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Gore: Fugitive from the truth

In his last debate with Bill Bradley, Al Gore revealed to all who
cared to listen why he is not fit to be president of the United States.
He declared that “the Constitution is a living and breathing document
… intended by our founders to be interpreted in the light of the
constantly evolving experience of the American people.” Gore agreed with
Bradley that it was important to appoint Supreme Court justices who are
not “… locked into a rigid interpretation of the Constitution.”

In his famous farewell address, George Washington, who presumably
knew something about what the founders intended, said this about the
integrity of the Constitution: “… the Constitution which at any time
exists, till changed by an explicit and authentic act of the whole
people, is sacredly obligatory upon all. … Toward the preservation of
your government … it is requisite … that you resist with care the
spirit of innovation upon its principles.”

Translation: Don’t tinker with the Constitution. If you don’t like
what it says, change it — legally. The founders specifically provided
for the amendment of the Constitution, should the people decide it is
necessary. They included the amendment provision for the precise purpose
of protecting the Constitution from mutilation at the hands of loophole
lawyering, judicial skullduggery and political opportunism.

For all practical purposes, Gore has advised voters that he will
appoint Supreme Court judges who are willing to override the
Constitution with their own ideology and innovations.

Gore and those who agree with him are about the seditious business of
transforming America from a nation governed by laws into one governed by
men. Unless they are stopped, it is only a matter of time until we can
say goodbye to our Constitution, the rights it guarantees, the freedoms
it gives to the people, and the protections it sets forth against
over-arching and intrusive government.

For his declaration, in effect, that the Constitution of the United
States has no intrinsic meaning, and that neither he nor the justices he
appoints are bound and limited by what it explicitly says and clearly
means, Gore has immediately disqualified himself for the high office he

How could a man with these anarchistic views be expected to take a
vow to preserve and defend the Constitution? If his conscience did not
impede him from taking such a vow, how could he be trusted to honor it?

We are at a special time in our national history when it is important
to put behind us the infamy, the degeneracy and the dishonesty of what
has been described as the most corrupt administration America ever
suffered. There is a palpable desire among the people for leaders who
will restore decency and integrity to the White House.

Gore knows he is tainted by years of association with his mentor,
Bill Clinton. This accounts for his efforts to redefine who and what he

I have resisted the thought, but Al Gore’s affected mannerisms and
posturing remind me of Benito Mussolini, the Italian dictator who loved
to show off his physique in public. I keep expecting Gore to do
something to demonstrate his muscular manhood the way Mussolini did when
he strutted before the cameras, stripped off his shirt, and rubbed snow
on his hairy, bare chest.

Gore has spent time in the gym reshaping his body. He has redone his
hairdo, changed his wardrobe, and feigned animation to help convince us
he is not who he is. He is also denying his own past, and fantasizing
about his accomplishments to create a false identity for himself.

An editorial in the national weekly edition of the Washington Times
carried the headline, “Al Gore Just Can’t Tell the Truth.” It summarized
the vice president’s history of deception. A few examples. Gore claimed:
that he invented the Internet; that he and Tipper were the models for
Erich Segal’s novel “Love Story”; that as an investigative reporter, he
“got a bunch of people indicted and sent to jail”; that he was a
co-sponsor of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill; that he
was always pro-choice on abortion; that he totally renounced his
connections to tobacco after the death of his sister from lung cancer;
that he did not know he was in the middle of a fund-raiser at the
California Buddhist Temple in 1996; that he did not know his
fund-raising phone calls from his government office were illegal; and
that he did not know anything about the millions of dollars illegally
funneled into the Democrat Party by agents of communist China.

All of these claims and boasts are documentably false, and some of
them are arguably delusional.

It is not difficult to recognize Gore for what he really is: a
physically disguised fugitive from the awful truth, carrying forged