President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore are expressing
unrighteous indignation over remarks by National Rifle Association
Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

During ABC’s “This Week” program Sunday, LaPierre suggested the
administration “needs a certain level of violence in this country” to
exploit for political means.

“He’s (Clinton) willing to accept a certain level of killing to
further his political agenda — and the vice president, too,” said
LaPierre. “I mean, how else can you explain this dishonesty we get out
of this administration?”

That did not sit well with Clinton and Gore. The vice president
demanded LaPierre “apologize to the American people.” White House flack
Joe Lockhart called LaPierre’s characterization “a sick attack on the

For what? LaPierre is exactly, 100 percent right.

Clinton and Gore have masterfully and shamefully manipulated shooting
tragedy after shooting tragedy in the last seven years for political

Every time the media focus on a high-profile shooting rampage, the
administration is there calling for yet another gun grab. Meanwhile,
LaPierre says, the executive branch does not enforce many of the
gun-control laws already on the books. And that’s a fact.

So is it unthinkable that this ultra-political administration would
intentionally exploit tragedy and killing for political gain? No. In
fact, there are other examples of how it has done just this.

Every time a bill to ban the hideous, grotesque, horror known as the
“partial-birth abortion” procedure has been brought to the White House,
it has been vetoed by the Clinton administration. It has not simply been
vetoed. It has been vetoed with fanfare, with excitement, with
celebration, with pride.

What is partial-birth abortion? It’s murder against innocent human
beings seconds before birth. Thousands of these killings take place
every year in this country thanks to Clinton and Gore and a minority of
members of Congress who fail to override the veto.

My wife is now six months pregnant. There is no question that she is
carrying a baby in her womb. She kicks. She reacts to stimuli. We’ve
even watched her swimming in her amniotic fluid. Yet, every day in this
country, babies much more developed than this one are butchered with
scissors and other unregistered deadly weapons for money. Pure greed
motivates the abortionists. But it’s excused by Clinton and Gore because
they are politically empowered by the abortion industry and its
misguided feminist apologists. It’s hard to figure out which of these
three complicit partners — the politicians, the killers or the
activists behind them — are more despicable, more loathsome, more
culpable. Some day, I feel certain, a just and loving God will sort it
all out.

But, in the meantime, those of us here on planet Earth can form our
own good judgments. Bill Clinton and Al Gore do indeed tolerate — even
condone — killing of innocent human beings for political advantage.

How else can you explain it?

Both of them earlier in their political careers condemned abortion in
some form — even if it was only in the form of opposing taxpayer
subsidization of the procedure. They changed their minds later when the
realization came that their political party had a litmus test for
holding national office. That litmus test requires that Democratic
presidential and vice presidential nominees support abortion on demand,
abortion for any reason, abortion without reason, even abortion seconds
before birth.

So let Clinton and Gore express their unrighteous indignation at the
comments of Wayne LaPierre. If their hypocrisy weren’t so disgusting and
horrifying, it would be laughable. It’s hard to laugh at any man who’s
got blood on his hands — and this pair has plenty.

How can anyone be taken seriously in publicly condemning the murder
of adults or children in gun violence, while excusing, rationalizing,
even championing as a political cause celebre the wanton slaughter of
innocent babies only weeks, days or moments from birth? Think about it.
Do you really believe Clinton and Gore sincerely feel remorse about
anonymous victims of violence, while maintaining this cognitive
dissonance with regard to the most innocent victims of all?

It’s politics, folks — pure and simple. Everything these guys do is
motivated by one goal — increasing their own political empowerment.

They’ll say anything they have to say, do anything they have to do —
including selling their own souls and turning off their own moral

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