Editor’s note: This is the second installment of Maralyn Lois
Polak’s two-part series on the Montana fires.

“Escaping Thor’s wrath” is how my Montana musician friend, JJ,
characterizes staying one jump ahead of rampaging Western wildfires, a
true Wagnerian inferno.

After recently reading how a reputable scientist plans to zap
tornadoes with

my mind took a cognitive leap — had anyone considered using the late controversial biophysicist

Wilhelm Reich’s
even more controversial rain-making invention, the Cloudbuster, to intervene in the Western wildfires? And so I e-mailed renegade rainmaker James DeMeo, Ph.D., an Oregon-based scientist.

August 11
WND: For those whose homes are in the path of the Western wildfires, it’s life-and-death. What about using “Cloudbuster” technology to fight the wildfires out West? Have you intervened in similar wildfire emergencies?

JDM: My work on this subject goes back to the 1970s, where I produced the first systematic tests of the Cloudbuster at the University of Kansas at Lawrence. The results indicated a clear influence upon the weather over the entire state of Kansas, demonstrating that Dr. Reich had made a genuine new discovery. Unfortunately, the “theoretical problems” with Dr. Reich’s Orgone Theory were basically too much of a departure for most professional meteorologists — i.e., the atmosphere is alive and sensitive, much like organismic protoplasm — and my work became subject of a persisting smear campaign by the professional “skeptic groups” and their academic supporters. After 10 years of struggle within the academic system, I was blacklisted — but factually this excommunication liberated me to devote full time to these issues through my own institute.

The Cloudbuster has been used repeatedly to combat severe drought and wildfires in the USA. You can review my

and my various

for an overview of my work.

Wind-direction reversals and bringing of a return of cooler, moisture-bearing air with rains has been done many times via cloudbusting, and with the appropriate equipment, a positive result is possible within from 24-48 hours of onset of operations.

If the governor of Montana, or some similar high-up would provide a written authorization for this work to be conducted, and provide suitable funding, I could assemble a team and get on the problem in short order.

I’ve tried, time after time, to gain some interest in this work in the USA, usually undertaking this work on my own expense (no more!) but frankly, the “officials” and “scientists” in power-positions are too narrow-minded, happy that the U.S. government burned Reich’s books, and treat me as a nuisance whenever I raise the issues. For the record, I’ve had long communications with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Weather Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the United Nations Environmental Program.

Heck, even the NOAA library refused to accept a donation of books and articles on this subject, as they didn’t want anything of fact to show up in the congressional indexing services, which all congressmen have access to. Today, if any U.S. congressman or government official goes to the indexing services, all they find on Reich and cloudbusting is the unresearched opinions of the


After the 1979 cloudbusting validation at the University of Kansas, I undertook many different projects in the USA, mostly self-funded, all of which demonstrated positive drought-breaking influences. Since 1989, most of my work has taken place in Europe and Africa at the invitation of both professional groups and governments. I made 13 different trips to Africa in the 1990s, including a five-year desert-greening program at the edge of the hyper-arid Sahara, producing exceptionally good positive results. Warfare in the Horn of Africa ended that project, but the data will be published before year-end.

I should also note, cloudbusting is not “weather modification” as typically defined and used by cloudseeders. It works to restore atmospheric energetic pulsation and self-regulatory processes, phenomenon more typical of biological systems than of dead things. We don’t try to twist the arm of Mother Nature, to “milk” the clouds like a dairy farmer, and in fact are highly critical of the cloudseeders. We assume the atmosphere is a living thing, and see drought as pathology. Water, in the sky or in streams, can be either energy-stagnant or alive and “living.” You might view cloudbusting as a form of “atmospheric acupuncture,” removing stagnant energy and triggering a restoration of life-energy flow in the biosphere, which stimulates a return of jet-stream flows, storm centers and rainclouds.

And there’s the rub. Today’s “meteorology” assumes empty space and a dead universe. Storms, clouds and water are all as dead to them as nails or stones, ill-equipped to investigate this new discovery. And virtually every government proposal to fund a weather-related project must gain the approval of the “meteorologists,” who react to cloudbusting as apostasy. Of a few notable exceptions, none of them work within the institutional power-structures. In spite of having good evidence to show the cloudbuster works to restore rains — using official weather records from many different experiments — they are totally uncurious or even obstructionistic, and chose to simply ignore the data, claiming the theoretical difficulties are paramount. They are very much like the priests of old, objecting to heresy and doing their worst to destroy the “heretic.”

August 12:
WND: You say if a Governor “or some similar high-up would provide a written authorization for this work to be conducted, and provide suitable funding,” you could “assemble a team and get on the problem in short order.” Well, what holds you back?

JDM: The last pulse of rains with changes in winds, which swept through Montana and the Pacific, N.W., two days back, was the product of work undertaken from several sites along the Pacific Coast, and from within Montana as well. But these were not optimal efforts, using only small devices and from fixed locations — to do it right, apparatus would have to be set up in Seattle and eastward, establishing a flow from the coast to the interior. This was done in 1988, when the Yellowstone fires were raging, and it was successful in stimulating a series of storms which put out the fires and brought copious rains to the Pacific, N.W., over the following month.

I cannot tell you how many hours I wasted contacting governors, and other water bureaucrats. They’re immobilized by the need to consult with their experts before doing anything, and their experts are more concerned about theory than practical results. Even in Oakland (1991), where a few thousand homes were burned, subsequent reaction to my work by a few officials was totally contemptuous, and I risked arrest for setting up the Cloudbuster on state property without obtaining prior permission, necessary due to the emergency situation. Later, official permission was denied me by disinterested smirking “officials.”

If you or someone you know has a personal contact with the governor of Montana, then that might work to open the door, but I don’t feel interested to start making blind telephone calls.

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