Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s regime is arming black
supporters, who are squatting on white-owned farms, with
government-issued AK-47 rifles, and has handed out as many as 20,000
weapons over the past several weeks, according to a Zimbabwean national
who spoke exclusively to WorldNetDaily.

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe is widely seen as promoting
animosity towards whites to retain power.

Mugabe’s real goal in fomenting the highly publicized persecution of
white landowners by taking over their farms, is to reach the black farm
union workers who control a huge voting block in the country, said the
source. He requested anonymity to protect his personal safety.

Because of new mandates implemented by Mugabe, the source said, all
telephone conversations and email transmissions were “compromised,” with
government officials monitoring communications coming into and leaving
the country.

Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai is
Mugabe’s biggest threat to power.

Fueling the violence that has rocked Zimbabwe is an attempt by the
country’s increasingly discredited ruling class to intimidate out of
existence the Movement for Democratic Change — or MDC — the country’s
leading opposition party. Unknown to most outsiders, the source said,
the recently publicized killings of a few white landowners are
overshadowed only by the greater and more widespread killings of black
opposition members.

“What the government is really aiming at is the [black] workers who
represent the swing vote in the country,” the source said, adding that
Mugabe was “trying to create a smokescreen by creating animosity toward
whites so he could get onto the white farms and thus have access to the
black workers.”

Yesterday, Mugabe announced that the government plans to confiscate
about 50 percent of the white-owned farmland, defining for the first
time how much land the government intended to take from the African
nation’s 4,500 white farmers who settled and built the once-prosperous

Speaking at the launch of his government’s re-election bid leading up
to parliamentary elections which must be held in the next few months,
Mugabe reiterated that he would not order black independence war
veterans off the white-owned farmland. It is widely believed Mugabe will
order the confiscation of the land without compensating the farmers
living on it.

That is sure to worsen the nation’s economy, the source said, who
disclosed that in-country reports suggested that of this year’s tobacco
crop — which amounts to about a third of Zimbabwe’s revenue — only
around 15 percent will make it to market because farmers and workers
fear attacks.

Addressing reports that some feared a spillover of similar violence
in South Africa, the source told WorldNetDaily that only one white-owned
farm had been taken over in that country, but that generally, most were
not concerned that Zimbabwe’s problem would be repeated in South Africa.

Pretoria’s biggest fear, the source explained, is an increasing flow
of displaced refugees into South Africa from Zimbabwe, though South
African President Thabo Mbeki supports Mugabe’s regime.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwean farm union representatives said Tuesday that
the Mugabe supporters squatting on farms have begun demanding transport,
food and fuel from the white landowners, and have even advertised some
plots of land for sale. About 1,000 white-owned farms are currently
under occupation.

In an ironic twist, the source said it is “common knowledge” that two
key white business colleagues of Mugabe are involved in helping the
Zimbabwean leader stay in power. They are involved in business deals
with Mugabe to exploit cobalt, diamonds and other mineral riches from
Congo, he said, where Mugabe has sent 12,000 Zimbabwean troops —
without the Parliament’s permission — to help fight Congo’s civil war.

The source, who lived a few miles from one of the white farmers
killed by Mugabe supporters last month, told WorldNetDaily that the
issue of race in the country is of minimal importance to most people.

“Whites make up less than one-and-a-half percent of the population in
Zimbabwe, so we’re really not much of a political threat,” the source
said, adding that most felt race was “probably ranked about fourth or
fifth” on the list of things most important to people.

“As a white,” said the source, “I’m more concerned about the safety
of my [black] workers than my own.”

That’s because these days, among most of the population, it is the
economic future of Zimbabwe that “captures about 80 percent of the
people’s attention,” he said, noting the corruption rampant throughout
Mugabe’s administration has been responsible for turning Zimbabwe into a
failure after years of being an African success story.

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