amid the
grandeur of Angkor Wat — the 12th century Hindu temple here known to
archaeologists and travelers as the “Pyramids of Asia” — have turned
into shadowy reflections of a new brand of terror.

In the 1970s, the infamous Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot sought to tear
down Angkor Wat as a part of his “Year Zero” genocidal terror that
became known as the “Killing Fields.” Today, this region faces a new
kind of terror, as transnational Islamic terrorist Osama bin Laden is
seeking to set up terrorist training camps in the region.

According to Western intelligence officials, bin Laden — a high
profile member of the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list — is believed to have
masterminded the Saudi Arabian Kobar Towers bombing of U.S. Air Force
personnel, as well as the bombings of the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and

Knowledgable observers believe bin Laden now sees an opening to
resurrect himself and his agenda in the no-man’s land of Cambodia.

As reported by the Associated Press, and the Cambodian English
language paper The Vision, Western and Russian intelligence sources
believe bin Laden is currently putting together camps in Thailand near
Namyun and Nachaluai, in Laos near the town of Pakse and in Cambodia at
Tadengmi Chai. The triangle where this troika of regions come together
is not as famous as the drug-oriented “Golden Triangle,” yet it does
represent a golden opportunity for bin Laden and his anti-Western jihad.

The aforementioned sources claim bin Laden will set up the camps
“with the help of Islamic Thai separatist guerillas” and the remnant of
the Khmer Rouge.

These sources further claim that bin Laden is planning to “bomb the
U.S. embassy in Phnom Penh.”

“Osama bin Laden is being squeezed by the West, by the NSA (National
Security Agency), the Echelon network and the U.S. Special Forces teams
hunting him now in Afghanistan. He needs to establish a new base of
operations if and when the Taliban decide he has become too much of a
liability,” said Ivan Putkin, a Russian military intelligence officer
stationed in Phnom Penh, in an interview with WorldNetDaily.

“We know that bin Laden is targeting the Russian and Indian Embassies
as well, as we Russians are at war with Islamic Chechnya, and India has
been fighting with Islamic Pakistan over Kashmir,” added Putkin.

The paradoxes of bin Laden’s plan are convoluted upon first glance,
yet they bring together a bizarre set of bedfellows — the dark side of
globalization run amok. Just as globalist politicians operate under an
internationalist worldview, so it is with the transnational underbelly
of global society, led by men like bin Laden, who also unite under a
common transnational agenda.

Osama bin Laden, the son of a billionaire Saudi construction magnate,
is a man with a million-dollar bounty on his head from the U.S.
government. Ignoring the net spread for him by Western authorities, bin
Laden has vowed to target all U.S. taxpayers and continue his reign of

“It’s amazing, neither the U.S. Delta Force or our Spetnaz Special
Forces can find and capture bin Laden, yet journalists from the West can
find him without much difficulty,” laments Putkin, who fought against
Islamic guerillas in the Afghan War during the 1980s. Putkin has spent
many years studying bin Laden and the tactics of Islamic jihad.

Yet not everyone is convinced bin Laden can bring all of his newfound
ambitions to fruition.

“How does bin Laden think he can build training camps without
America’s satellites finding them? Is he planning to rotate the camps
between Thailand, Laos and Cambodia?” asks one Western military attache
based in Vientiane, Laos. “One thing is for certain: The U.S. has very
little influence in Laos or Cambodia because of the Vietnam War. Perhaps
bin Laden is seeking to take advantage of this.”

Osama bin Laden provides something of a magnetic connecting point for
Fidel Castro’s Foreign Legion, Marxist Cambodian prime minister and
ex-Khmer Rouge leader Hun Sen, the Stalinist Pathet Lao government of
Laos and fundamentalist Islamic separatists in Southern Thailand.

All of these troubled yet potentially powerful players have their own
axes to grind.

To begin with, Thailand is a strategic ally for the U.S. on the scale
of Saudi Arabia, Great Britain and Israel. Its long, thin shape
stretches south through Malaysia and into Singapore. As such, it has
offered a geographical buffer zone during the Cold War between Communist
China and Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

Thailand is also surrounded by hostile, anti-Western neighbors. The
first of these neighbors is Laos, with whom Thailand had a border war in
the 1980s. The Stalinist government of Laos currently is mopping up
the anti-Communist Hmong resistance movement

which has been based in Thailand since the late 1970s. The refugee
camps in which the Hmong have been housed are not far from the site of
bin Laden’s proposed camps. With the recent forced repatriation of the
Hmong remnant by the U.N., the region has been cleared out for new

Thailand’s next fiercest neighbor is Cambodia. Long known as an
anything-goes, no-man’s land where organizations from the KGB and PLO to
the Medelin drug cartel have flourished, Cambodia has only just begun to
recover from Pol Pot’s genocidal “Year Zero” regime from 1975 to 1979.

In 1979, the Vietcong invaded Cambodia and overthrew the Khmer Rouge
— driving the murderous revolutionary force back to the Thai border,
where the Khmer Rouge and a half million Cambodian refugees lived in
camps until the early 1990s.

At this point, the U.S., along with Communist China — which had been
defeated by the Viet Cong in a little-known border war begun on February
17, 1979 — united under a common agenda and actually armed the Khmer
Rouge, while giving Pol Pot a seat in exile at the United Nations — the
only such seat ever granted to a state in exile. In effect, the Khmer
Rouge became the first and only line of defense to protect Thailand from
being overrun by the Viet Cong.

Although Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has now offered a peace
deal to the Khmer Rouge, the rebels fear U.N.-run genocide trials that
are sure to be held in the near future.

“The West put Pol Pot in the U.N, now they want the U.N. to control
the trials against the Khmer Rouge,” said Hun Sen in a recent
interview. This past June Hun Sen traveled to West Point, New York to
attend his son’s graduation from West Point.

“Perhaps America believes it can co-opt Hun Sen’s son by allowing him
to attend the top U.S. military academy,” said Putkin. “It’s probably
the only leverage the Americans have. At present, Cambodia belongs to
Russia — mind, body and soul.”

Hun Sen’s trip to West Point was only the first leg of a whirlwind
North American journey. Next, he flew to New Brunswick, Canada to
attend the La Francophonie summit, which involved other French-speaking
Marxist and Islamic states like Chad, Haiti and Laos. From Canada, Hun
Sen traveled down to the sun and surf of Cuba, where Fidel Castro
presented him with the Order of Jose Marti — Cuba’s highest Marxist

Although Hun Sen’s seemingly innocuous trip was essentially
unreported by the American press, the Cambodian prime minister’s
globe-trotting now makes sense.

The many allies of Osama bin Laden

When WorldNetDaily traveled through the triangle region of Laos,
Thailand and Cambodia this past week, it discovered both ex-Viet Cong
and Cuban military engineers working in the region. These sightings
have been corroborated by numerous Western missionaries who know the
region well.

At this connecting point, bin Laden’s bold plans seem to jell
completely. Fidel Castro has promised to help Cambodia rebuild its
infrastructure. Hun Sen and Castro both have traveled to Laos to
express support and unanimity for a common Marxist agenda against the

Furthermore, allies around the region for bin Laden are legion.

The primary allies are the Khmer Rouge warlords, who rule Western
Cambodia as a Middle Age-style fiefdom. The warlords have millions of
dollars from timber, gems and both human and arms smuggling. Moreover,
they seek to retake power from Hun Sen and escape U.N. war crimes and
genocidal tribunals.

Other allies for bin Laden can be found in Thailand, which serves as
the trump card in this macabre endgame. This proud nation is currently
in the midst of a social, moral, cultural and economic freefall.
Leading this decline is the spread of the amphetamine drug Yaba, which
is destroying the very fabric of Thai society. Over 90 percent of the
ingredients to make YaBa are pumped into Thailand from Communist China.
Western pedophiles and drug tourists have raised the ire of the numerous
Islamic peoples who inhabit southern Thailand.

Add to this the gains made by militant Islamics in the recent
Malaysian elections, and the anti-Western stance of Malaysian Prime
Minister Dr. Mahathir Mahommad and you have the anatomy of an Islamic
revolt brewing.

Potential allies for bin Laden’s jihad can be found further south of
Malaysia and Singapore. There, another Islamic revolt is stirring in
Aceh Province in Sumatra, the world’s sixth-largest island and
number-one exporter of liquified natural gas.

This revolt threatens the Western end of Indonesia, while on the East
end, the Marxist Gusmao has been installed to power by the UNIFET force
led by Australia.

“Indonesia is being squeezed on one end by Islam, and on the other by
Marxism,” added Putkin.

“The whole region is just one domino away from falling into Communist
and Islamic hands. That last domino is Thailand. And in my opinion,
Thailand has been primed for a fall by drugs and Western greed,” said
Putkin. “Yet, how many in the West will be able to put all of the pieces
of this puzzle together before it’s too late?”

Anthony C. LoBaido is a
roving international correspondent for WorldNetDaily.

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