A 71-year-old alternative health care guru — arrested by the FBI
after a lengthy investigation, imprisoned for more than two weeks for
allegedly practicing medicine without a license, and facing eight years
in prison — is a free woman as of yesterday.

Dr. Hulda
Regehr Clark

Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark, with a sizeable and intensely loyal
international following in the alternative health field, is the author
of the controversial books, “The Cure for All Cancers,” “The Cure for
HIV and AIDS,” “The Cure for All Diseases,” and her latest, “The Cure
for All Advanced Cancers.”

Her attorney, Steve Dillon, said the judge granted the defense’s
motion to dismiss the charges against Clark for allegedly practicing
medicine without a license in Indiana. The motion was based on the
extreme length of time that had elapsed since charges were first filed
in June of 1993 and the time Clark found out about them upon her arrest
in San Diego on September 20, 1999.

When word of Clark’s arrest became known last fall —
WorldNetDaily provided in-depth coverage
— an outpouring of support by mail and e-mail ensued for the elderly
researcher and biologist.

“Hallelujah” rejoiced Clark when she heard of the court’s decision.
“This sets a progressive tone. I hope it’s futuristic, reflecting the
appreciation of the public for the new skills of the alternative

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