The full court press has already begun. President Clinton is
intensely lobbying Congress for passage of permanent Most Favored Nation
trade status and entrance into the World Trade Organization for
Communist China. The Republican leadership in Congress is also pressing
for its passage. House Speaker Dennis Hastert has promised a floor vote
during the week of May 22. He predicts “ultimate victory.”

Early last week, President Clinton along with 42 governors, including
G.W. Bush, and over 200 executives of high-tech companies from Silicon
Valley conducted a major news conference aimed at convincing both
recalcitrant congressmen and the American public that permanent MFN must
be adopted.

Not everyone is buying it, however. China’s most outspoken dissident,
Harry Wu, told a congressional panel last December that granting the
Communist regime permanent MFN would give it “a green light to abuse
their citizens.”

“Free traders” demonstrate a profound ignorance regarding the nature
of Communist-controlled governments. Communist Chinese leaders have
repeatedly threatened to incinerate American cities with nuclear
missiles. Our own Pentagon recently released a study which reveals China
is making plans for war with the United States at this very moment.

Contrary to the arguments of free traders, increased commercial
activity with Communist China does not reduce its cruel and despotic
style of governance. Just the opposite is true. After years of “free
trade” with China, oppression and persecution against people of faith
and political dissidents is more draconian than ever!

Can you imagine presidential candidates and congressional leaders
calling for “free trade” with Adolf Hitler? Yet, according to The Black
Book of Communism, the Communist Chinese have slaughtered at least three
times more people than Hitler’s Third Reich. The same book puts the
total number of people killed by various communist regimes worldwide at
over 100 million!

Apply the “free trade” arguments to the infamous Chicago gangster, Al
Capone. Like the Butchers of Beijing, Capone came to power (and kept
power) by brute force. He controlled politicians, judges, businessmen
and policemen with an iron fist. Would anyone suggest that the way to
convert Capone would be to enter into “free trade” agreements with him?
Nonsense! Yet, the only difference between the Communist Chinese and
gangsters like Al Capone is scale. Capone operated on a local scale; the
Communist Chinese operate on a national and international scale. Both
are equally corrupt and murderous.

Additionally, there is nothing free about our “free trade” agreements
with China. According to New American magazine, “The U.S. government’s
Export-Import Bank subsidized trade with China to the tune of $5.9
billion in 1998. The U.S. taxpayer-subsidized Asian Development Bank and
World Bank awarded $1.5 billion and $2.4 billion, respectively, in new
loans to China that same year. Without these subsidies, it is unlikely
that wealthy transnational elitists would invest in China’s risky

Another problem is an ever-increasing trade deficit that results from
these NAFTA, GATT, and free-trade deals. If this year’s first quarter
figures are annualized, our trade deficit will exceed $400 billion.
According to World magazine, the United States lost more than 341,000
manufacturing jobs in 1999 alone, as a direct result of these deficits.

Phyllis Schlafly writes, “Every month, China collects up to $6
billion in U.S. cash by selling its slave-labor products to Americans,
but only buys $1 billion worth of U.S. goods. The Chinese pocket $5
billion every month and use it to build their military-industrial
complex.” This is “free trade”?

It should be painfully obvious that both major parties have been
thoroughly corrupted by the insatiable lust for wealth and power. Human
rights, ethical government, even national security take a back seat to
the powerful passions of an unbridled, transnational elite. Remarkably,
it will be left to a few pro-union Democrats and an even smaller group
of conservative Republicans to stand up to this flagitious Juggernaut.

Mr. Wu spoke dejectedly but decisively when he told that
congressional panel, “Perhaps one day the United States will try to
promote human rights in China with the same zeal it seeks market
access.” Stated another way, perhaps one day America will return to its
founding principles and realize that there are things more important
than money.

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