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Savage talk radio

“Gay political tactics come down to simple intimidation on every
level possible, whether it’s Act-Up throwing stink bombs at prayer
breakfasts or Americans losing their jobs because they happen to object
to the lifestyle,” says Michael Savage, one of the most popular radio
talk show hosts in — believe it or not — San Francisco.

This week, the popular KSFO media personality has gone national,
having been launched on Talk Radio Network, the nation’s third largest
syndicator of talk radio. Network executives figure that if Savage, with
his aggressive criticism of all things leftist, can come out on top in
one of the nation’s most liberal metropolitan markets, he can’t lose
anywhere else.

“It’s a scary thing to watch people being intimidated out of their
American birthright — the right to say what they really think about
issues that affect them and their family,” said Savage, who appears to
be fearless on all topics, even the ones that logically would make him
an outcast in San Francisco. Indeed, the long time Bay Area resident
characterizes marchers in gay pride parades as the “brown shirts of the
modern era.”

“In Hollywood, they don’t call the gay network the ‘Velvet Mafia’ for
nothing,” he added.

Talk Radio Network host Mike Savage

Earlier this week, Savage described in graphic detail the big money
that is being made selling fetal tissue, while in the background playing
the click-clack sounds of train wheels taking the “modern holocaust
victims” to their Dr. Mengele fate.

“Fetal kidneys anyone? Or how about a spine in excellent condition.”

Noting that an information sheet provided by a major corporate
trafficker in fetal parts offered damaged spines at a discounted price,
Savage said, “I guess that’s for mad scientists on a tight budget.”

Savage’s background is unusual for a political talk show host.
Whereas most popular talk hosts these days, from Rush Limbaugh to Art
Bell, got their start as disc jockeys, Savage holds several advanced
degrees in medical anthropology and epidemiology, and can discuss the
flu epidemic with intelligence or present a cogent analysis of America’s
environmental problems.

“Talk radio continues to prove itself as a bona fide member of the
new media,” commented TRN’s Executive Vice President Bob Just, “because,
despite its longevity on the American scene, it consistently dares to
say things the mainstream media fearfully or ignorantly avoid. Michael
Savage continues that tradition in his own unique, hard-hitting style.”

“I guess Americans still like someone who says what he thinks —
politically correct or not,” added Savage. “I just hit a little harder
— okay, maybe a lot harder.”

Talk Radio Network is a 24/7 network that also syndicates Congressman
Bob Dornan, Ken Minyard, Barry Farber, Lucianne Goldberg, Roger
Fredinburg, Roy Masters, Ron Engelman, Lowell Ponte, Bob Just, and Jeff
Rense. With over 300 affiliates nationwide, TRN can also be accessed
live on the Internet, on Talk Radio Network, which can also be accessed directly from
WorldNetDaily (see “Talk Radio Network” banner on left side of page

Savage can be heard live from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm Pacific, Monday
through Friday. The toll-free live call-in number is 1-877-U-SAVAGE.