When European nations attempted to appease Nazi Germany in the face of
Berlin’s belligerence in the years leading up to World War II, the tactic
didn’t work. All it accomplished was to buy Hitler time to build up his
forces, perfect his invasion strategies, and prepare his industries for
the coming onslaught.

Throughout much of history, the strategy of appeasement —
compromising with, or giving in to, the demands or conditions of a
belligerent nation — has rarely worked.

As I considered the implications of the pending China trade bill vote
in the Senate next month — which will pass, by the way — it
occurred to me that perhaps this is what we’re attempting to do with
China — appease them, for the time being, for perhaps a few reasons.

Despite the rosy predictions of instant wealth and democracy for the
Chinese people — let alone the unimaginable boost of wealth promised for
Americans — that this trade deal allegedly will produce,

I believe
most Americans can see through this dog-and-pony act.
ofi.shtml That’s why many of the most recent polls show Americans overwhelmingly rejecting this China trade bill, despite their representatives’ headlong rush to pass it. They

don’t trust the
Clinton administration,
and for good reason.

From behind the scenes there is even a more disturbing picture of the reality we find ourselves in at the beginning of this new century.

Following eight years of Clinton (and congressional) scandal, the actions of both administration and congressional leaders paint a far different picture — one less to do with global riches of “world trade” and more to do with a genuine fear of the growing Chinese menace — one U.S. officials created but don’t want to face. The China trade bill may simply be the appeasement de grace of years of bad policy, bad corruption, and bad decisions:

Last December,

U.S. officials quietly sent a warning to Taiwan,
telling the island democracy not to provoke China or risk losing U.S. support. Even then, administration officials were concerned about the China trade bill vote, due to come up in mid-Spring.

Clinton administration officials, meanwhile, have done everything they could to

weaken Taiwan militarily
and have even gone so far as to

list Taiwan as a security threat,
which it isn’t.

Since the December “warning,” administration officials have systematically

downplayed China’s military threat
.htm to Taiwan and others in the region and have refused to publicly acknowledge a

new Pentagon threat assessment
designed to highlight China’s growing threat potential.

All of these actions — taken in the context of near religious support for the China trade bill in the White House and Congress — suggests little more than pure appeasement to me. And it is sure to produce much the same result as appeasement in pre-WorldWar II Europe and other points in history have produced.

Meanwhile, as

more and more scandal
is revealed about members of the White House and administration, and as

Congress and the courts
become more impotent to stop it or indifferent in addressing it,
China grows stronger by calling in the favors this administration “owes” it.

The blackmail made possible by the

administration’s theft of over
900 FBI files
on current and former Republican congressmen, aides and officials has led to the

permitted theft of U.S. nuclear secrets,
ml a

failed impeachment trial
which featured overwhelming evidence of guilt and now, finally, has culminated in a vote in the House to grant China unlimited earning potential via this awful trade bill.

Taken together, all evidence points to helping the world’s next superpower gain the ability to challenge all takers early in this new century. Whether or not that was the “plan” to begin with is irrelevant because all of it could have been avoided.

If Republicans whose files were stolen did not have incriminating evidence in their FBI folders in the first place, then stealing them would have been of no value.

If our judicial and legislative system held Bill Clinton to the same standards they held Richard Nixon, Clinton would have been gone before his first term was over; Vice President Al Gore too, for that matter, as an accomplice.

If the establishment press were more in love with the journalistic responsibility of informing the people than with rubbing shoulders with liberal power players, more Americans would know about their dire situation.

And if all of these factors had been in place, there would be no permanent “normal trading status” for the brutal Chinese regime or other bad “global” trade bills either. U.S. corporations would simply have to figure out another way to be profitable besides bribing politicians to pass laws enabling them to move factories overseas to exploit local workers.

To guard against the damage that has already been done, now is not the time to give China unlimited access to U.S. markets. That’s the answer; get tough, cut them off, and make it clear to Beijing that screwing around with Taiwan or any U.S. interests would be met with “clear and present danger.”

But that’s not going to happen. Our leaders, corporate executives and “watchdogs” in government have all been compromised, drugged with power and profit, and have lost focus of their original responsibilities to the people.

And the people sleep not because of stupidity but because of ignorance; they don’t know any better because they haven’t been told the truth.

If Johnny Chung is right, however, that

l ought to sink in sometime after the November elections, when China makes its bid to assert its control over a prize it has waited over 50 years to reclaim — Taiwan.

Then, 270 million Americans will be able to “thank” about 1,000 leaders — executives, government officials and congressmen — for the carnage their appeasement wrought. After all, appeasement is the only option they left themselves (and us) after years of deceit and corruption.

Pray for peace.

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