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Vince Foster medical report withheld

A Los Angeles attorney is criticizing the Office of Independent
Counsel for failing to act on his Freedom of Information Act request to
see the original copy of a two-page medical report — which reportedly
contains controversial information — on the death of former White House
Counsel Vincent Foster.

Attorney Allan J. Favish is interested in viewing the original Foster
medical report, authored by Dr. Donald Haut — the only medical doctor
to evaluate Foster after his death — because, he says, the report is
“internally contradictory.”

The Haut Report, as it is known, was signed July 20, 1993 — the day
Foster died. Favish claims the report said the fatal shot was
“mouth-to-head,” but that page two of the report describes the shot as

“The Haut Report has not been reproduced in any published government
report,” Favish maintains, “but it is available from the National
Archives, and it was quoted in the Senate Banking Committee’s January
1995 report on the Foster investigation.”

The Los Angeles attorney said the Senate mentioned the Haut Report as
concluding that Foster’s mortal wound was a “perforating gunshot wound
mouth-head.” However, the Senate also noted that in a written narrative
of the same report, Dr. Haut said:

“Therefore, inexplicably, the Senate report quoted from both
pages of the Haut Report, but failed to note that the quoted language is
internally contradictory,” Favish contends.

Based on this discrepancy, Favish said he filed a FOIA request to see
the original Haut Report, but was denied by the Office of Independent

“In defiance of the Freedom of Information Act, without citing any of
the exemptions from disclosure contained within the Act, and falsely
stating that it ‘has not previously withheld any information sought by’
me, the Office of Independent Counsel refuses to allow the public to
inspect the original version of the two-page medical report about
Vincent Foster’s death, commonly referred to as the ‘Haut Report,'”
Favish said in a statement released to WorldNetDaily.

In addition to the descriptive differences Favish said exist within
the document, he maintained that his request should not have been denied
by the Office of Independent Counsel because:

“That information only can be obtained by inspecting the
original version of the Haut Report,” Favish said. “By refusing to allow
the public to inspect the original, the OIC is withholding information.
Therefore, the OIC is legally obligated to allow the public to inspect

The cause of Foster’s death, which repeatedly has been ruled a
suicide by federal investigators, including the OIC under the
leadership of Kenneth Starr,

is still in dispute. The former White House counsel was a boyhood friend
of Bill Clinton.