Bill Clinton and Al Gore say Americans can’t be trusted with

Let’s face it. If they get their way, they will slowly but surely —
bit by bit, piece by piece — restrict the sale, possession and use of
guns until our inherent, unalienable right to bear them is rendered

That’s where they are taking us. And what that means to Americans is
nothing short of the end of our freedom, the end of our right to govern
ourselves and the end of our ability to limit government power over us.

Bill Clinton and Al Gore are not in favor of disarming the
government. Notice they are not advocating that the Secret Service lay
down its weapons. They are not advocating that our standing Army be
demobilized. They are not advocating that police departments disarm. No.
They want government to maintain a monopoly on firepower.

So, it’s not that they believe guns are bad. It’s that the public —
the people they are supposed to serve — cannot be trusted with guns.
This is very significant.

As evidence for this, they point to examples of horrors perpetrated
by a tiny minority of citizens. They point to accidents.

Never mind that bad people also commit murders with knives. They
drown their victims. They suffocate them. They beat them to death with
clubs and fists. No one, however, suggests banning the sale and
possession of knives, water, pillows, clubs or the registering of fists.
Though it’s probably coming some day if they get their way on guns.

I’ve got news for you. Wayne LaPierre is right. Bill Clinton and Al
Gore don’t care about the deaths of innocents due to the misuse of
firearms. They are only exploiting people’s emotions to accomplish their
political objectives — to increase the power of government over the
lives of individual Americans and to deny us the right to govern

That’s what’s at stake in this debate — nothing short of America’s
heritage of freedom.

As with everything, they distort the facts to make their case. The
facts are well-documented on firearms. Guns save lives. They are the
great equalizer. A powerful man is no match for an armed woman. A
disabled man with a gun can take on the most able-bodied intruder. Even
a child who has been instructed in the use of firearms can defend
himself or herself from a threatening adult.

But, more importantly, only a well-armed citizenry can maintain its
freedom. Otherwise, government can impose its will on the people. And it
always will.

Totalitarianism, authoritarianism, government-sponsored genocides are
just not possible when the citizenry is armed. That’s why despots and
would-be tyrants always — and I use the word “always” advisedly — grab
the guns first. It’s a prerequisite to absolute power.

Clinton and Gore don’t trust you with guns, but they expect you to
trust them with guns.

People, how stupid are you?

You think it can’t happen in America? We are not so special. Other
people as good as us have lost their freedoms before. It not only can
happen in America, it is inevitable if we are dumb enough and gullible
enough to permit the government to maintain a monopoly on force.

The founders of this great country knew what they were doing when
they drafted the Second Amendment. It is as relevant today as the day it
was approved by the Continental Congress. It is as necessary today as it
was then — if anything, more so.

Don’t be fooled by the likes of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. They do not
have your best interests in mind. They have only their own personal,
selfish, political motives in mind and the interests of the god they
serve — the all-powerful state.

Americans must put a stop to this gun-control frenzy, once and for
all. It’s not about gun control at all. It’s about people control. Once
you have laid down your arms, you have laid down your freedom. It’s that
simple. It’s the endgame.

Just take a good hard look at Bill Clinton and Al Gore and decide
whether you would trust either or both of them with your life, the lives
of your children and the future of freedom in America. Because that’s
what they are asking you to do.

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