For more than seven and a half years now, people have been saying to
me: “OK, Farah, we know what you dislike about Clinton, but isn’t he
ever right about anything?”

Finally, friends, I can tell you I have found something on which
Clinton, or at least his official spokesman, is dead-on correct.

On Monday, in answer to a question about Hillary Clinton’s alleged
anti-Semitic slur, White House press secretary Joe Lockhart said,
“Obviously, the president probably has more experience than any living
human being about how deep in the gutter some people can go.”

Joe, I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Bill Clinton does,
indeed, have more experience working with the dregs of society — real
human debris — than any other living soul.

Now we have it from the horse’s mouth. Bill Clinton’s mouthpiece has
admitted just what many of us have suspected all along — that the
president’s greatest expertise, his greatest claim to fame, the
characteristic that sets him apart from all the rest is his knowledge of
the depths of the gutter.

Until now, I have not weighed in on the Hillary “Jew bastard”
comment. But I guess it’s time.

Do I believe she actually said that? I have scarcely a doubt that she
has made such offensive statements and far worse. In fact, over the
years, I have developed more than a few primary sources who have
overheard Bill and Hillary Clinton make remarks that are every bit as
shocking and revolting as the one she made to Paul Fray, who ran
Clinton’s unsuccessful 1974 congressional campaign as reported in the
new book, “State of a Union: Inside the Complex Marriage of Bill and
Hillary Clinton.”

What exactly does Lockhart mean about the gutter? Is he suggesting
that those making allegations about Hillary are reaching up from the
gutter? These allegations are hardly being hurled by Clinton’s
adversaries or the vast right-wing conspiracy.

Hillary is accused of hurling the epithet at Fray. Fray was the man
Bill Clinton chose to run his campaign.

“I think they’ve got a little bit of what you call ‘selective
memory,'” says Fray. Fray said he doesn’t want to see the Prima Donna
destroyed over this incident, suggesting he is still far from an enemy.
But he also says he is willing to take a lie-detector test or the truth
serum to prove his claim.

He shouldn’t have to do so. He’s got corroborating witnesses. Fray’s
wife says she heard the whole confrontation. Hillary not only called her
husband a “f—ing Jew bastard” 26 years ago, she said, Mrs. Clinton
shouted it so loudly “it rattled the walls.”

Still, Bill and Hillary deny everything — or almost everything.

“She might have called him a bastard,” the president said in an
interview in the New York Daily News. “I wouldn’t rule that out. She’s
never claimed that she was pure on profanity. But I’ve never heard her
tell a joke with an ethnic connotation.”

There he goes again. Saying things that sound like they mean
something, but don’t really.

First of all, Bill, “bastard” is not a profanity — not by any
stretch of the definition. And Hillary’s alleged use of the ethnic slur
was hardly in the context of telling a joke.

Maybe there are still some people who believe Bill and Hillary,
despite their long track records of deceit. I don’t. And, from what I’ve
heard from my own Arkansas sources, Bill Clinton, as well as Hillary,
were prone to making ethnic slurs, racial slurs, using obscenity,
profanity and vulgarity.

The foul language hardly stopped when they left Little Rock. Even
minutes before Clinton’s inauguration Hillary and Bill were screaming at
one another about the “f—ing Bible” to be used for the ceremony. Does
that give you a clue as to the character of these high priests of the

So when either one of these folks places their hand on the Bible and
swears an oath to tell the truth, to uphold the Constitution or make any
other vow, just remember the contempt, the venom, the anger that
underlies all the phony exterior.

Yes, indeed, Bill Clinton is an expert on the gutter. I’m sure he
knows more denizens of the gutter than anyone else on the planet, as his
own spokesman says. I concur, for once, wholeheartedly with him on this

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