Let’s get one thing right about this “issue” of granting China
permanent normal trade status. It has nothing to do with “what’s
best for the American people” and everything to do with what’s best for
enriching the corporate and political elite of both countries.

Having said that, it’s important to also say that I have nothing
against capitalism and the American free market. But this China trade
deal isn’t about American free market capitalism; it’s about who gets
the most while giving the least.

However, what I am opposed to — and have always been opposed to —
is the outright exploitation of workers for the sole purpose of
generating more profits. That is all that NAFTA, GATT and now this
China trade bill have been about.

Not that it’s going to make any difference but, for the record, some
facts are in order.

It’s no secret that we’ve been trading with China now for about 30
years. In the past decade especially, China has been exporting more
goods to America than ever before. In fact, our trade deficit continues
to bloat past $60 billion a year largely because of goods which we no
longer make here but import from China.

It’s also no secret that President Bill Clinton, in the words of WND
news analyst Johnny Chung, “owes China big-time” for all of the money
they gave him to buy his re-election.

It’s no secret that China is using most of its profits to build more
and better military weapons with which to secure its place as a global
superpower someday. Taiwan is just the first step —

a step that, as
Mr. Chung suggests, will come eventually.

Furthermore, one of the primary arguments the elite is using to sell this banana boat to the people is that, hey, the more we import from China, the more prosperity the Chinese people will receive.

And yet, after decades, the overwhelming majority of Chinese are still peasants, farmers and underpaid blue-collar workers. But, Beijing has loads of new high-tech military hardware. Coincidence?

Another argument used by the elite is that this new trade agreement will suddenly throw open the once-blocked doors to the “vast Chinese marketplace.” But, as I said, the majority of Chinese don’t make squat for a living; how is it that American corporations are suddenly going to sell billions more in goods to Chinese citizens who are perpetually poor — and kept irretrievably so — by the dictators in Beijing?

In reality, they can’t. But that’s not the point; the idea is to “open Chinese markets” by moving more factories to China to make goods with slave labor to sell back to U.S. citizens. Give me a break.

This bill is also designed to allow China more access to our markets, not the other way around.

But, in lie after lie, Americans have been fooled into thinking that this China trade bill is the golden calf for the U.S. economy. And, it may be as long as you own a stock exchange symbol.

But, wait — I thought the U.S. economy was already overheated; isn’t that why the Fed keeps boosting the prime lending rates — because the American economy is already doing “too well?”

What will all of these extra China-generated riches do to it? Will that force Greenspan to bump up rates to around 40 percent — because, after all, we don’t want to do too well, do we?

In fact, the U.S. government has budget surpluses. So do most state governments. And all of it without pandering to the most brutal (and largest) communist regime in the world — one that allows its citizens to work

98 hours per week for three cents per hour.

So what are we doing? Why the rush? Too many things don’t add up — as usual.

This whole charade reminds me of the turn of the 20th century in the U.S. Then, entire industries exploited young children and adults, forcing them to work in pitiful, dangerous conditions for pennies an hour.

The difference was that in America, then, you could, as a citizen being exploited, demand that lawmakers change those practices with laws enacted by representatives worried about losing their congressional seats. Unions grew out of these times for these very reasons.

No such option exists for Chinese workers in the world’s most densely populated communist country. There are no unions and no individual liberties to build them. In fact, if you bitch about your job or complain about the conditions, you’re fired and replaced within the day. Attempts to organize labor unions are met with cold jail cells.

Though today’s U.S. corporate execs are more polished, slick and refined than their century-old counterparts, the greed and exploitation which today’s fat cats exhibit is medieval in nature and historical in precedence. Some things never change.

Just like NAFTA did not stop illegal immigration and enrich the lives of most Mexicans and just like GATT hasn’t done much to open up more markets for U.S. goods (though more can be sold here from other countries), this China trade bill will neither help average Americans or Chinese.

It will, however, boost the bottom line — both for U.S. corporations and Chinese dictators.

And, as long as that happens, who cares about the cost, right?

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