All Confederate citizens were slave-owning racists. All Confederate
soldiers were white. All the Civil War was about was ending slavery.
President Abraham Lincoln was one of our greatest leaders. The
Confederate Battle Flag, whenever and wherever it is displayed, is a
sign of continuing black racism and hatred of any race except those of
white European descent.

The above statements are only a few of the horrendous lies committed
against generations of Americans via the establishment press, the
government public school system, and a handful of black race baiters and
white apologists since the North won the Civil War in 1865.

Yes, lies. Those statements aren’t true. They never have been true.
They were never intended to be true.

And yet they perpetuate, grow, and continue to exist in our society
like a bad virus. Why? Because — though the truth is out there —
nobody is willing to find it or, when they find it, accept it as the
truth. That “truth” is anathema to what they’ve been taught, so these
people choose to simply ignore it as a matter of intellectual

How pathetic and gutless.

Nevertheless, in keeping with WorldNetDaily’s tradition of reporting
news, facts, and other “inconvenient” details about issues that
establishment folks would rather exclude, I have included a few examples
in this column which support my statement that the above “truths” taught
to our kids for generations are nothing but lies begun by and
perpetuated by the victors in that terrible war.

Lie No. 1: “All Confederate citizens were slave-owning
racists.” A tiny minority of Southerners could actually afford to own
slaves. Slaves — like all other human beings — required care, feeding,
clothing and housing, and never mind the funds it took to buy them in
the first place. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica,
though some four million slaves were in bondage in the Old South in
1861, less than one-sixth of the Southern population owned them.

Lie No. 2: “All Confederate soldiers were white.” For a visual
verification that this statement is bogus, all you need do is check out
the Texas 37th reenactment website. A
historically correct group, the Texas 37th is filled with members of all
Confederate descent, including black and Hispanic troopers, as well as
Native Americans, Jews, Christians, and even women. “We are humbly
honored to be the first Confederate reenactment group ever to have the
endorsement and support of a chapter of the NAACP (Jackson County,
Miss.) following a January 1998 presentation concerning black
Confederates made in Confederate uniform,” Maj. Michael Kelly, commander
of the regiment, wrote to me in an e-mail.

Lie No. 3: “President Lincoln was one of our greatest
presidents.” Most Americans believe that because the North was
victorious during the Civil War. But what should also be mentioned is
that “to the victor goes the spoils” of any war, and the American Civil
War was no different. Lincoln, truth be told, violated the basic pact
between the federal government and the states when he attacked the
South. That pact, which was always understood and frequently mentioned
in legislatures all over the country prior to 1861, was one that would
allow or permit individual states to secede from the Union at their own
behest if they ever believed the federal government was becoming too
powerful or encroaching unbearably on state’s sovereign rights. When the
Confederate States of America tested that long-standing pact, Lincoln
attacked them, touching off a war that killed more Americans than all
other wars combined (over 600,000). Had the North lost the war, indeed
there would likely be two countries now instead of one and at least
theoretically in the South, much less “federal control” than all states
now endure from Washington, D.C., on a minute-by-minute basis.

Lie No. 4: “The Confederate Battle Flag, whenever and wherever
it is displayed, is a sign of continuing black racism and hatred of any
race except those of white European descent.” The reality is that
Jew-hating, black-hating groups indeed have adopted the Confederate
“battle flag,” and there’s no denying that. However, the flag itself
would not even be around today were it not for the creation of the
Confederate States of America. First and foremost, however, the
Confederate flag is a symbol of a bygone era and culture that was so
much more than “slave-oriented” it is hardly worth debating. That’s
because the vast majority of Southern culture of the period was based on
the vast majority of people who did not own slaves and had never
owned them (or wanted to).

History has repeatedly said that despite the slave-owning status of
the South, there were many Northerners — including Lincoln — who 1)
supported slavery; 2) would have settled the “issue” of Southern
secession without war and with the institution of slavery had a
compromise been possible; and 3) did not want to “settle” with the South
because they were too busy exploiting the southern economy
precisely because it was ripe for exploitation.

Southern leaders of the time would have gladly embraced an
alternative economic solution other than using slave labor had the North
ended its extortion and exploitation of the South.

Furthermore, if we’re going to remain enamored with a discussion of
slavery in this day and age — more than 135 years after the fact —
then let’s at least be honest:

  • Human beings of all races, religions, cultures and beliefs
    have enslaved for thousands of years other human beings — and it
    continues to this day, even in Africa.

  • Slavery is wrong no matter who does it and no matter who is
    enslaved; but wrong as well is the federal government’s legacy of trying
    to maintain authority over every single thing Americans say, do, think
    or support — and the Old South knew that.

These are the facts and though they are true, documented and
verifiable, there will always be those race baiters who will refuse to
accept them because such truths don’t fit their narrow agenda of sowing
division among the races in order to keep their own power base intact.

And people say Southerners are racist, intolerant bigots. Please.
This whole North-South debate reeks of George Orwell-type doublespeak
and hypocrisy, and it’s time to get past it.

We are all Americans, regardless of ethnicity, background, religion,
orientation or politics. We ought to start acting like Americans who
love unity more than we hate diversity.

We are diverse and there is strength in that. Let’s use it.

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