A gossip columnist for MSNBC suggests Al Gore is being cagey about
his middle name because of his family’s long-time association with a
billionaire Soviet apparatchik.

In her Feb. 15 column,
Jeanette Walls reveals the vice president usually gives only his middle
initial — A — when asked about his middle name. When pressed upon by a
fifth grader recently, Gore asked the kid to give his full name.

In other words, the vice president won’t even give a straight, direct
answer to the question: “What’s your name?”

Does this remind you of any recent presidents?

On his tax return, Gore lists his middle name as Albert. I always
thought that was his first name. According to the Wall Street Journal,
his birth certificate lists the middle name as simply the initial “A.”

Very strange. Why the hypersensitivity?

A source told Walls that his parents gave him the initial as a middle
name because they wanted their friend and benefactor, Armand Hammer, to
believe their child was named for him. An official spokesman for the
vice president questioned the veracity of the report.

With good reason the campaign wants to divert attention from the
Hammer-Gore connection.

Hammer used to boast that he had Sen. Al Gore Sr. “in his back
As I have reported here before,
Hammer set up Gore Sr. in business before he ventured into politics,
stayed close to him throughout his political career and hired him after
he left office.

“Throughout the whole of his life, Al Gore Sr. and his family
depended on pay-outs, kickbacks and subventions from Hammer,” wrote Neil
Lyndon, who worked for Hammer. “Like his father before him, Al Gore
Jr.’s political career was lavishly sponsored by Hammer from the moment
it began until Hammer died, only two years before Gore Clinton in the
1992 race for the White House.”

Who was Hammer? He was a personal friend of V.I. Lenin. He was known
as Lenin’s “path” to America’s financial resources. He was the first of
a long line of Western businessmen to participate in KGB-controlled
joint ventures in the Soviet Union. He was the son of Julius Hammer, a
founder of the Socialist Labor Party and later the Communist party USA
and who served time in Sing Sing for performing illegal abortions.
Armand Hammer was called the “Capitalist Prince” by the KGB. He
dutifully served the Soviets for seven decades and became the first —
and only — “American capitalist” to be awarded the Order of Lenin.

According to Edward J. Epstein’s “Dossier: The Secret History of
Armand Hammer,” Lenin told Stalin about this so-called “industrialist”:
“This is a small path leading to the American ‘business’ world, and this
path should be made use of in every way.”

In other words, Hammer was a part-time spy, part-time
money-launderer, part-time “industrialist” — but a full-time traitor to
the United States of America.

To the Soviet Union in his day, Hammer was a figure with much in
common with the contemporary spy-cum-billionaire Mochtar Riady — doing
the bidding of socialist tyrants and making a bundle in the process.

It was Al Gore Sr. who stopped the FBI from pursuing an investigation
of Hammer as a Soviet agent of influence. And the cozy relationship with
the family continued when Al Gore Jr. — whatever his real name is —
was elected to the Senate in 1980. Hammer was the guest of honor in the
“senators only” section during President Reagan’s inauguration.

The Hammer connection continued to define Al Gore’s political career.
He serves as co-chairman of a Russian-U.S. commission intended to help
the next generation of Armand Hammer-style “Capitalist Princes” develop
contacts with businesses that are little more than foreign intelligence
fronts. In 1994, the vice president established U.S.-Russian Joint
Commission on Economic and Technical Cooperation, better known as the
Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission. The purpose of the commission is to help
establish join ventures in space exploration, science and technology,
defense conversion, environmental initiatives, public health issues,
agribusiness and economic development. The Russian side of this equation
is littered with shadowy figures with one foot in the intelligence
community and the other in mob-related activities.

Now you see why Al Gore Jr. is the perfect candidate to continue the
Bill Clinton tradition. He’s been groomed for it his whole life — from
the very day he was born.

So, at the next Democratic party town hall meeting, some one should
ask the simple, straightforward question — once again — of candidate
Al Gore: “Sir, what is your full name?”

It will be fun to watch him squirm, change the subject and evade
answering. And now you’ll know why.

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