If pro is the opposite of con, a wise man once said, then progress
must be the antonym of Congress.

That proverb (opposite of converb?) never rang more true with me than
it has this week in the aftermath of a congressional whitewash of
Internal Revenue Service political audits.

The investigation began when Rep. Bill Archer, co-chairman of the
Joint Committee on Taxation, was incensed by evidence put forth by me in
1996 about the audit of my non-profit news organization, the Western
Journalism Center.

I’m sure Archer was quite sincere about seeking justice and
accountability for an abuse of power by the White House. But Archer must
have forgotten who he was playing against. You see, this White House
fights dirty. And Bill Archer is a nice guy winding down a long career
in Congress. It was no match.

All the White House operatives had to do was put their hands on a few
requests Archer had made to the IRS in the past. That’s right. One of
the perks of being a member of the House or Senate, evidently, is being
able to sic the most feared agency in the U.S. government on enemies.
And Archer, according to an Associated Press report, had made referrals,

That, for all intents and purposes, was the end of any credible and
meaningful investigation of Clinton’s abuse of the IRS.

So, this scandal, like so many others we have endured during the last
seven years, simply became another case of “everybody does it.”

Do you remember the “everybody does it” defense? How often did we
hear that during the campaign finance hearings? How many times did we
hear it when Chinagate first broke? How many times did we hear it during
the impeachment trial?

That’s the legacy of the Clinton administration. Everybody breaks the
law, so nobody gets punished anymore. Isn’t that great?

Do you want to know why the American people don’t know the truth
about the depths of any of the Clinton administration scandals? It’s
because of Republicans like Archer who are afraid of getting slimed
themselves. They don’t want to tangle with the professional mud
wrestlers of this administration.

No truth. No justice.

That’s how you come up with a finding like this one: “The Joint
Committee found no credible evidence of intervention by Clinton
administration officials … in the selection of or the failure to
select tax-exempt organizations for examination.”

The audit of my group, after the Clinton administration had forwarded
a letter of complaint to the IRS, was deemed “routine.”

Well, isn’t that just peachy? Now using the IRS to go after enemies
— whether they are political adversaries or media critics — is a
matter of “routine.” I’m so glad this report could clarify that issue
for us all. Aren’t we better off as a nation for that kind of backbone
— for that kind of insight and judgment?

I’m telling you people, we no longer have two political parties in
this country, if indeed we ever did. We have one party — the
incumbents. They protect each other either out of fear or out of
elitism. There is no opposition in Washington — loyal or otherwise.
Don’t kid yourself.

Many of you are still scratching your heads trying to figure out how
Clinton has gotten away with more crimes than any previous president.
Now you know. It’s part of the incumbent protection racket that operates
inside the beltway. Gutlessness pervades. Principle is an unknown
commodity. The rule of law is a theoretical concept they read about in
old textbooks. The Constitution? Oh yeah, that quaint old document
collecting dust in the Library of Congress.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m steamed. I’m mad as hell and I’m not
going to take it.

It’s time to take our country back from these manipulators, these
wimps, these cowardly politicians who aren’t worthy of occupying
hallowed halls and institutions designed by the founders of this great

I’m going to channel my energies, as I have been, into lawsuits that
will expose these lies, these injustices, these high crimes once and for
all — no matter who is in office or who is out. I’m going to continue
to work with my friend and fearless colleague Larry Klayman of
Judicial Watch in pursuing justice —
no matter how long it takes, no matter what the cost and no matter who
stands in the way. That is my solemn vow to you.

But I have one favor to ask of you.

Let these clowns in Congress — all of them — know that you are on
to them. Let them know you don’t appreciate the way they have excused
Clinton’s crimes once again. Let them know you know they have ignored
hard evidence and misrepresented the truth to the American people every
bit as much as Clinton himself has.

You can do that easier, faster and more efficiently than ever before
by using WorldNetDaily’s Legislative Action Center.

But remember. From now on when you do sound off, you are putting your
own neck on the line. By standing up for what’s right, you, too, can
find yourself the target of an IRS audit — or worse. That’s the sad
reality of this report from Congress this week. It will simply be a
“routine” matter to turn over your letter to the IRS Gestapo. Another
troublemaker — deal with it.

However, in strength there are numbers. It’s time to tell the taxman
and his bosses to stick these audit reports where the sun don’t shine.

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