The Gramscian commie in the White House

By Samuel Blumenfeld

Back in 1993, I received a 49-page report entitled “Secret: FBI Documents
Link Bill & Hillary Clinton to Marxist-Terrorist Network,” published by the
Sunset Research Group of Wichita, Kan. It was a meticulously documented
report showing the connections of the Clintons to the Institute for Policy
Studies, a Marxist think tank in Washington. Clinton’s top economic advisor
was Derek Shearer, an IPS operative and advocate of Marxist socialism.
Shearer’s sister Brooke was also Hillary’s traveling companion. The report

    In a 1980 book he authored, Shearer confided that he and others were
    planning to so influence the Democratic Party that a President sharing their
    Marxist-socialist views could soon be elected.

Shearer and so many other Marxists realized that the only way to
impose Marxist socialism on America was by way of the strategy outlined by
Antonio Gramsci (pronounced “gram-shee”), the Italian communist, who had
much time to think about such things while imprisoned for many years in
Italy. His “Prison Notebooks” were widely read and studied by communists in
the West. Gramsci analyzed Western culture and concluded that the only way
that communists could finally impose their totalitarian will over the West
was by first taking over its educational, cultural and religious
institutions. This would require years of stealthful infiltration. The
report quotes a passage from a book about Gramsci:

    Antonio Gramsci … argued that power is best attained in developed,
    industrialized countries through a gradual process of radicalization of the
    cultural institutions (the “superstructure”) of bourgeois society, a process
    that would in turn transform the values and morals of the society. Gramsci
    believed that as society’s morals were softened, so its political and
    economic foundation would be more easily smashed and reconstructed.

In light of the above quote, it is quite obvious that Bill Clinton
has been the perfect Gramscian president. In addition to everything else he
has done to expand government, his affair with Monica Lewinsky has certainly
contributed to a softening of society’s morals in that his lewd behavior has
become the subject of casual conversation among students in our schools and
contributed to their own descent into perversion. Comedians can now tell
jokes about Clinton’s behavior that would have been unthinkable only a few
years ago. The Gramscian strategy also explains why Clinton could not be
shamed into resigning. Degrading the presidency could only help the leftist

Also, the current attack on the Boy Scouts because of their refusal to
admit open homosexuals indicates to what extent decency is now on the
defensive in America. When some large corporations start ending their
support of a highly moral institution because it insists on maintaining high
moral standards of decency, that’s a sign that the Gramsci strategy is

What would the perfect Gramscian president do? He would do everything in
his power to expand the scope of government, and everything in his power to
oppose the diminution of government power. And if he has to deal with a
Republican Congress, he prefers gridlock to letting the right gain anything
while he is president. Thus he vetoes tax relief for married couples, he
vetoes a repeal of the death tax, and he opposes any vouchers for the poor
children of Washington, D.C.

And to expand government, he uses the Antiquities Act of 1906 to justify
his monument proclamations. Clinton has nationalized 4 million Western
acres to create his environmental legacy. He is now planning to create the
Siskiyou Wild Rivers National Monument in southwest Oregon, which would
federalize 1 million acres. The monument will severely restrict mining,
logging, development, grazing, farming and recreation in the area. Creating
such a monument with no roads or logging will make it vulnerable to the kind
of fires that have devastated Montana.

To strike a blow against free enterprise, Clinton launched an antitrust
suit against Microsoft, one of the great enterprises of the new technology.

He has facilitated the transfer of our most advanced military technology
to the communist government of China. He has let the Chinese take over the
Panama Canal without so much as a peep. He helped impose a socialist
government in Haiti. He heaped venomous hatred on the Branch Davidians who
were burned to death by American military forces, calling them suicidal
fanatics. He ordered the kidnapping of Elian Gonzalez so that the boy could
be returned to Castro’s Cuban hell. He released the Puerto Rican terrorists
from prison.

He ordered the bombing of Belgrade, the first European capital to be
bombed since the end of World War II. And he has approved the
transformation of NATO from a defensive organization to an offensive one
that could very well trigger World War III.

According to the Coalition of Politically Active Christians, Clinton has
used 323 executive orders and 82 presidential decision directives to further
his agenda. EO 13061 has put all of America’s major rivers and tributaries
under federal control. PDD 25 has placed American troops under United
Nations’ command. Only a newly elected constitutional president could
reverse those decisions and orders.

But you can be sure that the Gramsci communist in the White House will
use every bit of power he has left to promote the Marxist cause right down
to the last minute before leaving the presidency. What is so indicative of
Clinton’s Gramscian strategy is the fact that he was able to rise to power
projecting a moderate Bubba image while secretly adhering to a left-wing
radical political philosophy. The fact that he was so clever in hiding his
true beliefs is one of the reasons why he has been so successful.

Take for example, his stand on the anti-missile missile. He first said
that he favored such a defensive weapon, but when the initial trials
indicated that a lot more work was needed, he decided not to go ahead with
the program. He sounded reasonable, but he also made known his opinion that
“it will never work.”

Nor has Clinton ever characterized his program of universal health care
as socialized medicine. Derek Shearer explains why:

    Socialism has a bad name in America, and no amount of wishful
    thinking on the part of the left is going to change that. … [T]he words
    Economic Democracy are an adequate and effective replacement.

And apparently the IPS has taken Shearer’s advice. You will not
find the word socialism anywhere on its website. In its mission statement
it talks about global economic justice (meaning world socialist system),
sustainable communities (state-regulated economy), economic and social
rights (cradle-to-grave control of the individual), real security
(disarmament and gun control).

When Clinton was elected in November 1992, the Communist Party USA saw it
as a great victory for the cause of the left. The People’s Weekly World was
jubilant. They knew something we didn’t know:

    “It’s a big chance to reverse 12 years of right-wing rule from the
    White House,” said Jarvis Tyner, CPUSA Political Action Director in his
    opening report to the three day meeting of the Party’s National Board. “The
    election of Clinton-Gore has created a new battleground on which to

    The Board adopted a Plan of Work focusing on a number of campaigns to
    demand that the administration in Congress enact legislation to create a
    public work jobs program and national health care.

And what did radical Hillary Clinton do as soon as she and her
husband were in the White House? Organize a conference to draw up a plan
for universal health care, also known as socialized medicine. It should be
noted that Hillary first had contact with the IPS at Yale. As director and
chair of the New World Foundation in 1978, Hillary gave monetary
contributions to far left groups including IPS. She gave $15,000 to the
National Lawyers Guild, the legal arm of the Communist Party USA.

Shortly after Clinton took office, Derek Shearer was appointed deputy
undersecretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs in February 1993. In
February 1994 Clinton named him ambassador to Finland, a job Shearer held
until October 1997.

It should surprise no one by now that at the U.N. Millennium Summit, our
Commie President and Fidel Castro were able to meet unofficially, as if by
accident. The London Times reported that Clinton and Castro made contact in
a crowd leaving a luncheon given by Kofi Annan. Clinton and Castro were
watching each other through the sides of their eyes, and Castro started to
move toward Clinton but was almost tripped up by President Chavez of
Venezuela who also wanted a word with Clinton. But apparently Chavez
realized what was happening and let Castro get to Clinton. The two shook
hands and exchanged a few words. You can be sure that Clinton didn’t ask
the Cuban dictator how Elian was doing.

Is the damage done by our Gramscian president reversible? Not if Gore is