The U.S. economy just posted its largest gain in three years: Nearly
7 percent in 1999, the government number crunchers told us on Friday.

That’s great news — Lord knows I would hate to see an America full
of poverty-stricken families struggling to find their next meal (I mean
that sincerely, by the way).

However, America’s fortunate sons and daughters are in danger of
losing every damned thing they ever had — or will ever have — if
Americans don’t force our leaders to get a handle on our current sad
state of defense. Bill Clinton sure isn’t going to do anything about
it; he’s gone in less than a year. Besides, his entire staff of weenies,
apologists, and Chamberlain-like compromisers has done its level best to
destroy this country’s fighting ability from the word go.

Where’s Congress on this, you ask? Good question; I wonder, too.

Mostly, I wonder if Congress is even capable of accomplishing its
mission — no, its duty — to “provide for the common defense”
anymore. The really important issues — like protecting this nation from
destruction — are more often mired in mindless, senseless and
accusatory chatter that produces no results. It shouldn’t matter a whit
whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, a black caucus member or a
white southern senator, a Hispanic liberal or an Asian conservative —
defense is everybody’s business because a lack of
defense will affect everyone.

But Congress already appropriates about $290 billion a
year for defense — more than half the world’s countries put together.
Where is all of that money going?

Another good question. I, for one, would also like to know,
because they sure as hell aren’t being used to build or maintain a
superior fighting force.


  • As Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough reported on Friday, the Army National Guard has had to ground so many of its helicopters
    that now there are only five operational Cobra attack helicopters
    and less than half of its fleet of old, tired Huey helicopters as well.
    Two more divisions of Guard troops are already slated to deploy to one
    of this country’s worst foreign policy nightmares — the Balkans.
    Generals in the Guard are being forced to send them without adequate
    aircraft and without pilots who have adequate training to fly them. In
    fact, Gertz and Scarborough said, one source told them, “”This means
    that just about every National Guard division now has no attack
    helicopter assets and minimal utility helicopter assets.”

  • While frontline combat troops suffer from a lack of funds to
    train for warfighting — which is their job — more funds are put
    into ridiculous social engineering programs like “sensitivity training”
    and “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy lectures. My guess is our next enemy
    won’t care one way or the other what “sexual orientation” our soldiers
    are; they will kill them en masse because we spent more money training
    them how not to offend someone than how to stick a bayonet in an
    attacker’s gut or learn how to shoot straight. Many of these training
    funds are now spent on endless “peacekeeping” deployments, even as
    ungrateful statists at the U.N. complain that we Americans still
    don’t “contribute enough.”

  • Though congressional panels and independent researchers — as
    well as the ongoing example provided by the Marine Corps — have
    proven what a disaster mixed-sex training really is, Congress,
    the Pentagon and the Clinton administration continue to insist upon it.
    This issue ought to tick women off more than anyone else; women who are
    trained as sub-standard soldiers and who are normally weaker than men
    anyway will die more quickly in combat. Some camps have become little
    more than uniformed singles clubs where the phrase “Get some!” no
    longer means, “Kill the enemy.”

  • We are spending scarce resources for “environmentally-friendly”
    bullets and artillery shells — using a metal we have to import, by the
    way — while pretending that any bullets or artillery shells
    won’t scorch the landscape and reduce it to rubble because they’re
    “green.” Oh, no — see, only non-environmentally friendly shells
    destroy the birds, bees and trees.

  • Our military has experienced one of the highest peacetime
    casualty rates ever in the Air Force and naval aviation wings because
    Congress won’t authorize more money for spare parts for our combat
    aircraft. Dozens have crashed, and while we’ll spend $80 million a copy
    developing the F-22 — which won’t be bought in significant numbers and
    won’t be mass-produced for a few years — we won’t buy spare parts and
    engines for our existing aircraft and helicopters. Thanks to Clinton’s
    globalist interference policies, we are wearing out our planes and
    pilots flying holes in the sky over third-rate countries like Iraq and
    Yugoslavia — so much so that units are having to steal parts from other
    aircraft just to keep the frontline fighters in the air.

  • Administration hacks and flacks love to pooh-pooh any
    legitimate intelligence about new Russian and Chinese military
    capabilities and they love to ignore real warnings from China
    about the use of force against Taiwan and what they’ll do to U.S. forces
    if we get in the way. That’s real smart; it is this “denial
    mentality” that is instrumental in preventing this country from
    revamping its disintegrating armed forces. “If we rearm, we’ll
    provoke them,” is the prevailing thought. Well, tell that to
    Neville Chamberlain and Gen. Charles DeGaulle. They were also stupid
    enough to believe appeasement would keep Hitler out of their faces.

  • The really experienced non-commissioned officers and
    officers of the various services are getting out because they’re
    tired of the PC environment, the lack of training and funds, and the
    incessant deployments for missions that have nothing to do with U.S.
    national security.

When you combine these and other problems that exist within our
military system today, they add up to a formula for defeat and
conquest. And make no mistake about this: If the United States
ever loses a major war, our enemies will not be as kind
and compassionate towards us as we may have been towards them in the
past. Don’t look for any Chinese or Russian “Marshall Plan” in the
aftermath; you’re dreaming if you believe that.

At no time in our history, save for the period immediately preceding
World War II, has this country been at such risk. Like the 1930s, the
U.S. government decided to neglect its military might and paid the price
during the first half of the war in increased casualties and humiliating
defeats. Were it not for the grace of God Almighty, the world was close
to resembling something far different and far more evil than even by
today’s standards, had America and her allies not defeated the Hitler,
Tojo and Mussolini Axis.

Even the direst predictions by military experts point to the fact
that none of our most likely future enemies want to “invade” the U.S.
homeland. None of these potential enemies has the power to do that, in
any event.

Rather, potential enemies Russia and China are more interested in
stopping U.S. influence in their corners of the world — and these two
nations combined have more than enough power to accomplish that. Plus,
if they defeat us anywhere — on their soil or ours — the result
will be the same. Our loss of face will immediately translate into a
loss of economic and security influence as well. That will be surpassed
in importance only by the loss of countries like South Korea, Japan and
Taiwan because once we’ve been slapped down, these enemies will next
march against our traditional allies — nations that have been
never-ending sources of resentment and tension to these enemies.

And what will we do about it? A nation devoid of the power to protect
its interests is a nation that will be abused at will by its enemies. No
more 11,000-point stock markets, boys and girls.

The only way to prevent this eventual (and perpetual) tragedy, by the
way, is to become the biggest, baddest, meanest and leanest SOB
on the block, so to speak. Achieving that goal would automatically send
this message: You mess with our national interests at the dire risk of
your own — so don’t do it.

China in particular is biding its time, waiting to strike when it
perceives us at our weakest. Russia can be expected to exploit this as
well. In the end, a first-rate country with a third-rate,
bureaucratically bloated, socially engineered military will be powerless
to stop these enemies. Factor that into your stock options.

The Clinton administration, with Congress’ help and America’s
permission, has turned the entire U.S. military into a modern-day
equivalent of the Maginot Line. It looks intimidating but is as
ineffective as hell.

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