The People’s Republic of China is built on a myth. China is not, as
the mainstream media portrays it, a monolithic society made up of one
single ethnic majority.

China today is more like the former Soviet Union, an empire nation
under the tight grip of the Communist party. China is a nation that
could explode or implode at any moment.

China is a super-state of conquered peoples more diverse than any
nation on Earth. Hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens live in huge
ethnic minorities under the brutal control of the central government in

Even to call China a Communist nation is no longer correct. China
today more closely resembles the fascist German state erected by Adolph
Hitler during the 1930s. The doctrine of public safety and accumulation
of personal wealth are twin fascist principles now wholly embraced by
the Chinese communist membership.

China is not the agrarian society of farmer-peasants being led by a
benevolent Chairman Mao in a collective socialist society. China will
shortly join Russia and the United States in orbiting a manned

China is a society of highly skilled technicians capable of producing
large numbers of modern jets, electronics and satellites. China is the
site of the largest project ever undertaken by mankind, the Three Gorges
River dam system.

China is a highly industrial and modern nation being led by a small
collection of paranoid warlords and nationalistic bureaucrats. For
example, one can be a general in the People’s Liberation Army, a
minister in an official government position, and the head of a major
weapons corporation — all at the same time.

Most western nations do not permit multiple hats to be held by the
same family member. The conflicts are simply too great to be
concentrated in a single pair of hands.

Yet, China has an element of corruption that years of Communist
indoctrination have failed to eliminate. The result is that the Army
Generals and government ministers also have a vested interest against
weapons control treaties, if only because they also eat into the family

The centralization of power inside special family groupings or
“princelings” has resulted in a small oligarchy of a thousand people
controlling a nation of over a billion.

The People’s Republic of China is a single party state government
held together by the tight belt of the People’s Liberation Army. The
Army is directly under the authority of the Communist central committee
in Beijing.

The Communist party through the use of political or politburo troops
in all commands controls the Army. Politburo troops are party members
assigned to provide military control. Politburo troops set policy,
indoctrinate the soldiers and guard all Chinese nuclear weapons. The
party is the state and the mighty arm of the state is the People’s Army.

The Communist party is also equipped with its own special police
force drawn from the Army. The Chinese police force more closely
resembles People’s Army regular units than any western style law
enforcement agency. The People’s Armed Police or PAP has their own
tanks, aircraft, missiles, and shock troops. PAP troop units are
documented as being equipped with U.S. made secure radios and stun

The PAP resemblance to the Nazi SS is stark and very real. PAP
troops in tanks led the brutal attack on the unarmed students at
Tiananmen Square in 1989. PAP troops arrest pregnant mothers and take
them to forced abortion clinics to enforce China’s one child policy.
PAP troops man the Lao Gai prison camps. Each year PAP troopers abuse,
torture, rape, and murder thousands of political prisoners.

The Chinese Army itself is living proof of Lenin’s axiom — that
“quantity has a quality all its own.” China is a nation that can put a
million soldiers on a modern nuclear battlefield and equip them with all
the necessary weapons of war. The Chinese Air Force alone can field
over five thousand super-sonic jet fighters.

The Chinese Army is not ten feet tall. The People’s Liberation Army
has major failings in sea-lift, air-lift, communications and logistics.
Many Chinese Navy vessels cannot sail due to shortages in skilled

China is not free but a nation of oppressed, observed, and abused
peoples. The Lao Gai prison camps are full of millions of Chinese
citizens. A form of living terror imposed on the Chinese people
maintains Beijing’s central authority.

Much like the former Soviet Union, the red central committee fears
freedom of speech and many other basic human rights. The Communist Party
has not loosened its grip during the Clinton years. Instead, state
sponsored violence against the Chinese people continues to increase.

It is precisely this violent state sponsored terror that also
threatens to rip the nation apart. A combination of an economic
downturn and further isolation by western powers could easily topple the
unpopular Beijing dictatorship.

It is exactly this scenario that the Communist regime fears the most
and the Clinton administration has tried to prevent. Such events could
lead to a Chinese democracy, or spin out of control into a disastrous
civil war in Asia.

The Chinese Communist movement to retake the long lost province of
Taiwan is a foil to keep the failing red government in power. In order
to stop any further erosion of their authority, the Beijing government
is quite willing to start World War Three.

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