The Moral Man’s public acts will accurately reflect his private life.
The Immoral Man commonly conspires with the devil in secret, all the
better to betray the weak to the strong, the common folk to a shadow
government, the child to the brigand.

Just so, the knave and the fool alike artlessly ask, “Why should his
morals matter if he does his job well?”

Consider, most of the conduct by our authorities which enlarges or
constricts our liberty, endangering us and our loved ones in war and
peace, really occurs in private. When a “respectable” man is immoral he
will publicly proclaim his devotion to God, country and family, while he
privately steals our national treasures and offers our water and air at
secret yard sales.

Can an immoral man serve rightly in a job dependent upon the public
trust? Consider. We rely on the morality of the butcher when he says the
meat he sells is disease-free. We rely on the morality of our
pharmaceutical companies when they report their pills and nostrums are
safe and salutary and on the morality of the FDA when its bureaucrats
claim they never approve — or restrict — a drug to satisfy powerful
special interests.

We rely on the morality of our doctors when they insist that the
multiple, and even dangerous vaccines mandated for our babies, including
the flimsily tested Hepatitis B vaccine — are critical for their
health. We rely on the morality of our military leaders when they risk
our sons and daughters on foreign soil to battle evil for unseen robber

We rely on the morality of our politicians when they swear they’d
never betray our founding principles for a handful of silver, while they
rely on the immorality of our teachers, when they instruct our children
in heterosexual and homosexual deviance — financed by our hard-earned

We rely on the morality of our police force when they claim to war on
organized crime. We rely on the morality of the FBI when they call Ruby
Ridge and Waco regrettable errors. We rely on the morality of our
attorneys general when they say they are vigorously assailing (but
barely prosecuting) the thriving child pornography industry. We rely on
the morality of our clergy when they reject Scripture while building
larger temples of worship in which to celebrate a politically correct

We rely on the morality of our judiciary when they permit predators
to regain custody of the children they confess to have victimized,
freedom of speech protection for images which celebrate and imbed images
of hate, torture and murder, while banning prayer in public space and
America’s historic, founding law orders because they include the Ten
Commandments. So too, we rely on the morality of our parole boards when
they release serial-rapists and even murderers back onto our streets
within a few years of their convictions.

We rely on the morality of our farmers when they say they used no
harmful sprays on our foods. We rely on the morality of our scientists
and scholars when they claim theirs is honest, unbiased research and
that they would never allow the murder of the unborn if the child felt
pain, or the sale of unborn baby body parts for money or fame.

We rely on the morality of our media when billionaire film and TV
moguls insist their vicious and vacuous products do not coarsen or
destroy. We rely on the morality of our reporters when they spike
frequent crime reports of gay-on-gay violence, the misanthropic spread
of AIDS and the thousands of annual rapes and murders of children and
women triggered by their own pornoviolent media. And, we rely on the
morality of the American Psychiatric Association when it rules sadism,
homosexuality and pedophilia are not necessarily contagious, dissolute
behaviors. Then too, we rely on the morality of the American Library
Association — a Playboy-funded trade union — when they deny that the
pornography which they allow to flood into our libraries is not feeding
rapists, mutilators and killers of children and women.

But for the dread that there may just be a just God who will burn them in
Hell for lying, cheating, stealing, taking and giving bribes, polluting,
raping and murdering, how many of those upon whose morality we rely
would sell our children for a few pieces of silver?

President George Washington said religion and morality are the
indispensable supports for our republican way of life. Without the
collective fear of Divine Retribution what fool believes our nation can
maintain the morality and civility that makes life worth living?

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