WND hires Paul Sperry

By WND Staff

WASHINGTON — Paul Sperry, the Washington bureau chief of Investor’s
Business Daily and a staff writer for that paper for more than a dozen
years, has joined WorldNetDaily in the same role.

Sperry is most well-known for a White House picnic confrontation with
President Clinton last year for which he was banished from future

His reports on national security issues have been picked up by
virtually every major news agency in the world.

“I’m glad to join the Fifth Estate — the new online media — that
will replace the Fourth Estate, which has abdicated its role as a
watchdog against government corruption,” Sperry said. “WorldNetDaily.com
is known for reporting the stories the old media gatekeepers won’t
touch, and for giving people the news without the monopartisan filter
and spin. Whether you’re investing in companies or national leaders, you
need the facts to make intelligent decisions. Not spin. Just the facts.
I look forward to helping WorldNetDaily.com bring you those facts.”

Paul Sperry, WorldNetDaily’s Washington bureau chief

Sperry has extensive reporting and editing experience on national
affairs, economics, manufacturing, real estate and general business
coverage. While at IBD, he helped create the popular features “IBD’s Top
10,” “To The Point,” the “Leaders & Success” page, “Industry Snapshot”
and “IBD Brain Trust.” He also helped launch the IBD poll of top CEOs.

A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a journalism
degree, Sperry is also a media fellow at the Hoover Institution.

But it was last fall when Sperry became the talk of Washington and
the nation. During an informal White House gathering for much of the
press corps, Sperry asked Clinton when he might be holding his next
press conference. Initially Clinton brushed off the inquiry. But Sperry

“Who are you with?” Clinton asked.

Sperry answered him and repeated his question about the press

Clinton asked why he should hold a press conference, and Sperry
answered that the American people had many questions about the growing
China scandal involving his administration and an FBI investigation.

According to witnesses, Clinton grew extremely agitated. Among the
statements made to Sperry was that the FBI only focused attention on the
China scandal to divert attention from the agency’s own role in the Waco
scandal. As a result of the unusual confrontation, Clinton’s White House
banned Sperry from White House functions.

“We consider ourselves blessed to be able to attract a journalist of
Sperry’s stature and achievement,” said Joseph Farah, editor and chief
executive officer of WorldNetDaily. “With this appointment,
WorldNetDaily launches a real presence in Washington, the seat of so
much official fraud, waste, abuse and corruption. This is just the man
for the job of exposing it. We intend to free him up, turn him loose, to
go after it.”