I often keep little reminders on my desk. One of them is an October
1991 Reuters story. The title is: “Thousands of Monks Killed by Stalin.”
It seems that the Soviet dictator, Josef Stalin, ordered the Mongolian
Communists to slaughter 17,000 Buddhist monks and destroy 700

I suppose some people think that Stalin’s crimes are now irrelevant,
that such things no longer happen. After all, those were irrational
times and, of course, the world is currently a much saner place.

Or is it?

Consider a more recent news story, from last Thursday’s Washington
Post: “CIA holds gay-pride celebration.” Perhaps you didn’t realize that
June is Gay and Lesbian Pride Month at the CIA. There was even a big
party at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. The guest of honor was Barney
Frank, D-Mass., who was joined by busloads of homosexuals from our
National Security Agency.

There is a qualitative difference, of course, between the insanity of
Stalinism and the insanity of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month at the CIA.
But there is also a qualitative similarity because these two forms of
insanity share a common origin. What confuses us is the vastly different
outward appearance of the two things. While Stalinism aims at the
accumulation of unlimited power, homosexuality aims at an unlimited
sexuality. Consequently, Stalinism leads to a totalitarian state while
homosexuality leads to a hedonistic state.

At first glance there is no likeness between these two forms of
state. One is authoritarian while the other is permissive. But in a
strange way the two things play into one another. Stalinism signifies
mass destruction for the sake of Soviet power, while homosexuality
signifies self-destruction for the sake of a good time.

There is a fascinating book by E. Michael Jones entitled, “Degenerate
Moderns,” which touches on the roots of today’s destructive tendency.
His thesis is that sexual sin is inwardly corrosive and stems from a
much deeper spiritual corruption.

According to Jones the human spirit has two alternatives. We can put
desire first, or we can put moral conduct first. This leads to an
intellectual alternative which Jones formulates in the following way:
“Either one conforms desire to the truth or one conforms truth to

The politically correct rabble may find this hard to grasp, but a
homosexual CIA analyst is someone who — by nature — conforms truth to
desire. At the very foundation of the homosexual’s life is sex, which is
placed above everything else. It is placed above truth. It is placed
above custom, law and religion. The homosexual turns the entire universe
upside-down over sex.

One should not miss the similarity between the homosexual and the
Stalinist. The homosexual is in rebellion against civilization’s sexual
order, just as the Stalinist is in rebellion against the civilization’s
economic order (i.e., capitalism). Essentially, they are both

With hedonists desire is something sensual. With Stalinists desire is
something political. In both instances the strength of desire corrupts
the integrity of intellect. For a homosexual — as hedonist — something
is true because it feels good. For a Stalinist something is true because
it increases Soviet power.

When desire becomes something primary and undeniable, the soul is
hopelessly corrupted. To place desire ahead of what is right and true,
is to descend into darkness and degradation. It is to exchange one’s
sanity for madness.

We always hear people say that Hitler was crazy. But we should
notice, first, that Hitler was a passionate person. He loved his country
and his race, desiring for them a thousand year Reich. And to accomplish
this goal he was willing to blank out his humanity.

Desire can be a destructive force. Only when desire submits to
regulation can its role be constructive. That is the significance of
marriage. For in marriage we find there are rules which involve the
submission of desire.

In this context, our current descent into barbarism should be
understood for what it is. What we are seeing is pure self-destruction
— the suicide of civilization itself. And nothing illustrates our
miserable condition better than the man who represents us in the White

Clinton is a man who puts his sexual desires ahead of everything
else. Many observers felt, during the Lewinsky scandal, that Clinton was
not merely lying to the American people. They sensed in the president an
enormous capacity for self-deception as well. At bottom, self-deception
is integral to self-destruction. The president’s past sexual adventures
expose him to blackmail. And a commander in chief who is blackmailed
cannot defend the country. Furthermore, a country that tolerates such a
commander-in-chief has no sense of self-preservation.

Clinton’s desire for sex might easily make him the secret tool of
sinister forces. Of course, it should be noted that Clinton has a strong
desire for power. But stop and think for a moment. In Clinton’s
hierarchy of desire, sex comes first. This is evident because Clinton
has already shown his willingness to risk his power for the satisfaction
of a momentary sexual urge.

Those who fear that Washington is growing more tyrannical and
authoritarian ought to consider the permissive and hedonistic side to
the question. The liberal regime in Washington is more about the
deconstruction of America than anything else.

Perhaps the reason for our present government’s policy — like Gay
and Lesbian Pride Month at the CIA — has to do with a secret alliance
between the urge to destroy others and the urge to destroy oneself.

As America disintegrates from within there are forces abroad who
expect to profit from our demise. These forces can be found in Russia
and China. I suspect that the slaughter of 17,000 Buddhist monks in
Mongolia was but a humble beginning. Of course, Stalin killed in the
tens of millions. But the current nuclear arsenal of Stalin’s successors
can kill in the hundreds of millions.

The path of desire is littered with victims.

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