Through the years, the Family Life Services — the adoption agency
that is part of my Liberty Godparent Foundation — has maintained a
massive “waiting list” of childless Christian couples who desperately
wish to adopt a child through the help of the agency. Tragically, that
list grows longer every year as the number of available babies continues
to be smaller than the number of parents desiring adoption.

With that troubling fact in mind, my Godparent team and I have
designed a new program with the sole intent of dramatically increasing
the numbers of pregnant teens who choose life for their babies.

Operation Adoption will utilize national Yellow Pages ads to seek out
teenagers who are searching for a hand of friendship after finding
themselves in a “crisis pregnancy.” Those young girls who respond to
the ads will be recruited to reside at crisis pregnancy facilities
instead of opting for abortion. Following the birth of their babies,
they will have the option of placing them for adoption with Christian

While my Liberty Godparent Home here in Lynchburg can house only a
designated number of girls during their pregnancies, a network of about
1,200 similar facilities exists nationwide. This association of crisis
pregnancy homes offers a remarkable opportunity to save untold numbers
of babies — but only if their young mothers can be reached
before they make fateful, life-altering decisions.

Unfortunately, the rate at which women choose adoption for their
babies has drastically declined in one generation. Therefore, there is
a great need to increase our efforts to reach young women with the
message of adoption as a viable alternative to abortion.

LGF officials are now designing a plan of action for placing a host
of ads in Yellow Pages across the nation. These ads blare, “Pregnant?
Need Help? Call 1-800-54-CHILD.”

Through extensive research, our staff has found that the average
nationwide cost of purchasing a half-page Yellow Pages ad is about
$3,000. While this cost is minimal, considering the potential lives
that will be saved, there is still much work to be done in terms of
raising the funds to purchase the ads.

The plan of Operation Adoption is to quickly fill the crisis
pregnancy facilities nationwide so that the thousands of Christian
couples who are currently on standby can have their parental dreams

The Yellow Pages ads in the Operation Adoption program are
specifically designed to capture the attention of young girls who are
urgently seeking help.

I think this could be the most extraordinary effort to save unborn
babies in the history of our pro-life ministry. We are already placing
ads in Yellow Pages in key Virginia cities with long-range plans to
place additional ads in large cities across the nation.

During their stay at the Liberty Godparent Home, young girls are
under the care of a staff that treats them as if they were their own
daughters. The girls live in a beautiful new facility on Liberty
Mountain (on the Liberty University campus), continue their education
through the volunteer efforts of dedicated Christian teachers, and are
provided excellent medical attention. All of these services are
provided free of charge, thanks to the financial support of Liberty
Godparents from across the nation.

After these girls give birth, a significant number make the loving
decision to place their babies with a Christian couple who is located
and approved as adoptive parents by the staff of Family Life Services.

I must say that I have been moved to tears as I’ve handed a little
baby to a loving Christian couple that has been earnestly praying for
the blessing of a child.

In the near future, the Liberty Godparent Foundation team plans to
launch a website that will serve as a central resource on Christian
adoption. Needless, to say, we are all very excited as we embark on
this life-saving mission.

Please visit my

to learn more about our Liberty Godparent Home and Family Life Services adoptive ministry. Online adoption applications can be found on the Web page. In addition, our e-mail address is:

[email protected]/

The toll-free hotline for girls in a crisis pregnancy is 800-542-4453.

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