Remember last May when President Clinton and his cabal were crowing
over how Serbia was whipped by NATO air power, and Secretary of State
Madeleine Albright was leading the chorus in “Happy Times Are Here

Kosovo was saved, right?

I don’t think so.

Kosovo’s become just one more major foreign-policy screw-up. But it’s
no small wonder that few folks on Main Street have gotten the word about
how bad things there really are. The Clinton hype machine has been extra
busy covering up, with no small assist from all the fuss over the
primary-campaign follies.

In fact, Kosovo remains a blood-filled, bottomless hate pit where
things get worse with the explosion of every grenade, booby trap and
rocket. Not exactly Happy Valley.

The place is as bad as Dodge City during its wildest days. NATO
troops are being shot or fragged on sight. American paratroopers were
recently chased out of Mitrovica by angry mobs hurling sticks and
stones. Now they’ve been ordered not to leave their sector or return to
that divided city by the Pentagon — which these days believes high tech
wars fought from three miles up is the way to win fights down in the

Our paratroopers are now basically confined to their bunkers. U.S.
casualties mean headlines and maybe some of our citizens waking up and
asking tough questions like: Why are we there anyway, when the Balkans
have nothing to do with our national security?

Ironically, Gen. Klaus Reinhardt, NATO’s high sheriff of Kosovo,
finds himself stuck in the same Balkan swamp as his German predecessors
during World War II. The Nazis tried to quell the natives with bayonets
and brutality and learned the hard way there’s no way to tame the

Reinhardt, who apparently hasn’t studied German history, actually
allowed himself to be disarmed by the very Albanians he’s there to save.
His pistol was lifted from his holster while he was in the middle of an
Albanian crowd in downtown Mitrovica last month! A neat metaphor for the
whole ex-Yugoslavia mess: The people you come to liberate steal your
weapon — and then might even shoot you with it.

As our troops in Vietnam — on another senseless mission — used to
say, “That says it all!”

Besides using NATO troops for target practice, Albanian terrorists
are now cranking up a fresh reign of terror in southern Serbia designed
to snatch another 500 square miles of Serb land for Kosovo.

These rebels are supported by the same drug-running thugs — the
former Kosovo Liberation Army — who triggered the Kosovo crisis in the
first place. The same hoods embraced by Albright, who’s trying to clean
them up with a new title — the Kosovo Protection Corps. It’s kind of
like renaming the Mafia “Citizens For A Better Tomorrow.”

The Serbs will react to this land grab the same way they’ll respond
to a planned NATO military takeover of Montenegro — with bullets.
Leakers from the NATO head-shed say blueprints are drawn, invasion
troops are ready, and when the green light from the president of
Montenegro blinks, it’s off to another swamp.

Kosovo has already cost us too many lives, too many scars and too
many bucks — $6 billion for the “Air War Victory” — and Clinton has
just about fast-talked Congress out of another $2 billion to make it
through the rest of this year.

Clinton and his military-industrial-congressional-complex pals
clearly envision a long-term commitment. Millions are being spent on
permanent facilities such as barracks and infrastructure. Recently, $2.4
million alone was approved for two GI gyms.

One high-ranking NATO insider suggests our forces will slowly pull
out of Europe — where we’re not wanted or needed — and stealthily
slide into the Balkans. Closer, incidentally, to our future gas stations
near the Black Sea.

So, look for even more blood to flow in the Balkans. And also expect
a long-time U.S. troop commitment — unless we citizens demand that
George W. Bush and Al Gore debate the “why are we there” issue and come
up with a couple of fast exit plans.

Wouldn’t it be less dangerous, less costly, far better for our
national security — and a whole lot smarter — to make the United
States oil-independent and let the Europeans worry about their Balkan
backyard all by themselves?

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