This article telegraphs an important message to Mr. Rupert Murdoch,
owner of 20th Century Fox. The Internet’s “Hollywood Reporter” recently
announced an upcoming Fox feature film on the life of pioneering sex
researcher Alfred Kinsey. The Reporter says the production is based on
the documentary, “Sex and the Scientist,” produced by Indiana

Indiana University has also scheduled Spring 2000 for republication
of “Sex the Measure of All Things, The Life of Alfred C. Kinsey” by
Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy, Kinsey’s most recent biographer. The early and
unverified reports on this latest film on Kinsey is that it is a comedy.
Were Fox to tell the truth about Kinsey, viewers would not be laughing.

Award winning British film producer, Tim Tate, interviewed fellow
Englishman Gathorne-Hardy on camera in 1998 about Hardy’s research at
the Kinsey Institute when he appeared on Tate’s television documentary,
“Kinsey’s Paedophiles.”

In his interview, Hardy described the Kinsey Institute as “nervous”
because, “its funding depends a lot on its reputation. …” John
Bancroft, the current Kinsey Institute director, allowed Hardy — a
devoted Kinsey admirer — access to the Kinsey archive:

    … I got into all the (Kinsey) Institute’s papers, all the
    correspondence, files. … I daren’t put this on film. I did read them
    (the pedophile journals), but Bancroft doesn’t want me to say I read
    them. Bancroft says that if the people know I read them, they will go
    to him and say, you’ve let one scholar have them and I’m not going to do
    that. So what I had to say in my book is that I closely questioned
    Bancroft and Gebhard (former Kinsey Institute director) about the
    contents of the journals, but I didn’t read them. In fact, I did read
    them. But I can’t say I read them.

Hardy then waved his notes about the Kinsey Institute pedophiles
before Tate’s documentary camera in which he had written down his
promise to John Bancroft to lie in his Kinsey biography to his fellow
researchers, historians and the public.

Dispensing with the rhetoric of academic freedom, Bancroft demanded
that Hardy swear he never personally saw Kinsey’s damning documents.
Hardy read to Tate from his typewritten records these morsels:

    Must be written as if information got from Paul (Gebhard) and
    (John) Bancroft. … Don’t reveal that he (Kinsey) went on gathering
    histories (from these pedophiles) until 1954.

Hardy’s notes on Kinsey’s March 1956 file (now in the Yorkshire
television archive of Dr. Judith Reisman) also report several other
active pedophiles on Kinsey’s list of aides:

    (Kinsey) was deeply influenced by five paedophile headmasters who
    were quite clear they had very warm relationships, loving relationships
    with young adolescent boys of twelve or thirteen. …

Doesn’t sound like the stuff of comedy. What’s similarly
unfunny is that Kinsey and his fictional sex reports of 1948 and 1953
undergird the entire modern academic sexology field, including SIECUS
(the Sex Information and Education Council of the U.S.) and Planned

Today, Kinseyan sexologists serve as the authority for legitimizing
the sex industry in courtroom, bedroom and schoolroom. The Kinsey model
of human sexuality is their malignant foundation and thus Kinsey and his
Institute must be preserved at any cost.

A Kinsey comedy production is likely to be a boon to the Kinsey
Institute’s expensive salvage campaign. Despite their efforts to hide
the truth, Americans have become increasingly aware of Kinsey’s
pedophile frauds, mainly through Reisman’s book, “Kinsey, Crimes &
Consequences” (1998).

It has been rough going since 1998 for Indiana University’s Kinsey
Institute when the panicked Kinsey Institute director, John Bancroft,
began worrying out loud about the national and international success of
Dr. Judith Reisman’s expose and the RSVPAmerica campaign to debunk,
discredit and defund the massive Kinsey-based public programs.

However, relief for Kinsey’s flagging reputation came to Bancroft in
the Spring of 1998 with the Institute’s announcement that

    The Ford Foundation grant will … help (fund) a media relations
    firm in planning a proactive strategy to counter the ongoing campaign to
    shut down the Kinsey Institute and discredit its founder.

So back to Fox’s owner, Rupert Murdoch. What would prompt him
to distribute a comedy about a man whose fraudulent research included
the use of pedophiles to sexually violate hundreds of infants and
children for his “scientific studies”?

Murdoch knows better. In 1953 he stated that the Kinsey Female
Report was a brazen phony. In “Murdoch” (1992), author William
Shallcross reprinted his entire telegram to the Melbourne Herald’s
London correspondent on “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female”:

    London Express today quote Kinsey ballyhoo bursts on world today
    promote sales human female sex life book. STOP Summary here. STOP
    Preposterous document. STOP Sweeping findings based on interviews five
    thousand women exhibitionists, boasters, legpullers. STOP Fortunately
    average American woman totally unlike Kinsey creatures. STOP Express
    does not intend to publish single word of the stuff. STOP Unquote.
    STOP I trust we do not either. STOP Family newspapers like ourselves
    gain great cudos leaving this muck alone. STOP Fornication,
    masturbation, frustration, unsuitable for Adelaide Family Fireside.
    STOP Hope you agree. STOP I felt I should express this. STOP Best
    regards all, Murdoch.

Rupert Murdoch needs to be as right and as responsible in 2000
as he was in 1953 when he decided the Kinsey story was “unsuitable.”
The truth about Kinsey’s malevolent books, disguised as “research,”
should be exposed not presented as light entertainment. Please, Mr.
Murdoch, “don’t publish a single word of the stuff … leave this MUCK

Since 1998, when the Brits viewed the truth about Kinsey, Yorkshire
television has sought an American broadcaster willing to air the facts
to Americans. Mr. Murdoch, we are telegraphing this message.

Want to do a film about Kinsey’s life? Screen the well-researched,
factual, Yorkshire documentary, Tim Tate’s “Kinsey’s Paedophiles.”
STOP. You will serve the public properly. STOP.

“Hope you agree.” FULL STOP.

Dr. Reisman is the president of the Institute for Media Education in
Crestwood, Ky. Her latest book is “Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences”
(1998), which is available at this site.

Eunice Van Winkle Ray is president of RSVPAmerica.

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