Hot on the heels of being rated in the top nine news sources on the Internet, WorldNetDaily announced today the opening of its new book publishing
division, WorldNetDaily Publishing. The new venture, which will edit and
publish books primarily written by the popular Netpaper’s writers,
commentators and editors — while leaving the door open to other
manuscripts as well — is expected to publish about one book per month
once the operation is in full swing.

“We believe there is a void in the traditional book publishing
marketplace, just as surely as we recognize there was one in the news
business prior to the arrival of WorldNetDaily,” said WND’s founder and
Editor Joseph Farah. “We plan to fill that void as proven content
providers — and make a profit doing it.”

Filling the post of managing editor of WorldNetDaily Publishing is
Joel Miller, who first came to work at WND a year ago as commentary editor.

While serving as an aide in the California Legislature, Miller honed
his editorial edge by producing Real Mensch magazine — a daily webzine
focusing on politics and culture from a brash and irreverent point of
view. It was his work at Mensch that first caught the attention of
WorldNetDaily CEO Farah.

WorldNetDaily Publishing Managing Editor, Joel Miller

Folding Mensch shortly after moving to WND, Miller continued his
publishing ambitions by starting a small book-publishing company with
his father and partner, Dennis Miller, and expects their first two
projects to hit bookstore shelves by summer.

With this new assignment, however, the 24-year-old Miller says he has
achieved his life-long dream of being a full-time book publisher.

“There are enough milksop presses in the world. That’s not WND, and
that’s not WorldNetDaily Publishing,” says Miller.

“New York doesn’t have a corner on the action any longer,” he added.
“We’re going to take WND’s style of publishing — the hard-hitting,
shin-kicking stuff we’ve made a staple on the Net — to the print

Moving into the important post vacated by Miller is one of the
nation’s acknowledged experts on privacy and freedom issues, author
Claire Wolfe.
Her “FreeLife” lifestyle column was one of the most popular features on
WorldNetDaily until she took a break from weekly deadlines to focus on
book proposals and other projects. She is currently working on a book
about the rise of the surveillance state, as well as a lighthearted
novel whose characters might be familiar to long-time WorldNetDaily

‘Claire Wolfe in hat’

Claire Wolfe’s 1997 essay, “Land-mine legislation”

(also published as “Pearl Harbor legislation”), was the first to reveal
that Congress had passed a national ID law in 1996 without debate or
public announcement. “Land-mine” — which explained how the
one-paragraph ID provision had been quietly inserted into a 2,000-page
bill — drew a circulation of more than three million, mostly via the
underground press and the Internet. Thanks to the efforts of
WorldNetDaily and activists, the law was ultimately repealed in
September 1999.

Wolfe is also the author of the underground bestsellers, “101 Things
to Do ‘Til the Revolution,” “I Am Not A Number!” and “Don’t Shoot the
Bastards (Yet).”

“I knew Claire Wolfe would be back some day. The fit with
WorldNetDaily was just too perfect,” said Farah. “But I never imagined
she would be working here full-time. That is a delightful development.
She is a unique personality, a talented writer and a gifted editor.”

In the fall of 1999, readers in a Random House Modern Library online
poll voted “101 Things” the fourth most notable non-fiction book of the
20th century.

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