WASHINGTON — “Hordes” of Chinese officials marched into the Arkansas
state capitol demanding favors soon after Bill Clinton was elected
president, a former Arkansas state auditor told WorldNetDaily.

“We never had a single Chinese visitor come until Clinton became
president,” said Julia Hughes Jones, who served as then-Gov. Clinton’s
state auditor. Starting in November 1992, high-ranking officials from
the Chinese consulate in Houston beat a path to her door.

“They were in my office at least once a week from then on,” said
Jones, whose office was next door to Clinton’s. And they meant business.

“I had this one Chinese guy from the embassy come in my office —
tall, heavy-set, mean-looking, but very well-dressed, wearing an
expensive black overcoat,” Jones recalled. “My secretary told me there
was this man out front to see me and he was scary-looking, and didn’t
speak very good English.”

But he knew enough to get across what he wanted, she says. In a
meeting, he demanded that Jones broker deals for China with Wal-Mart
Stores and Tyson Foods, both based in Arkansas.

“I thought it was really strange,” she said.

Jones now figures long-time Clinton fund-raiser Yah Lin “Charlie”
Trie had made promises to Chinese officials on behalf of Clinton on his
many trips to China before the election. And the officials were
following up.

Clinton announced he was running for the White House in the fall of
1991, but told his old friend Trie sometime earlier. Upon the news, Trie
sold his Little Rock restaurant and started going to China every month,
says Jones, who traveled with Trie on one trip.

A secret FBI report says Trie, convicted last year of breaking
fund-raising laws, phoned the Chinese consulate in Houston right after
Clinton told him of his plans to run. He asked for fund-raising help for

“He called the consulate to seek its assistance in organizing a
political fund-raising event for Clinton,” said the FBI report obtained
by WorldNetDaily. He also phoned the Chinese Embassy in Washington and
the Chinese consulate in New York. In addition, he “attended a dinner
with PRC (People’s Republic of China) consular officials in Los
Angeles,” the report said.

As reported by WorldNetDaily last week, Trie set up three
businesses in Changchun, China, a city Pentagon officials suspect
supports research operations for the People’s Liberation Army’s deadly
biological weapons program.

Trie confessed to FBI agents that he had brokered the sale of a
132-gallon germ-fermenting tank to a Beijing-run biological research
institute in Changchun.

In late October 1992, Clinton proclaimed Changchun the sister city of
Little Rock. The next month, Changchun officials — including Dr. Zhang
Jianming, director of the biological research lab — paid a visit to the
state capital. One day that month, Jones says she got a fax from
Changchun and handed it to Clinton.

“I caught him out in the hall,” she said. “He read it and stuck it in
his pocket.”

Clinton and Trie go way back. The then-governor attended the opening
of his Fu Lin Chinese Restaurant and ate lunch there three or four times
a week. Trie followed Clinton to Washington and raised hundreds of
thousands of dollars for him and Vice President Al
Gore out of an office in the Watergate Hotel.

Trie is no stranger to Gore. In February 1996, Trie had breakfast
with Gore in Washington the day after Trie’s crooked fund-raising
partner John Huang raised $1.1 million at a fund-raiser. And in April
1996, Trie told the FBI he helped organize an illegal fund-raiser for
Gore at a Buddhist temple near Los Angeles. Gore hosted the event, which
raised $140,000 from nuns and monks. The laundered money was later

Trie will get an opportunity to explain his suspicious activities in
China in congressional hearings set for this week.

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